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March 15: Occupy the Banks

One group set up a living room in a bank lobby. Which makes sense. After all, the banksters have set themselves up in our living rooms, so turn about is fair play!

[Occupy Wall Street's Fight BAC group] formed two months ago to highlight the bank's foreclosure practices and too-big-to-fail business model. They're coordinating March 15th protests against the BofA in Manhattan; Phoenix; Danbury, CT; and Sarasota, FL. Many of them come from the anti-foreclosure group Occupy Homes, which is holding a national week of action starting today. The #M15 events are online at ("F" stands for "Foreclose"—or "a different thing if you use your imagination," Stam

The website has all sorts of good stuff.

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They should invite the neighbors and have a mortgage-burning party. Heh.

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