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Matt Taibbi on "health" "care" (I mean, insurance) "reform" FAIL

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The health care bill dies.

Well, reports of its death may be premature. But Matt does a bang-up job laying out just why we haven't been able to get real reform even with [FK]D's owning the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives.

Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters. The situation we have here is an angry and desperate population that at long last has voted in a majority that it believes should be able to pass a health care bill. It expects something to be done. The task of the lawmakers on the Hill, at least as they see things, is to create the appearance of having done something. And that’s what they’re doing. Personally, I think they’re doing a lousy job even of that.

Great parting line:

Here we had a political majority in congress and a popular president armed with oodles of political capital and backed by the overwhelming sentiment of perhaps 150 million Americans, and this government could not bring itself to offend ten thousand insurance men in order to pass a bill that addresses an urgent emergency. What’s left? Third-party politics?

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Called House main number, 202 224-3121--busy.

Finally got through -- and Xfd to Seageant at Ams!!

Hell's bells, not easy reaching Waxman--Well, got to Waxman's office. Person answering knows nothing. BUt she did say the amendment has not even been offered. So, is Weiner just making points for whatever he runs for next???

Next call, Weiner. 202 225-6616.

Switchboard operator said phones have been very, very busy. And I get another busy signal as I type.

Reached Weiner's office--Per person answering call, amendment hasn't been offered bcz there have been no committee meetings since he tried to offer it. Had announcement that committee will meet today at 4PM to continue...negotiating? But that was part of the news about the compromise reached with Blue Dogs.

Sounds like parlous times for any health CARE coverage, folks.

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No one could have anticipated.