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Mexican protests

There has been a movement brewing in Mexico against the corrupt duopoly (sound familiar?) that has been getting scant attention.


Submitted by lambert on

The "rock throwing youths" narrative is pretty much always wrong, but I didn't know that the right narrative might be. It would be nice to have more information on who was arrested.

Thinking out loud: I don't think Occupy spread to Latin America, am I wrong?

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

started this past spring, as a youth movement against political corruption, but has, like the Quebecois Red Squares, managed to envelope all ages. There is coverage of their actions on the OccupyWS website, as there is obviously a common sensibility, since they too are focused on corruption and economic issues (I apologize for the initial link, I had another from the Guardian that gave a little better background, but thinking back, it does represent the MSM coverage that we've all come to expect, so there's that).