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ME: BROKEFIX live blog on the Maine Labor Department mural, and guerilla projection

[UPDATE Live blog is here. --lambert]

[Welcome, Naked Capitalism readers; read on for the story, and please return to the main Corrente page at 9:030PM EST, where the live blog will be taking place. --lambert]

BROKEFIX, the anonymous guerrilla projectionists, will do a live blog at Corrente, April 19 at 9:30PM EST, so please return then! The blog will be fashionably late (at least for the East Coast) so they can get back from Bangor and relax after a legislative hearing on the mural that same day. We'll be interested in that hearing, and also in the DIY tech! Here's the back story:

Republican Maine Governor Paul LePage has admitted regret over ordering his Department of Labor to remove a mural depicting the state’s labor history from its lobby. ....

Inadvertently, says the Post, the move also made the mural larger than life — literally. Late at night on April 2, a group of three artists calling themselves “BrokeFix” visited Maine’s capitol building in Augusta. Running a projector out of their car, they projected a large image of the mural onto the capitol’s edifice for roughly two hours. [#8]

Awesome. Son et lumière not just at Versailles, but in the great state of Maine (and soon, we hope, everywhere!) Here's the video (again):


UPDATE More background from the online WSJ.

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I want to hear about the feed back you got from the projection bombing

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If brokefix puts up their own post (I hope!) we'll go with that and I'll sticky it; otherwise, we can use this...

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Sorry for the confusion, we had started our own post thinking that was how this was going be run.

In any event, greetings from BrokeFix.

Are we ready to begin?

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yes, let's use your post 'opening salvos' instead of this one