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MIAKA - Men Interested in being AKA's

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As a blogger the oddity of it all is just so bizarre I’ve got to look. This is a little beyond my scope. BUT!! If any MIAKA out there wants to give an interview . . . Come on, I just got used to men holding hands and kissing. What the fuck is going on?

I need a time out. Somebody stop the world I need to get off. I’m not trying to trip. Just somebody tell me what’s going on? Why take over AKA’s tradition? Why not start your own Greek organization? Is there some deeper meaning? Is there some need for recognition or fulfillment that this serves that can’t be met in any other way? Why destroy something that doesn’t belong to you? Tell me cause I don’t get it. Please, somebody help me understand. So all of my brethren that are out there – let a brother know what’s going on. Video

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Submitted by lambert on

I've often thought that with cameras becoming ubiquitous and surveillance everywhere, that masks should become de rigeur. Unfortunately, we'd have to put them on all at once, or masking would, paradoxically, make the masked person more conspicuous, not less.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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The masks are symbolic and representative of probate shows that most historically African-American fraternity and sorority chapters participate in.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

provacative. After Mardi Gras, I was watching V for Vendetta not the lizzard movie, and Eyes wide shut. I think the masked ball should make a return. They got that part right.

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Submitted by vastleft on

(Before I saw this post, I would have thought my subject line was redundant.)

Are these men actually sneaking into women's groups, or are they running their own independent pseudo-chapters?

How are they "destroying" something?

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

ha! and ha ha. assuming it's real, sounds to me like someone is finally mocking the pompous greek communties at HBC environments.

the whole concept of the greek system offends me. boilerplate, i rushed, and got accepted, by a sorority when i was an undergraduate. i didn't pledge because they took me, and not my best friend. i assume it was because she was a tad heavier than was acceptable.

black folks need to stop imitating the old white plantation system. that's basically what frats and sororities are all about. light skinned, thin, pretty, fecund, "proper" young women aligned with the "leadership" class of black men, who just happen to be already more likely to come from a black middle class that has more or less walked away from the black working class these days.

you know what this makes me think of? the NAACP. i was looking at the website, trying to find interesting news, and all i could find was "sponsorship" opportunties and reports about self-congratulatory conferences and conventions in which TV stars were given awards.

i consider myself a member, and i accuse myself along with others in the black leadership class. too many of us have been coopted, distracted, and otherwise embraced "safe" civic action in place of what really needs to take place.

there is nothing "sacred" about sorority or fraternity tradition. dressing in colored clothes, running around at night, spanking each other's bottoms...whatever. if a bunch of people, gay or otherwise, want to mock the greek system, i say good on them.

and in the comments, some of the readers were asking if this is even "real," or just some rumor that has gotten out of control. there is also the point that frats aren't exactly welcoming of gays, so in that sense if this is real, it seems an obvious response.

Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

Why all the anger? Is there more to your friend being rejected than you are admitting? As a woman who is "heavier" and a part of a sorority I can honestly say no one made me step on a scale or held a paper bag up to my face. Whatever the criteria for "getting in" your “friend” didn't make the cut. Maybe she didn’t do enough community service? Maybe her essay stunk? Don't hate because of that.
As for the MIAKA's…they are mocking years of tradition and it is not cute. What the sororities and fraternities mean to those that do become a part of them can not be described in words and for someone to try to take that away is disrespectful and hurtful.

Submitted by Kelsey (not verified) on

You're bitter. Get over it already. I'm a big girl and alot of my sorors are heavy as well. Every chapter doesn't operate the same. Maybe if you had finished the process you would have been one of the ladies to help your chapter but oh well we all have a choice. It's not the organizations fault that you feel this way but the people that you dealt with and your own insecurities. Grow up baby girl and let this go. This too shall pass. As far as the MIAKA's, their imitators just like the Delta's!


Shug Avery #14
Beta Pi
Spring '99

Submitted by Philly's Own (not verified) on

I've found the comments to be spewed with ignorance and generalizations. Here is a point of clarification particularly to the comments written by "Chicago..." which illustrates that you know very little about Greek life despite the fact that you rushed. Firstly, MIAKAs are REAL and are an auxiliary group. There are several of these including but not confined to: KAPPA Sweethearts and Omega Pearls. Some chapters of Greek Organizations, much to my disagreement, actually "pledge" these "auxiliary groups bearing the same colors as their own legit Greek Lettered Organizations. Other organizations just use persons in auxiliary groups as extra help for program planning and program facilitation. All of these behaviors are against the National Organization's jurisdiction. Therefore, in my humble opinion, these actions tend to do a disservice to the founding principles of the "Divine Nine Greek Organizations." Secondly, the people who abuse and demean the name and founding principals of their organizations are not different than those that demean the principals taught to them by their parents/family members/religions -- this is a manifestation of the lack of integrity that is universal and is not only portrayed in Greek life, but found any and every where. Furthermore, some people honestly join these organizations for the wrong reasons! Some people are attracted to the stereotypes associated with the organization "being pretty/cute" instead of the founding principals. Some are attracted to these organizations so that they can "network" and not because of the founding principals. Some people join these organizations because they are "legacies" and if every man or woman in their family belonged to the organization they feel that they should too -- WRONG! Therefore, these people do not necessarily attend to do the public service work outlined in the founding principles. My ultimate point in saying this is that some of the Divine Nine Greek Organizations are phenomenal and these organization's name should not be belittled due to the actions done by a few bad seeds -- chapters are chapter members that are out of order. Although there are downsides to Greek life, just as there are downsides to the totality of human existence, those people that honor and follow the principles and guidelines of their organizations do phenomenal public service work that might not otherwise be done -- some organizations do more than others and therefore have a better reputation than others. Thus, I believe it is dangerous to group all Greek Lettered Organizations or all Diving Nine Greek Organizations together. Although entwined, each organization has a separate history, separate vows and oaths, separate structures and platforms, separate membership bodies, separate goals, and separate values. These values extend far beyond the stereotypes of wearing certain colors, throwing parties, and ect. These values including, building hospitals on other countries, lobbying for human rights, doing community service in impoverished neighborhoods, and ect. I'm finished here.

Submitted by MoShadious (not verified) on

I think Chi-Dyke is a hater and a liar. For one, black folks don't rush, that's what white fraternities an soroities do. If you would have researched black fratenities and sororities you would have found out that they were created to help blacks graduate from college. The white man slave plantation system crap you mentioned was present way before greek organizations were created and will be here well after. Hm? Did you know those facts before you "rushed"? It seems to me that if that so called sorority would have accepted your friend you would be wearing those letters today. What further exposes your ignorance is the fact that you actually though that the women at that specific university and sorority represents the whole sorority as a whole. That's as stupid as saying that all blacks steal and all white folks can't jump.Now,
I can say that greeks have lost their way a little bit and have gotten away from the essence of their existance and service to the community but how far has those aboninations known as "miaka's" have strayed from the Bible and the teachings of my GOD!

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Submitted by Xenophon on

vastleft - I believe that they are running a shadow op. They are destroying the integrity of the brand and the organization , the colors, the letter the paraphenalia, the history, the secrets. Is it real - I don't know.

CD - black folks need to stop imitating the old white plantation system. that’s basically what frats and sororities are all about. light skinned, thin, pretty, fecund, “proper” young women aligned with the “leadership” class of black men, who just happen to be already more likely to come from a black middle class that has more or less walked away from the black working class these days.

You know I find the whole "Black Greek" thing absolutely absurd. I just don't know how this is going to play out. You and I both know that tis is going to be an issue "in house." It just seems so hostile.

We were ready for a gay frat. We may have been ready for a gay sorority (shiver). But damn, talk about symbolic appropriation. You notice they picked the AKAs and not the Deltas or Sigma Gamma Rho, OR the Zetas - they would have gotten their ass beat.

All I'm sayng is is this really the best way to come out to the communuity? Or is it the point to simply say fuck you. I'm telling you I feel conterintel all over this. You have Black women and Black homosexuals going at each other. It's a cat fight.

Thank god they weren't in the middle of something important like mobilizing the vote where the majority of young black college age voters are.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I really wish people would do more research on African-American fraternities and sororities before they attempt to show thier ignorance of the organizations by bad-mouthing them. Especially since a vast majority or our famous deceased and living African-American leaders are members of them: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Alpha Phi Alpha), Bill Cosby (Omega Psi Phi), Phylicia Rashad (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Maya Angelou (Delta Sigma Theta), Johnny Cochran (Kappa Alpha Psi), and I could go on for days!

These are individuals that are civil rights leaders in their on right as they have paved the road for countless African-Americans to follow in their footsteps. These are positive, prominent, educated African-Americans that I look up to and am proud of their accomplishments. So for a person to say that "we need to stop imitating the old plantation system" shows just how truly ignorant you are about the inception and existence of these greek-lettered organizations.

How dare you speak ill will towards organizations that have been the basis for African-American collegiate scholastics and commraderie as well as at the forefront of civil right issues such as segregation, the right to vote and equality amongst all people. To say that these gentlemen choose AKA because the other organizations wouldn't stand for it again, adds to your ignorance. This MIAKA organization is the topic of this particular website, which means you are ignorant to all of the other auxillary groups. AKA is not the only sorority that has male auxillary group followers. EVERY sorority has them, again, MIAKA's are specifically the topic of this site. Again, please research your suggestions and comments prior to posting them. We have enough discrimination from people outside our race, lets not divide ourselves by turning on each other within our own race. Education brings about the loss of ignorance, and unless you study and take the extra step to research information before you ignorantly speak on them, your education has been in vain.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

As a member of a BlackGreekLetterOrganization as well as the gay community I felt that I must comment on this topic. First I understand where both arguments being made are coming from the fact is yes these organizations were created during civil rights movement to help uplift the African American Community through public service and scholarship but, they have moved so far away from their founding purpose. I agree that the founders of these organizations never intended for men to be in these organization but, they never wanted to belittle their own meaning other African Americans in the way that BGLO's have grown popular for during these modern times. The fact of the matter is BGLO's were created b/c WGLO's wouldn't include African Americans, ironically BGLO's excluded and humilate blacks especially prospects more than WGLO's . It's funny to me how you said that before badmouthing greek letter organizaion people should know their history but, i'm not sure if you know yours...Did You Know? Secret Societies orginated in Africa so, pretty much we should be African Letter Organizations but, hey if the white people say it greek than thats right i guess it...ha....Did You Know? To call your self a BLACK GREEK is an oxymoron but, maybe i'm only person who knows the truth. I could really talk about this for days.....Don't attack people for spitting their opinion on BGLOs because this forum is about men in female organization which isn't really cool but what can you do...sue? man we would be tied up in court for centuries

Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

We are not Greek because of White people. Common miscocnception. We are greek because of Masonry and the OES (Order of the Easter Star). They started what have become Greek Orgs. Furthermore, Greece, was once inhabited but quite a few "blacks," and itself was quite multicultural, but choose to portray white imagery, because it was easier. Also colored materials were harder to find and sculpt. In fact, it is widely thought that Athena herself was Black. Or at least of Eqyptian descent. So Black Greek is just not oxymoronic, unless you haven't done enough reading, and have simply come to conclusions based off what you think you know. Read a little bit more.

Submitted by MedAKAl Trailblaza (not verified) on

I have been reading some of the things that have been said on this site, and many people have many valid points. In response to "I Really Wish People Would" by Anonymous, I would just like to share that in the interest of us "doing more research" we want to make sure that our claims are also accurate. The one correction is that Maya Angelou is an AKA not a Delta. Delta Sigma Theta also has many noteworthy members though, in support of your point. I agree with the rest of your argument.

Submitted by DKA Competent (not verified) on

I was reading your passage about MIAKA and I noticed that you listed Maya Angelou as a Delta. This is incorrect. She is a member of AKA. However, we do have great women like Maya Angelou such as: Aretha Franklin, Nikki Giovanni, Cisely Tyson, Johnetta Cole, etc.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

FYI there are gay underground organizations 4 Zeta Phi Beta, Delta Sigma Theta, and Sigma Gamma Rho. They just are not in the lime light right now.

Submitted by Freckledturtle (not verified) on

I am not opposed to a gay or lesbian organization. I don't think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any sorority, white or black because you were not allowed based on your gender. A sorority would not be a sorority if it allowed men. It would then be called a co-ed organization. It is unfortunate that these individuals would occupy their time by trying to join, let alone, try to force a hand that wasn't meant for them from the very beginning. As a black women, I think these organizations have served a greater purpose, despite the negative stigma attached to them. Every organization, whether it be Black Greek, or even on campus Christian, has their flaws. People can't and won't do better, unless they know what better is. Criticism is only helpful, if and only if, the criticizer is wIlling to provide solutions to correct the problem. By the way, you mentioned DST would not allow this. DST currently has a male member in their organization. Supreme Court allowed the male member in because there wasnt anything in their bylaws stating a male could not be a member.
My advice to these individuals is as follows:
1. Get a life.
2. Create YOUR OWN ORGANIZATION that will
be more conducive to you and your needs. This is one main reason why Black Greek organizations were created. We as African Americans were not allowed to become members of the White organizations.
3. Your behavior is disrespectful to all those Black women who worked their tails off to create these organizations. I would even go as far to guess that many of you in this photo have aunts, cousins, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers who are members of these organizations.


Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

This is just not a aka thing there are gay men who are delta's, aka's, zeta's, and sgrho. most of the time the guys that are doin it are apart of a devine nine already but there stories that the miaka's came from grambling and the ladies of aka took boys and put them in the process. also they are many gay frats and soro's delta phi upslion, kappa psi kappa, gamma mu phi, and list goes on so they have ways to go if they want to be apart of a brotherhood

Submitted by R.B Henry (not verified) on

This issue is alive and well and apparently (from what I've been told) around for decades. I'm sorry to correct you Xenophon, but these gay males aren't just mimicing the AKA's, they are also doing the same to the Delta's. While I do agree that Fraternities are not openly accepting to gay males, it is still NO excuse to disrespect what these ladies have all worked to established. It is far more commendable to start your own org. than to trivialize what others have established.

Submitted by Pretty-N-Pink (not verified) on

Whether you agree with Black GLOs or not, you cannot argue with trademark and copyright infringement. In addition, these people are being mocked moreso because they are gay men than for any other valid reason. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., I am appalled for other reasons. The fact that a MAN of any sexuality wants to be "in" or "aid" (This is a lie because auxillary organizations should not call, throw up symbols, wear the letters, etc. if they are truly AIDING the sorority.) a sorority is beyond me.
Someone said that they picked AKAs and not another organization. Try that again. There are gay "deltas," "zetas," etc. In fact, if you are ever in New Orleans, visit the gay club Fusions and you'll find them all. The local chapter of MIAKAS and whatever the others call themselves frequent this spot. My homosexual friends find it quite funny that they've made their club into a Greek party on certain nights. It's the MIAKAs that get press time and media covarage - NOT that they are the only ones that exist. Now ask yourself why THAT is . . .Hmmmm . . .

Then to build upon this idea, if you don't agree with the Panhell thing which means the good and the bad, like associatives of hazing and "spanking each others' butts" then why would you or anyone else who doesn't agree with it use this as a basis for your argument.
Hmmm . . .

Lastly, you implying that AKAs are passive women who will sit back and let anything ride. . . in the words of my linesister, "DON'T LET THE PRETTY FOOL YOU!!"

Funny that you buy into the stereotypes . . . Common, in fact!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Missing in action and a bunch of kaka.
Quit clowin', fools.

How about Gay k Gay?

Oh, I know,

Skee-zers' Anonoymous?
Thanks for a great laugh.

Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

if i didnt know in any better i say they were KAPPA ALPHA PSI BROTHERS.........LOL

Submitted by GetItRight! (not verified) on

In my own opinion i feel that these groups are downright disrespectful. The women in AKA worked hard to earn their letters and for a group of men that can't get it together on whether they are men or women to come along and claim some of their traditions is an outrage. I don't even think they realize how hard all of AKAs founders worked to establish these organizations that they are mimicing.

And for "chicago dyke", clearly you were scorned by an organization to even feel that way. BGLOs are not even in the least an imitation of the white plantation system...maybe where you are from, but here in NC, no not even in NC, Ive been many places where there are darkskinned AKAs, light skinned Deltas, skinny zetas...etc there arent any supported sterotypes from what ive seen

BTW, Im not greek.

Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

Well first off I feel that people are just mad cause its gay men who formed this group stop hatin cause its something that you couldn't step up to the plate and do yourself. No one has a problem with sweethearts (Iota Sweethearts, Que Essence, Kappa Diamonds, A Hearts and etc) I think that everyone needs help when they are on line and there is nothing wrong with having a sweetheart to the AKA'S nor the DELTA'S. So like I said its only cause they are gay and there should be no problem with that cause if they are doing it for a good cause then so be it. Good luck to all the MIAKA'S and DELTA GENTS or (MIDST).

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

um, you're so far off base, i'll just laugh at you. please comment and read more here, and you'll begin to understand who i am. or what it is that i know, and you don't, of the "greek" system. start with that word, and you'll begin to understand my critique.

if you dare.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

Black Greek Letter Organizations are sooo plantation. What sense does it make for a black person to model themselves after a Greek mystery cult if they understood that they were making a copy of a copy? Perhaps if they referred to themselves as a Bund or society then, maybe they wouldn’t give the impression that they were acting in response to a need to affirm their civility by organizing their protest in terms of the very system that oppressed them. You have trouble with a white hegemonic system so you use a white hegemonic system to organize a counter hegemonic movement . . . ??? No, in this sense you can’t use the master’s tools to dismantle the house.

CD - smooches.

Submitted by Aliyanta (not verified) on

This is very ludacris. May i add. This whole Miaka thing is the most disrespectful thing i've ever seen. How can you "LB's" love AKA so much and then disrespect what AKA is. A sorority. Not only that MIAKA has totally tried to steal traditional AKA values. Last time I checked people dont still from people they love. As for the comment posted by Xenophon...Really getting technical, the greek letters used are originally Egyptian black sororities are just taking back what belonged to them in the firsr place. Egypt is in Africa for those who dont know or choose not to believe it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Being that you can't be an aka why not have ya own color and style don't try to be them be better than them but me myself is not a supporter of miaka why not be kappa cause they are fruitie just like ya'll

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Submitted by Xenophon on

It's the mix. What we need to do is more black life posts.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

OK my issues is that if they want to feel apart of something or be accepted, get your own organization started.. Go through what the founders had to go through in the beginning to make their organizations what they are today... How can u walk around on campus and not feel like you are not disrespecting... My alma matter would have not tolerated that in any matter!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


May truth,right mindedness,faith,trust,and peace be the blessings upon the Believers who are not confused about the nature given male and female human life by the ONE CREATOR ALMIGHTY.

Homosexuality is wrong and totally unacceptable to those who are firm in faith,and who trust the Guidance of Scripture as the way to live a successful life, both here and hereafter. The Almighty has guided that homosexuality is an evil sin to be condemned and not practiced. G-D said
it,Believers believe it, that settles it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

what does a sexual orientation have to do with a group are what i believe, a spiriutal belief has nothing to do with my greek choice,but therei also a place for a judger to thank you

Submitted by angel from 313 (not verified) on

Everybody is allowed their own point ofd view, you can interpet the bible that was and others will interpit it another. if you can not deal with HOMOSEXUALS then you need to leave the country. we are a force to be reconed with and we do not plain on leaving, we WILL be accepted by every walk of life, and will not stand for decrimamation. this is not the old slave days and we are standing up for our right to kiss in public and be married because noone can controle who they love.

Submitted by lambert on

There are so many, you see. It all becomes very confusing.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

amazing. the homophobia on this thread is telling.

i'll be doing a post on this soon. Folk- this is exactly what the republicans want from you, those who hate you the most. while you're all busy hating me, they are busy locking up our men and destroying our communities. trust me when i say it's not gay men who are responsible for the problems of black america today.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

As a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha, I just don't see how this could of happened. We were built on tradition, how could you let 8 men come into a women sorority. I believe its a disgrace, and should not be allow to happen. It is not discrimination, it just right, the Alpah organization does not discriminate on race, creed, color or religion. But people are saying that its right, well how would they feel if some women pledged Omega. Now that they have allowed men to pledge AKA, butch women from all over are now gonna want to pledge Omega and maybe even they cute studs are gonna want to be Kappas, so then how will it be justifed?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

My APhiA brother, could you possibly be active to even believe that AKA has pledged men? Any reputable Greek member knows that our bylaws prohibit such. I'm disappointed in you.

Submitted by Seminole Cutie (not verified) on

Some ppl need a little clarification, and i know about MiAKA so I figured I would explain. The guys are not in AKA-- they see themselves as an extention of the sorority, an underground strand. there are other strands, for example there would be a "grown woman strand" of a sorority for women 30+. They study everything about AKA and make it their own.

There are underground AKAS, Deltas, Rhos, and tons of other organizations that gays and lesbians have formed, even an Omega form for lesbians (Omicron Psi Omega and their sister organization @ Yes they are incorporated. I believe it's a beautiful thing and it promotes community service and cohesiveness even here in lil old Tallahassee.

Its new to me as well, but now I love it, especially when they stroll at parties!

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

and they're usually able to rock your world in the sack.

butch women are always welcome at Mu Kappa Beta, which is greek for "Mighty Corrente Building."

bring on the butch women!

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Submitted by Xenophon on

MKB?! CD you a funny mother fucker.

Yo Sphinxman, chill. I don't think they are official. I don't think the AKA's have officially inducted these gentlemen into their organization. Perhaps if there was an open dialogue among the “brothers” without the “Oh my god you’re a fag” attitude they wouldn’t have to go under ground and form a shadow organization. Why not let them out of the closet? Do we as Black folk really have the time and energy to spend our time witch hunting homosexuals? Obviously, they didn’t feel that the homosexuals in Alpha were their cup of tea. There are larger issues we need to be concerned about. While it may be disturbing on the gender bending, V for Vendetta level of things it really is a commentary on the obsolescence and growing irrelevance of black fraternities and sororities.

Why don’t we talk about the fact that “scholarship funds” and “tutoring” just aren’t cutting it. Why don’t we talk about the fact that the Black Greek organizations have grown weak and ineffective. Why don’t we talk about why Bruce Gordon had to leave the NAACP? Can we please put our efforts into a productive discussion about something other than who you might be fucking. Do you really want us probing into the inner sanctum of Alpha? Do we really want to solve the Sphinx’s riddle? Do we want to discuss what they say about Alpha “men?” Or can we move on to more important issues? Like why the hell did we let Oprah get away with building a school in South Africa while bad mouthing African American students? Why didn’t we challenge her to advocate for better schools, better, teachers, parent accountability, and equality of resources? Why aren’t we watching as Black folk are blamed for the damage done by hip hop? Why aren’t we questioning BMI, Time Warner, Universal Vivendi, and the rest of the media for promoting an image that is destructive to black folk? Why aren’t we discussing the environmental racism that takes place every day in urban areas where pollution and environmental toxins are creating record numbers of asthmatics among Black and Latino and Poor white Children? While all of you were crossing the burning sands did you ever stop to think about what we are going to do about the genocide in Darfur, the conquest of Somalia and the Rape of Africa – again? What the hell ever happened to being conscious? Surely there is something better we could expend our energies on. Grow up.

Submitted by Alpha man (not verified) on

Hey your post got me thinking about which direction I want my chapter to go before leaving college. Would like to talk more. email me.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

"the Guidance of Scripture as the way to live a successful life, both here and hereafter. The Almighty has guided that homosexuality is an evil sin to be condemned and not practiced. G-D said
it,Believers believe it, that settles it."

Like Lambert said, which God are you talking about? Which scripture? Whose scripture? For that matter which Bible?

You couldn’t mean that same book of fiction that said that Ham was cursed by Noah. That same story white people used as justification to enslave black people? The same book that makes eating a pork chop punishable by death? Don’t touch that crab! When was the last time you stoned someone? If you see a pretty woman and are married are you going to pluck out your eye? Come on man, are you really going to base your life on a 5,000 year old pulp fiction? For real? What the fuck is up with this G-D shit? It’s not even four letters? God is not the name of God. That is why we write G.O.D. Damn I hate stupid ass believers!! Get the rules of the faith right and then be faithful, turn off the TV ministry, get out of the shopping mall you call a church, put away your stake and bonfire, forgive whoever molested you as a child, realize the world is uncertain and you have no control, understand that a Bible is not an air bag, and get a life.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

First and foremost GOD is GOD, because he is self exisitng and need nothing from no one....not even you....surely not me.

Secondly you should pick up the bible before you speak "your" truth and read that Jesus speaks to the issue of pork by teaching us that it is not what goes into the mouth of a man that makes him unholy but what comes from the heart that defiles him.

Youre correct about us not having any control....because we dont....and the world is man that is....because God knows all things. If we knew all things that would make us Gods and since we are all sinners by nature alone, its impossible for us to be God...therefore the mystery in which we live in defends the truth that we are certainly not in control.....but I am victrious in life knowing that I have a relationship with the one who is in control....therefore I live life to the fullest.

Furthermore GOD is LOVE and LOVE is every TRUE Believer's religion! SO I love you and wish that knowledge and wisdom bless you. And yes LOVE is my airbag and that is way I am able to love you when youre gay and when your straight! Just as God came into the world NOT to condemn it but to show it the way to as I do....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

just glad it was not my sorority, but it is disrespectful

Submitted by lambert on

Inquiring minds want to know.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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Submitted by Xenophon on

you introduce the new pledges that have just been made.

Submitted by lambert on

When I hear "probate," I think of wills and estates, so it seemed very weird.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

First of all Maya Angelou is an Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. Don't get it twisted. No one allowed these men (and I use that term loosly) to pledge AKA. They are not real. They are dilusional. I'm not hating on gay people. I have gay friends. None of them would ever think of invading on what others have worked so hard to establish. For those that think black greek letter organizations are plantation don't realize how much members of these organizations had to do with the freedoms black people enjoy today. Where would we have been without the Alpha, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or his wife who was an AKA? Where would we be with out Rosa Parks and AKA or Thurgood Marshall an Alpha? Don't criticize what you don't understand. All black greek letter organizations have gay members. That is a fact. Don't sleep Deltas!! I have already heard of men trying to come into your organization as well. But I guess its hard for you to notice.

Submitted by anonymous (not verified) on

I was agreeing with comments of previous persons whose intents were to provide information regarding the outstanding service that BGLO's provide to society and its members. But then, a person that I am supposing is an AKA made some disparaging remarks regarding Deltas... whoa! I thought we were all on the same side here! You said something to the extent that we wouldn't recognize the difference between a man and a woman if a man tried to infiltrate our organization. What is that about? That is the kind of envy-spewed anger that leads to separation. Try a unified approach-- this may not have happened to you in the first place!

Submitted by xan (not verified) on

master...perhaps "pro" is the next step after that?

For "bating" I mean.

You don't see "journeymanbating" very often but it's probably become obsolete with the decline of craft tradition. Who knows what old words these secret societies hang on to though. I consider the Greek system a lot of exclusionist tommyrot myself, right up there with the Masons and their secret handshakes 'n' shit. Although the Odd Fellows at least have the advantage of a cool name.

(Why yes, I have been drinking. Why do you ask?)

chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

it is not being in the organization that makes a person great, it is that the person is great and part of an organization, which may later share in some of that greatness.

there are many, many great heroes, african american and otherwise, who did not join an exclusive organization. indeed, even those who did join were often exceptional people before they pledged.

to make the false analysis that the organization is responsible for the greatness of a person is to prove my point. "mystique" is an intangible, but action moves the world. and the world could do with more action, and less concern over the sanctity of mystique. so i ask you: while you're sitting here defending the holiness of your organizations, how many new voters has that organization registered today? how many people has it lifted out of poverty? how many drug war victims has it freed? how many aids victims has it succored?

i have long given the black greek system credit for being more active in charities than their white counterparts. but i see that i may have to reevaluate that belief. if i didn't know better, i'd think that Folks were more concerned with maintaining ideological fictions that separate us from each other, than acting in unity for change.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I'm outraged about the revealing of the MIAKA's. Why not form an organization based on your own opinions and ideas, that express what you stand for. Stealing another organization ideas, and making them your own, doesn't make a statement about who you are. ALPHA KAPPA ALPA SORORITY, INC, is a prestigous organization, founded for reasons other than, fame and glamour, and that is what I feel you are seeking by imitating this sorority. So try again, change everything about your organization, and invent your own. Your not men interested in AKA, your men with a lost purpose and idenity, trying to seek your own by imitiating another. Get it together! You can't create something that has already been created, nor can you make it better, only the real WOMEN of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY, can accomplish that.

Thank You and God Bless.

Submitted by nongreekbychoice (not verified) on

I read other blogs where a Miaka actually spoke out, the information I got from it was that the Miaka (Men Interested in AKA) were "sweethearts" to AKA as the SigmaGammaRomeos, or DeltaJents were. It so happened that some of these men are homosexuals. MIAKA's were not just founded yesterday, they have been around for over ten years. Its unfortunate for some of you that the word got out to the public.

So what is the major problem? I thought that the greek lettered organization was focused on uplifting the community; so what is the obsession with the colors and the material aspects of the org. Miaka's were not trying to emulate anything. I am a member of an organization (non-greek at that) because I know my history and I know about the stolen legacy, however I am not discrediting Greek-lettered orgs.

I say let your National office handle this issue. It is true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but talking about it is only going to publicize the matter even more.

I will not be back on to this site to read comments about my opinion but feel to respond as you are speaking of an issue that is out of your hands. MOVE FORWARD.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I look at this entire blog/thread and see an example of what the world is coming to. Pretty soon man/woman couples will be the minority and children will be brought into the world by invitro. Men with men, women with women...and now a gay male! Sad!

Anti-christ come on's about your time to show up because we are headed straight to hades in a basket with holes in it wearing gasoline undies. The world might as well just blow up right now because life is getting really stupid!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I was just reading on another blog:

And according to one gentleman on there (straight guy)who pledged MIAKA in the late 80s from Morgan State, the information given here and now is way off base. So it looks like these new folks have gone left on two different organizations.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

as someone who looks up to greeks and is hoping to join the ranks one day... this is disappointing. i read all these blogs and i can not believe that you guys are dissing each other instead of focusing on the issue. these gentlemen are not wrong for LOOKING UP to AKA's. that sorority has many beautiful role models that we all should be proud of (outside of what organization they are members of). they are wrong because this organization along with the rest of the devine 9 has rules and regulations that should be respected. if the rules did not work then they wouldnt be such great organizations and this wouldnt be a blog. these men should have started their own instead of invading. how would they like it if there were a gay greek organization that was tooken very seriously and straight men dressed in drag and mocked them (wearing their color, making their calls, throwing up their signs) its a slap because being greek means so much more then that. are these young men upholding the principles of aka or are they just being "surface scratchers"?

o yeah, that whole thing about plantations. stop trying to be slaves. thid has nothing to with it. greek organizations are a great form of networking. if they are colts then every organization that allows you to bond and networ are colts. do you not get privlages for being in sga or a dance team or sports team. what about when you tryout? everyonr cant mae the football team, only the best. same rules apply to greeks. stop hatin because like it was said earlier members of these organizations have paved the way in all aspects of life....

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

that's a good one, anon. here's a hint: work on your spelling before you rush, because you're clearly not "the best" at it. of course, good spelling may not be a quality greeks are looking for, so i could be wrong...

Submitted by xan (not verified) on

With all due respect to somebody who ignores all rules of capitalization, punctuation and grammar, not to mention the extremely minor request to pick a username rather than post anonymously, this individual had better not be closer to college age than, oh, sixth grade or so:

...a gay greek organization that was tooken very seriously ....

(shudders and hangs head in depression at Da State Of R Utes Today.)

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

racism remains in our society, and continues to deny opportunity and advancement for minorities. racism is the reason for the creation of organizations like the black greek system, in recognition of the fact that certain opportunities are given only to members, "membership has its privileges."

and so the black middle class was born, and has risen to occupy a comfortable place in society, which while still racist, offers slightly better treatment to minorities who can ape and fit in with the social conventions of the white majority middle class. but as is common to many movements, those of us who have gotten ahead have left many behind, and lost our focus on the original message.

and so too many black folks today think that a homophobic church is more important than the message of christ, or that a black greek organization is a sacred institution that can never be mocked or criticised. too many of us believe that the "fight" should be for places in mcmansion suburbs, or middle managment positions in corporations. never mind that far too many of us languish more deeply in oppressive, police-state ghettos than ever before, or that the forces which still oppress us all benefit when homophobia is used to split our vote.

as i said earlier, like organizations like the NAACP, middle class black institutions have fallen far away from the glory days of the civil rights movement. "image" awards and checks from corporations are what too many of us concern ourselves with. hence, the strong and rather unminded critique of a post that began in all innocuousness. this is a sore spot that many black americans would rather not be pressed.

Submitted by BlacknOldGold (not verified) on

Be prepared for a lawsuit, cocky muthafuckas!

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Submitted by Xenophon on

A healthy dose of repressed homosexuality.
Will you all please stop with "They do so much good." They provide enough money to pay for books and give selfish, self absorbed undergrads and lonely adolescent post grads a sense of belonging. The NAACP was/is the support wing for liberal white interest. They throw a hell of a party. But please name a significant campaign that they are responsible for aside from scholarships. Are there any NAACP, AKA, AphiA, Q psi phi, etc. endowed chairs? Any research institutes? Any global reach organizations?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I have read all comments and came to a conclusion that the black community will never come togetheir. I dont blame the Ground level AKA's being fearious, shameful, and on the breaking edge of letting loose. This type of issue cannot be ignored. The black gay community have been doing this type of events for ever. We can't down grade these males cause of their character, however for their actions. These males did not just wake up one mourning and became upon the aka history on their own. It all goes back to the horse mouth, the right hand man an Alpha Kappa Alpah sorority sister herself. Over reading the bylaws and ritiual guidlines of a divine 9 greek letter organization, it states to keep the bond of your knoweledge to yourself and your members. We all break rules, Most greeks been kicked of their yards for not following their chapter bylaws and institution guidlines. Okay Black community this is a instant fuck up, lol, we can get pass this. These guys in the picture I am sure have been humiliated enough. Why can't we come togetheir and be watchful for our actions and not let something like this happen again.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

This really bothers me that these punks are doing this to my sorority. Why you he-she could not have gone and established your own. Why use AKA. Not saying use another sorority but started your own. I hope you all don't show up at ANY of our fuctions because it want be nice. Whats done is done and there is no way to change it. WHY?????????

Submitted by Dennis Golden (not verified) on

Dumbasses! Imitation is the highest form of flattery. The fact is that these guys are actually authenic and creative; and besides they performed only an artform --drag , which subverts our notions of gender and roles binary construct--male/female.Besides all of the fraternities and sororities have gays that satirizes and parodies themselves and others. Actually fraternities and sororities, despite their noble mottoes and charters, fail to invest most members with any endearing qualities but instead divest them of much humanity by their snobbery and elitism. PBS

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

yall betta WORK, yes MAMA!

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Submitted by Xenophon on


"drag , which subverts our notions of gender and roles binary construct—male/female."

That's right, let's gender bend our way to a reach around understanding.
Can't we all just get along.
What I want to see are the lesbian Ques.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I understand these young men in their desire to be AKAs, why not strive for the best, but there is no reason for them to be pseudo-AKAs. This is not a gay vs. straight issue. This is an issue about disrespect.

There ARE fraternities out there specifically geared towards gay men. Why didn't they just charter a chapter at their school? Ok, maybe they wanted to belong to a predominately black greek organization for gay men, then they should found their own. They should try to be trailblazers (visionaries) and make an organization that is founded on the principles and the teachings that they want. Instead they have totally disrespected an organization that means alot to thousands of African American women across the world, and at the same time made themselves seem like stereotypical faggots and foolish.

Oh and I just have to say to those who say that BGLO discriminate against homosexuals I know at least one gay/lesbian person in each of the Divine Nine (who were initiated at HBCUs). I myself am one of them, so don't go passing judgements on organizations when you don't know anything about them!

*side note* if they wanted to be AKAs because of the whole "ultra femme", "I'm too cute" mystique and were too lazy to start their own organization, they could have tried Kappa Alpha Psi (nupes don't get mad), not to perpetuate a stereotype but they are about as close to AKAs, that a man can be (at least at certain chapters).

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

To adjust my last statement about the Kappas. I meant that if these men wanted to be AKAs based on the stereotype of what an AKA is and how the outside world perceives AKAs and Nupes. No I don't believe all Kappas see themselves as pretty boys, nor are all (or even most) of them femme, but I was just meant that if they were trying to go for the stereotypes instead of the actual missions and contents of the organizations, then Kappas have the closest stereotype to the AKAs for men.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Inc. I believe this is very flattering that men considered mocking our organization....But this is just not right... I not disagreeing with such concept by far because it is their but it is very interesting. There is nothing that we can do but talk about. FYI none of these men are members of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and will never be

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

there are requirment to join any frat and any soroity sexual orientation is not one of them, but gender is so I don't see how this could happen

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on


Submitted by John Robinson (not verified) on

how do I join the AKA for man

Submitted by Jay Addison (not verified) on

Ya'll are doing ya'll thing......Bump what everyone else has to say about the situation....Hell you have alot of gay males who would like the information on how to join something like this.....How do I apply?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I am a member of a black greek letter organization and I am somewhat disturbed about what I read here. So I want to make some things clear:

First of all I want to make it clear that black greeks that joined as undergraduates are student first. If you don't have the grades,then you cannot participate. I am an Senior Pre-Pharmacy student and I have to maintain my gpa to not only keep my full four year scholarship, but also to be active in my chapter. I study hard and I work hard for my organization, which does a lot of community service (ex: Reading and Tutoring children of all ages, helping to support a black family in our communtiy, being a mentor for young girls, initiating programs to usher more black males into college, and the list goes on). I do all of these things, sometime planning programs at the same time, as well as maintaining my grades, working a intership, working a job, and holding other leadership positions on my campus. I can speak the same of my sisters (in my chapter).

Secondly: We do not want people to assume that we are all alike (black people), so therefore you shouldn't assume that all black greeks are alike. I can't speak for every organization, but I know that the one that I belong to is constantly focusing on how we can do our part in uplifting our people and seeing them succeed. We do service, not expecting any recognition or media attention. The only time people seem to pay any attention to Greeks,black or white, is when someone is in the spotlight for hazing. Itis no one persons fault, but the people who commited acts of hazing considering that they did it against the organizations rules.

Thirdly: To be mad at a whole organization for your bad experience with not even a fourth of the organization is juvenile. Thats like someone being upset at every single gay person because they had one bad experience with one. Not all gay people are the same...duh. Which leads me to my fourth point...

My beautiful twin sister is gay as well as my brother and I love them both dearly. However, sororities are for women (which may I add that my sister is a black greek) and fraternities are for men. That is that. As far as excluding people for the color of thier skin, weight, etc. It happens, I can't say it doesn't, but it is not the overall opinion of the whole sorority. If you ever go to different campuses you may see different kinds of Delta's, AKA's, Zeta's, and SGRho's. For my chapter, I am the only fair skin sister, the rest of my sisters are beautiful, inside and out, and are differnt shades of brown to black.

Lastly...there are many wrongs in this world, so if you are critizing someone for what you think they are not doing, then ask yourself what you are doing to alleviat the problem. I don't mean monitarily, I mean going out their and giving your time and energy to someone that really needs it. Be the change that you want to see.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

To call your self a BLACK GREEK is an oxymoron but, maybe i’m only person who knows the truth.

hahahahah, ho hoho. please, stop. i never thought my mid level grad school classes could seem so funny-making...oh, gasp, lol...

Submitted by U GUYS CAN'T BE... (not verified) on

What in the hell is this argument about there will never be male AKA's never!!! For you liberalists out there chill the fuck out you can't have every damn thing especially my SORORity!!! Some of you that are commenting about this "plantation" foolishness have no clue to your own heritage or maybe you were denied or dropped from a black greek letter organization. Put yourself in OUR shoes or maybe you can't because you have no idea on who you really are!!!

AKA for life pledged Savannah State University a HBCU!

Submitted by xan (not verified) on

Oh my. I was about to hit the override button and mark this as spam, because we just don't need random ramblings of religious nutsos cluttering our comment threads. But this is too funny to kill.

And of course it's always funny to be lectured, hectored and condescended to by people who claim to be in intimate touch with the Infinite Creator of the Universe who not only don't have balls enough to use a name, but cannot spell their presumably native language either.

Thanks Anon, a good laugh is a rare and refreshing thing in these dark days. :)

Submitted by Mrs. Pinks (not verified) on

It's ok for gays to put on public display of their beliefs in every arena of life but when the Christain Community wants to display THE truth according to the Word of GOD, we are targeted as haters. But most of what I've read so far is the true haters come out against the followers of GOD for expressing our beliefs.

As the person said before me GOD is GOD and GOD is love. HE loves gays as he loves heterosexuals. It's the sin of homosexuality that is an abomination to GOD and HIS believers. If GOD did not love you, HE would not have given you HIS Word as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

I don't beleive this is about being gay or straight but this and life should be about living our lives in the order in which GOD inteneded it to be. "I was born this way." perhaps you were born "that way" but you were not created "that way". God created us all in HIS likeness and HIS image. These gentlemen should really begin to crucify their flesh and get on their knees (for prayer that is) and ask GOD to show them the direction that HE would have them to go.

Be Blessed
Mrs. Pinks

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Submitted by Xenophon on

The God shit is really a little freaky. I mean damn, it's straight out of Sinners in the hands of an angry god or whatever.

chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

um, does he say it should be crispy? or that less of it should go to republican districts?

and i really like "liberalists." i think i'm going to use that one from now on. thanks, U. and i know this may be hard for U to understand, but some of us really don't give a shit about a society of college students and their "sacred" rituals. there is power, and there is distraction, and eventually you'll see that the lines of power care little for tradition. but i'm glad it means so much to you and i wish you well with it.

Submitted by Tone, NY, NY (not verified) on

Its a shame that even with all the social issue, economic downfalls and injustices we has people of color suffer, this is what nominal educated brothers decide to portray. Homosexual or not, we as people have bigger issues than exacerbating meager issues such as this. Lets look at intent, what did this accomplish?

Let us move forward and focus on worthy issues like, eradicating financial illiteracy and promoting education in our community. Leave traducers to live their meager existence. So how are you tackling such endeavors???

Xenophon's picture
Submitted by Xenophon on

"The one correction is that Maya Angelou is an AKA not a Delta"

With all the things that have been said you want to harp on which organization Maya Angelou belongs to?!!

This is what a memeber of AKA Inc. has to contribute to the conversation.

Submitted by Mrs. Truth (not verified) on


Although the MIAKA's are quite shooking and maybe a little disrepectful to the legacy, I have to say that I am even more apalled with the reactions displayed in many of the comments.

"black folks need to stop imitating the old white plantation system. that’s basically what frats and sororities are all about. light skinned, thin, pretty, fecund, “proper” young women aligned with the “leadership” class of black men, who just happen to be already more likely to come from a black middle class that has more or less walked away from the black working class these days."

Do black people STILL think that improving yourself academically, socially, and financially is "acting white" hahahahahahahaha

This is by far one of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard! Black Greek organizations were formed to empower the leaders of tomorrow on college campuses across the US and around the world, to create networks and connections. Women like Coretta Scott King(AKA) and men like Martin Luther King, Jr(Alpha) were apart of this legacy. They don't only put together great social events but a lot of their time is dedicated to volunteer work.You don't have to look the part, you have to be the part and make the grades!!!!!!! disrespectful of the people who made comments like that! You can't even respect highly educated black students that are not only dedicated students but helpful individuals.

You people should be proud of Black Greeks for setting the bar so high for black people and proving that we can be great too.

How ridiculous of you all to think otherwise!!!!!!!!!!!!!


An Educated and Proud Black Women

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

as well as all purely social organizations that posit membership makes a person "better" than others. rushing, pledging, dancing, doing some charity work, having parties, networking- these are social acts, some important and some not, but they have little to do with the integrity or intellect or compassion in a person.

exclusivity bothers me, as i believe it should bother all people, and especially people of color. once, we were excluded by law from many things, and this kept us from receiving our constitutionally protected rights. today, there is a growing black underclass, left behind by government, forgotten by our black leadership, and oppressed like never before. it's easy, when you're a middle class person, to forget that many still live in conditions that are as bad as in the jim crow days.

for those of you who stop by in support of greek organization, i invite you to post on how those organizations have significantly alleviated the poverty and oppression of members of the black underclass. screaming and shouting about 'respect' is not very impressive, intellectually or argumentively.

Submitted by Mrs. Truth (not verified) on

The correlation between Black Greeks and uplifting an entire race isn't a very logical nor a substantial argument. I am from Detroit,MI, one of the countries most violent urban citites. The mentality that pleagues many african americans can not be changed through a few college organizations nor can it be changed over night. It is a process that has to start at the root of the issue. The funny thing is that when people aren't doing anything they're complaining about it but when people do something or as much as they can you're never satisfied. When will black people stop complaining and start changing.

I know what it's like to not have anything,no house, no food, no car, and no strong support system to keep me above water. But that didn't stop me from getting an education and networking with respectable organizations that would allow me to meet people who can help change not only the black mentality but the country.Soooo many successful african american greeks have done tremendous work in an effort to change the world.Like Alicia Keys and Jada Pinkett-Smith to name a few.

College students aren't rich enough to change the world anyway. They don't even have a career yet and the majority of their time is spent studying and working. How much do you expect from these young adults? But you can not argue the fact that many black greek memeber have not done something to promote to change!

Just because all you see is dancing and people yelling about "respect" that does not mean that's all they do. The sorors and frats on our campus set up many open-session through out the year about financing, hygiene, relationship, education, poverty, and diseases. I must ask you a single question...What do you do for the black community in comparison to Black Greeks? ...I have to know because black people have a tendency of being hypocrits!!

chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

i see several problems with what you are arguing, as well as a lack of response to my points about membership in a selective, exclusive organization.

your first post mentioned, several times, that greek organizations are "more" than just for socializing, and you directly associated the activism of MLK with a fraternity he was part of. but then you go on to say that "college students" can't be expected to save the world by themselves. MLK did much of his great work after college, so i assume AKA members could do the same, should they choose. i don't doubt that many grads and AKA members dedicate their lives to serving and improving the black community. i also know for a fact that many AKAs are busy working their way up the corporate ladder, and have little time or concern for poor black folks.

like any organization, the black greek system is filled with diverse people; some dedicated to social justice, some who fail in life miserably at everything they try, some who are greedy and self serving, probably even some who vote republican. that's my point: membership in the organization tells me little about the caliber of the person or their commitment to improving the lives of all african americans. to claim that all black greeks are "special" is just silly to me, like saying everyone from detroit is more intelligent than those from chicago, or that everyone from an AME church is more compassionate than non-church goers. the facts don't support that.

you didn't quite call me a hypocrite, so i won't take offense at your suggestion that "some" blackfolks don't do enough for the community. my more recent forays into service have included free tutoring for poor urban children, free consulting with african american political organizations, and sharing the space on this blog in the service of actions led by black organization concerned with media and politics. i'm satisfied with my contribution, and consider writing here to be part of the greater effort to raise awareness. again, i thank you for taking part in the discussion, and helping to elucidate that there is still a long way for all of us to go.

and 5000 hits later i'm just going to say it. i am a very poor speller, but if many of the comments here are coming from african-american folk, clearly our community has a bigger problem than just me. c'mon people, use the dictionary. blog comments are "fo evah."

Submitted by Mrs.Truth (not verified) on

I completely understand your point of view. It didn't come across that clear with your first post. I must also add that the reason behind me using MLK as an example was to support my statement that some Black Greeks grow up and do great things. I never stated that all Black Greeks were successful or "better" but their retention rate is pretty successful in comparison to african americans overall.

Also you have to put into consideration how Black Greeks were founded. They were founded by african americans who were battling against segregation and civil rights. As blacks that were attending prestigious universitites and desperately needed to form organizations that were simular to support systems, something for them only. An organization where the people who want to be great can come together and be leaders.

Even if it doesn't seem like thats what they stand for today, that's the legacy that they are trying to follow. And just like any other pretigious organization, only a selected few are chosen. Certain universities only want certain type of students, certain dance teams only want certain type of dancers, certain companies want employees with certain type of credentials and certain greeks want certain type of members. That's life...

Thanx for having a very well manored disagreement!

Submitted by It aint that serious (not verified) on

First of all people, if any of you were about the teaching of the father above, you would understand religion is about love and peace and it has been hijacked by evil "doers". I find it amazing that the "opressed" take on the role of the oppressor. The gay MIAKA's, Sigma Gamma Rho Romeos and the Delta Gents have been around since the 40's starting at Howard University, Hampton and Morehouse College from the states of New York to the entire southern belt. They are an underground society emulating the teachings of the founders to support each other during a time when one is discriminated against by mainstream society. Gay men are shunned and forced to go underground and this is their support system amongst those who are college educated. However not all of these subset groups are homosexuals. Many of the MIAKA's really do like women.

"Comment just kill yourself"
Can you imagine God the almighty of love and peace and creation would condemn a man to death due to his sexual orientation - I beleive Jesus reached out to Mary Magdalene and didn't call upon her to be an abomination.

These are individuals forming bonds and they are not hurting any of you - so let them do their thing and concentrate on the humanity of our race.

Submitted by BJ1906 (not verified) on

After reading most of the comments here, I find that this issue or topic has a lot of people confused, angry, dissapointed,...etc..etc. And each have a right to feel and express their thoughts! But for those that take the position that, (if these menwomen) want to be a part of a black greek organization...they really should have created one that accomodated their sexual orientatations. This way they would not have to battled the public on joining AKA.
However, the true responsibility and accountability is on the National Headquarters of AKA. I just never thought I would have seen this happen! And yes...we as a people do have many other issues that need to be addressed, but this is just one that can prioritized on the "C" sheet...all other issues within and without (directly or nondirectly related to) should reamin on the "A and B" list of our collective priorities.
Now whats next? Girls wanting to be Boy Scouts or Boy Scouts wanting to become Girl Scouts. I would pass-out if my son were to say to me "Pop...I want to be a Brownie..." WTF!!! But...I have to say too that, what if he came to me one day and told that he was getting married...not to a woman...but to a man. I don't condone it by any means, life is crazy and unpredictable in that way...even when we do our best to raise our children with a normal foundation of gender rights and wrongs and correct gender identification.

Ph.D Neuropsychology

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I cannot believe what i just saw. First of all, MAYA is an AKA honey so get the facts straight! I truly don't have anything against gays,but damn! this has hit me below the belt. i know these men wish they were AKAS, but come on! could you really see these guys coming to our boules with us,I DON'T THINK SO!!!!!!! Alpha Kappa Alpha started with women and will NEVER have an official chapter for men. SOROR means sister, not brother.

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They're gonna do whatever they want like they've been doing, it's called freedom of expression. There have been other MiAKA incidents since that one. That wasn't the first incident and surely wasn't the last.

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Come on now M.I.a.k.a. being an AKA at the end has never meant that, so how can you come and change something thats been around for years? Feel free to email me an enlighten me on where and who told you that at

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you bitches don't know nothing about
what your talking about. And furthermore
i find this highly offensive
if you don't like miaka suck ona dick and
ide slow hoe!!!!

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God used to post here, but whenever he/she/it made some sweeping assertion no links were ever provided that could back up said assertion. If the assertion was in fact poetical there was no transgression, per se. But if the stern "This Is The Way It Is" came out, without any proof, well, we called he/she/it on it, and eventually god just walked away from the group, muttering.

The Olde Ways of just using a solemn voice when making some crazy pronouncement, shaking one's head just so, and declaring all manner of fiction as fact because i say god says it are over, at least in places where folks at least try to make sense of observable quanta.

The Old Testament/New Testament/Koran Trilogy, stemming from Semitic monotheism and constructed at a time when we thought seizures were a result of a curse that came from that man with the droopy eye in the marked-down section of the village market, is less what it purports to be and more what its adherents project it to be. It has the rare quality of defeating all questions with a glowing rainbow of "because the bible says so." Good luck with being oblivious: there is much more to life than is dreamt of in your tautology.

That which can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.
Christopher Hitchens.

It is difficult to have a decent discussion with a Christian because he/she set themselves up as both advocate and judge.
Alan Watts (paraphrased)


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Can I get an interview?

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While I'm not disputing that some of the responses are upset that there is an element of homosexuality to this group, I don't think this is where most of the ire comes from. Sure there is a problem with elitism and other isms in our community. That notwithstanding, part of being a member of the Divine 9 is that not everyone wants to/can be. Hell, real talk, and that is the reason that some organizations were formed. Not to take anything away from them, because they have become wondeful organizations indeed.
The other part is that our organizations are places where one can find sisterhood/brotherhood. I didn't join my sorority to bond with men. I joined to bond with other, like-minded (at least on the surface) women who wanted to be about something. I will not tell you that each and every member of my sorority is an admirable woman, but I will say that the women that made me want to be one are, as are the majority of women I've met since initiation.
So what is more bothersome than the fact that some homosexual men are imitating women, is the fact that these men are claiming something of which they can never be a part (GENDER playing the dominant role), and some are acting as if they are sanctioned by the National body. This is completely false. I'm sure they worked hard for their "letters," and that is all well and good. Just work hard for letters that are truly your own and not someone else's.

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All this talk of Miakas is straghit B.S..... As a matter of fact all auxiliaries are a load of
Shuga...Honey... Ice.... Tea.... All auxiliaries are fake. And for black greeks ( male and female) to entertain this auxiliary mess is simply ridiculous ..... That goes for Miakas, Romes, Gents, Gems,Angles, Doves, Sweethearts....and wut ever else ya'll wanna call ya'll don't exist. your like a step child nobody ever wanted and you will stay that way.........Ok yea I long time ago the titles of Doves,sweethearts,ect...were reserved for ones daughter, spouse, or girlfriend at the time....but ya'll have blowen this stuff way out of portion. Now ya'll think you all are actuallly apart of a frat or Sorority....Man your all jokes.... You can't even praticapate in the events.... Get back... Auxiliaries are like being in the special olympics a waste of damn time and embarrassing...Ya'll can't be serious

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hey i just seen the news video about this on youtube and i dont know alot about greek sorrities and Frats but i know enough that what ur doing is kinda messed up how come u just couldnt come up with ur own Frat/Sorrity because ever since my sisters heard about this one is a Delta and the other is a AKA they have been actin all types of wild not saying its ur fault in ne way but what were u thinking?

[Future of Omega Psi Phi] OWT OWT OWT!!!

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MIAKA this is very funny to the last guy that posted the nasty note you are very ignorant, this whole thing is stupid. If the CATS want to be gay then thats good for you dudes but you are starting to go to far. I feel that homosexuals are trying to force their lifesylte on the rest of us. Keep your sexual preference in the bedroom. I don't want to see it. You dudes are not women regardless the sexual preference you are physically not women you will never be the queen mother and give birth. Thats what makes it an abomination, hopefull God will forgive you all if you repent.

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MIAKA this is very funny to the last guy that posted the nasty note you are very ignorant, this whole thing is stupid. If the CATS want to be gay then thats good for you dudes but you are starting to go to far. I feel that homosexuals are trying to force their lifesylte on the rest of us. Keep your sexual preference in the bedroom. I don't want to see it. You dudes are not women regardless the sexual preference you are physically not women you will never be the queen mother and give birth. Thats what makes it an abomination, hopefull God will forgive you all if you repent.

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Actually, Maya Angelou is an AKA, not a Delta. The fact of the matter is, most people who bad mouth black sororities and fraternities are upset that they are not members themselves. And I think I am more upset at the official chapter of AKA at the school than I am at the MIAKAs. Alpha Kappa Alpha is the first and finest and I cannot blame the young men for wanting that for themselves. I will say, however, that I would love to hear an explanation from my sorors as to why these young men were able to get as far as they did without the chapter contacting their regional director.

If yall wanna be gay AKA boppers who are Greek, then why don't you just pledge Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc?


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I am not even greek and I AM offended by the blatant disrespect and disgusting imitative portrayal that these let alone “WANT TO BE WOMEN” MIAKA are trying to represent. Its obvious that these boys are envious of the beauty, class, and grace that AKA’s (and all women) represent that the only way they could properly destroy what they so yearn to be ( but can’t ) is by making a counterfeit. A man can never be a women, a MIAKA will never be an AKA. Realize behind all that fake confidence that you so desperately try to exuberate is a spectacular amount of self hatred.
~the naked truth
18 year old 100% Woman!

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why do gay people always have to play the gay card...have you gays ever thought of that fact that maybe...hmmmm...wait ...this is kinda...well gee golly willikers this might be disrespectful not becus im gay but becus of what aka represents a sisterhood..not a brotherhood or gay want to be sisterhood but a PURE sisterhood ...YOUR to stuck on being defensive that you don't even realize when your jus BEING flat out....OFFENSIVE...This reminds me of Rosie Odonnald she was so cool before she came out the closet an then when she did she became paranoid and defensive blaimin everything on ppl hating gays....she blaimed the clay aiken and live with regis and kelly incident sayin kelly only reacted that way to aiken becus he was gay? (WTF are u serious) when she damn well knew that wat he did was outright DISRESPECTFUL...startin to say a correlation here gay ppl...

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I personally don't understand why the supporters of MIAKA are getting all upset about comments made by AKA's and other people.This is how I see it. I know that I really don't know anything on the inside when it comes down to greek letter organizations but I do know that they ALL take their organizations VERY VERY seriously and I really do respect that. And for someone (MALE or FEMALE) to come in and try to shake the very foundation of what they stand for can make anyone upset.It kind of upset me when I heard of what they were doing because those women faught long and hard against the norm of that time in order to make that organization happen and the fact that it is still standing STRONG today!!! you can't do anything but RESPECT them!!!!! And also why not make your own organization that you put your sweat and tears into so that you can TRUELY be proud and call it your own??? YES i understand that imitation is the best compliment but when you mess with and image or life style that some one has worked SOOOOOOOOO hard to uphold, i believe that your messing with fire. When certain women did not want to be apart any more what did they do.... the went and created their OWN and they can honestly be proud of that, because it was THEIR Organization and they had to go under scrutiny from others but they are still strong today. so why not do it your self?, if your really proud of who you are and are willin to uphold what you stand for then start your own, BE REAL ABOUT IT!!!!! Not trying to step on anyones toes here.... but really this whole thing is about respect, not that their gay men. but it about them taking something that is not theres and tryin to make it into their own, and to me that is not fair. and what is going on is not doing that at all!!!!!!!!!

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To my fellow greeks, don't let this crap upset you......we must stick together, men will never be AKAs, Deltas, Zetas, or SGRhos...and the same goes for our frats, women can not and will never be Alphas, Kappas, Ques, Sigmas, Iotas. However, I will say this we can not let others steal our legacy, history and self respect.
No one should use any of or shields, mascots, etc.
We do have legal rights....think about it ( the Playboy company tripped about Kappas using the bunny logo, we can do the same ) we must stand together as NPHC, because what happens to one of use happens to all of us.
Understand those that choose to make a fool of them selves can because our National Heads will never allow it.

BE Blessed Sorors & Fraters
Let's continue the work at hand

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WoW! All I have to say is, "THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!" A hot mess is really what it is. It is flattering that these males would look up to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. but honestly it's not EVER going to happen. No matter what kind of pseudo- M.I.P (Membership Intake Process) they went through, it's not happening at Nationals!

Imitated but NEVER duplicated!

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intranets, fix your spellchecker, will you?

Geeze, people.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!-- Xan

We can admit that we’re killers … but we’re not going to kill today. That’s all it takes! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0

1 John 4:18

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i for one welcome our illiterate homosexual overlords. and overdykes. did i ever tell you all about that utterly hawt chicana with a great big strap-on, who i cooked dinner for one night before some very steamy luvin? i asked her to bring me a garlic bulb, as i'd run out. she brought me a shallot.

by about 10p or so, i really didn't care. mmm, butch tops...oh, wait. this is a serious thread. nevermind.

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It’s true that men will never be apart of a sorority nor a women apart of a frat but how is this concept disrespect; this is probably the most respect that you could receive from the opposite sex. These people are showing their admiration like little girls wanted to be apart of these originations they want to be apart of something great. These of you who believe that they are disrespecting you need a reality check, for someone to give you a compliment and you spit at them for it is just plain rude and you need to render a public apology. I think these men are brave for what they are doing, standing up for something like this is very bossy.

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for slogging thru this thread and retaining enough sanity to make such a cogent point. indeed, one does wonder: what ever happened to the concept that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?" the converse is "the ladies doth protest too much/homophobia really means fascination, where fascination = attraction + repulsion."

thanks for stopping by.

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You don’t know how happy you’ve made to know that I’m not the only person left in the word who still believes in the sayings from the old days. They say that you must grow with the times but most people don’t grow the, forget the foundation on which out very being was made. Thank you for restoring my hope in the rest of the world; if there one other person who relates to my point of views then I know that there are others.

I just hope that seeing the MIAKA will inspire others to stand up and be heard, to stand and fight for what they believe. These are not the only persons in the world who fell that way. I personally know a few women who want to join frats, and men who would prefer to join a sorority then a frat; due to the personal and sexually orientation. Why, why single someone out just because of whom they sleep with at night. Most of us you could never pick out of a crowd, we look and act the same as everybody else; we work, go to school, pay out taxes, and raise our children to be law abiding citizens and be productive in life.

So can someone, any one give a legitimate reason why we should be treated differently?

That is my all of you who oppose give me a reason why, And don't wimp out and use biblical terms as your reason. Let us deal with our fate with god not you. You will not judge me!!!!! I am not hear to be subjected to your prejudice because you are uneasy with your own sexuality or are worried that as a man you’ll loose your girl to another woman. Don’t blame us; if you want to know who has the power and who t o blame look in the damn mirror.

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i asked her to bring me a garlic bulb, as i’d run out. she brought me a shallot.

Never heard a strap-on called either one of those, before. chuy, y'all damn dykes are imaginative...

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You should do an interview.

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I just recently transferred to a new college, The University of Detroit Mercy which just happens to be a catholic school. I must say myself that I was surprised to walk into the library and see a “Between the lines” magazine (that’s the Detroit’s Gay magazine) now I have not been open in the life for long but I have always kept friends that were; hell I have only been with my first girlfriend for a little over a year but we have been friends for the past nine or ten years, and I must say that I am an activist; have been for several years though I denied my heart for years worried about how my “FAMILY” would react. It came to light that my grandmother, my mothers mother was in fact a lesbian for a number of years be for she died, however this information was hidden till I cam out of the closet; why is anyone’s guess. Besides my mother had mad he passion on gays raising families clear that she did NOT approve.

I recently found a few quotes that touched my heart and I think that we should all take into consideration. However I will not provide the source because it may seem some what juvenile to those who do not comprehend the importance of certain a movies and that they can be produced to do more then entertain the fool minded. I will in spite of this provide you with these quotes…

“Our integrity cells is all we really have, it’s so little it’s only an inch, an inch, and in it were free….an inch is small & fragile we must never loose it or give it away.”

“Idea’s can change the world, they do not bleed, they do not fell pain or love…but they are bullet proof.”

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"This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified, and has vowed to vangquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous."

Darlin' - to thine own self be true.

Keep the faith baby.


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Yes, that was perfect. I dont think that I could have said it better myself, and it's good to know that somebody got the massage that I got fro m that movie. ill keep the fath i hope others do the same.

I had to take a moment to laugh at all of this ridiculous insinuation concerning what Greek life is or isn’t. As a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, and a Prince Hall Mason, I would like to dispel quite a few myths on this board. Although it may be true that most Greeks are not welcoming to a homosexual orientation, we as organizations do not discriminate against homosexuals. As someone who’s initiated and been initiated by known homosexuals, I think I can speak from an appeal to authorities stance when I say if you got your shit together, there isn’t too much I can say to deny you membership into my organization. Now we do hold traditions deeply rooted in manhood near and dear to us, so I will request that your not runnin’ around acting feminine but I could care less what you do when the lights go out. Your sexual preference is just that YOURS.

Chicago Dyke, the suggestion that our organizations are founded in euro-tradition (or plantations as you say) just shows how little you know about the foundation of our organizations, and for that matter the entire greek system. If you did something other than your pseudo Black Power research, you would find that the Black Greek Tradition is an exact replica of the EGYPTIAN mystery systems, they were simply associated with greek lettering as an assimilation into a greek life tradition that already existed on college campuses. If you would like to get technical even the greek lettering can be found to have in-depth meanings and allegory that is in no way associated with anything GREEK or EUROPEAN. But I guess that’s the trouble of having an outside opinion of the inner workings of Greekdom. You can not discredit the foundation of most of the greatest African American Leaders of the 20th century by saying the breeding ground in which many of them gained their creditability is irresponsible of you as a black woman. Hell, even Malcolm X belonged to the F&A Masons, you’d honestly be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s shaped our black culture who isn’t in some way affiliated with a Black Greek Lettered Organization or Secret Society. \

Now onto this miAKA situation. I believe the most disrespectful thing about this issue is that by the definition of FRATERNITY (Brotherhood) or SORORITY (Sisterhood) members of the opposite sex parading around in our letters, and doing things associated with our organizations is a slap in the face to our foundation and the nearly 100 year legacies we’ve built. I will acknowledge that some of our members can be homophobic and as a result stray potential away because of an orientation they don’t agree with, but damn why tear down a legacy with some mess. It’s even worse than auxiliary groups and it just sickens me that there are MEN in this world that don’t see the egregious disrespect being displayed for a group you claim to admire. This issue just fustrates me, not because of it being homosexuals who feel they’d be better accepted in a woman’s organization but moreso because I look at the blood sweat and tears many of our founders endured to ensure that we would have a legacy in which African Americans Greek or Non Greek could be proud of, only to see a group of homosexuals spit on our traditions because they believe they wouldn’t fit in with members of a fraternity? If there are any miAKA’s who view this post, please…tell me what about the purposes of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. you align with moreso than any Fraternity. Damn all that superficial shit you can associate yourself with what the fuck about the purpose can you truthfully say you align yourself with? Cause I see it as yo’ assess think your prissy men so you wanna be a fuckin’ AKA, NEWSFLASH: THAT SHITS THE WRONG REASON FOR A WOMAN TO WANNA BE AN AKA, AND IT’S DAMN SURE WRONG FOR A MANS REASON

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I have the feeling this could be as fruitful as our Michael Vicks discussion, taken in the right way, but I'm at a lost because there are several cultures here that I just don't play in.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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"fruit", didncha?

Agitator. :)

Actually I'm not sure there's anything more significant here than the sign over Tubby Timmy's Treehouse reading "NO GURRLS ALOWD!!" Frat, soro, they're all just clubs, and their only reason for existing when you get right down to it is to define themselves by who they keep out. Gay, straight, black, white, fat, ugly, skinny, drunks, dopers, straight arrows, waddevah. Feh.

And what they charge for the privilege is enough to make one's eyes bug out of their little sockets about a foot, like in the cartoons. Son of Xan got the list of the ones at peadunkley little University of Tennessee Martin, and what they want to charge you---holy crap.

First the "initiation" for joining up, then ongoing fees for dues, AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT the charge to live in "the house"...oy, oy, oy. Fortunately this caused hilarity rather than heartbreak as he finds frats even more mockable than I do, but it was made entirely clear that he was not one of Their Kind of People.

(wave pinky in gracious manner, sniffing dismissively in a kindly condescending way.)

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This board and blog has attacked racists in more words that could be put on a USB drive, and if the moderators prune the truly offensive responses out, then what should remain should be a handful of unthoughtful, orthographically-wretched, barely lucid posts. I bet, however, if I go back to the last ten posts regarding white racists in this blog, I won't find half the volume of posts reflecting knee-jerk, provincial, deep-dyed homophobic worldviews, as in this one.

Are we sure these posters aren't white power sock puppets, hellbound in making black greek organization representatives appear in the most foolish light? Not a one probably even heard of Corrente, before CD posted about this, and instead of dealing with the continuing neglect of New Orleans (which this blog has done), the ongoing criminal activity of this administration (ditto), these posters have chosen to speak up about How Unfair and Jealous Non-Greeks Are.

All I can say is: Next year, when the fate of our country is tied up in getting out the vote, and mobilizing to make sure the vote is counted well, I do hope all of you concerned fraternal and sororal members can break away from your self-regarding bacchanals to actually give a damn.

Hate on me all you want, but at least I have: A sense of proportion.

PS: My college didn't allow frats; they preferred the ancient, discriminatory secret societies based on family legacies, instead. At least they had the good taste to conduct their hazing activities out of the public eye.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

looks at graduate degrees in ancient history and languages on bedroom wall

to this:

If you did something other than your pseudo Black Power research, you would find that the Black Greek Tradition is an exact replica of the EGYPTIAN mystery systems, t

uh huh. whatever, grrl. i'm sorry, how many ancient languages do you speak? come back to me with some primary texts, and we can talk. but enjoy your jello shots. really. you "greeks" are so pitiful. and ignorant, but that's redundant.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

Now CD is my patron saint of all things gay, my companion in most things queer and I defer to her experience and wisdom and she has taken to shepherding this post. But, damn it, I could have sworn the name at the head of this post was Xenophon.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

you're very right to suggest the sock puppet syndrome in effect here. thank you.

we all look alike, xeno. you know that. even on the intertubes. ;-)

who else wants to start a pool and how long this post will go on? it just won't die, and i'm loving that.

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Submitted by Xenophon on

No worries. It has become CD's side blog. It's in good hands so, fuck it . . .

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

thanks for that contribution, anon. everyone was wondering about your needs, i'm sure.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

the dancing? the hairstyles? the pretty clothes? working on some charity stuff for 5/hr/wk for a couple of years in school?


let's have some fun, shall we? it amuses me when black people say things like this. your civil rights era ancestors would be proud:

I don’t think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any member of the british peerage, white or black because you were not allowed based on your low birth.

I don’t think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any corporate managment, white or black because you were not allowed based on your union membership.

I don’t think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any oligarchy of rich people, white or black because you were not allowed based on your bad luck to be born poor.

I don’t think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any hypocritical religious leaders who live closeted gay lives while preaching against gay rights, white or black because you were not allowed based on your atheism.

I don’t think it serves a beneficial purpose to purposely imitate, or even mock any slave owning masters, white or black because you were not allowed based on your birth to slave parents.

do you get the benefit of mocking yet?

Submitted by xan (not verified) on

which, forgive me Xenophon, is perhaps the most inane subject ever discussed in these hallowed halls, is still getting posts (comments) from people who have never been here before or since and most likely won't be again or every read anything else posted here, after all this time.

WTF? Is there some sort of Greek Mafia whose assignment in life is to monitor obscure (sorry Lambert) blogs and all other net sites for any less-than-reverential mention of fraternity/sorority matters? With particular upticks on the attention scale if the topic involves gender or racial issues?

If so, then fuck Soros and lefty politics, I'm signing up with those folks because they obviously pay better.

Shaking head in complete bafflement, and not for the first time after watching this for all these months.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

if you dogpile/google "MIAKA" we come up. it's one of those 'everyone is hearing about it' kinds of stories, slowly but surely making rounds in the black community. there isn't a lot of other info about it out there, so behold: in one post, Xeno has increased our African-American readership by 100fold.

so inane as it is, i'm hoping one or two of these new readers hate/like it so much they stick around for some of our other, deeply irreverent, inane, and otherwise discoursively engaging work.

Submitted by anonymous coward (not verified) on

I would really like for all the Greek bashers to just stop damn it. If you’re not apart then DON'T JUDGE!!!!. You look stupid. And for every one that is Greek, you need to stop to because you know that we're all just going to have our opinions and no conclusion is ever going to come. There are more important things that need to be discussed in the world besides men parading around in woman's organizational memorabilia. I really can not believe that we are putting this much TIME and EFFORT into discussing this. WE OUGHT to be ashamed that we are acting in this manner. Remember we are African Americans first, Educated Afro –Americans second and GREEK or NON GREEK third! The Jena 6 issue is HOT right now …. And We’re STILL Discussing MIAKA??? GET REAL! YES it is an issue, but you've taken it too far. Remember your purpose as (formally and informally) educated African Americans. It’s to change the world not talk about one another, leave that to the lazy and the dumb. REAL TALK!!!

Submitted by AN AGGIE (not verified) on

I would really like for all the Greek bashers to just stop damn it. If you’re not apart then DON’T JUDGE!!!!. You look stupid. And for every one that is Greek, you need to stop to because you know that we’re all just going to have our opinions and no conclusion is ever going to come. There are more important things that need to be discussed in the world besides men parading around in woman’s organizational memorabilia. I really can not believe that we are putting this much TIME and EFFORT into discussing this. WE OUGHT to be ashamed that we are acting in this manner. Remember we are African Americans first, Educated Afro –Americans second and GREEK or NON GREEK third! The Jena 6 issue is HOT right now …. And We’re STILL Discussing MIAKA??? GET REAL! YES it is an issue, but you’ve taken it too far. Remember your purpose as (formally and informally) educated African Americans. It’s to change the world not talk about one another, leave that to the lazy and the dumb. REAL TALK!!!

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I think "Greek" sets off the spam filter.

That is just so, so right.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

Submitted by lambert on

Oh well. Of course, Soros Hungarian, not Greek.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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The gift that keeps on giving.

It's all greek to me, baby. That's how I likes it.

Is there a Koufax award for most ludacris, longest-lasting thread, because I'm nominating this shit, seriously.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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I can’t believe that after all this time people still can’t believe that all people are created equal. It’s not that it’s a gay man think it’s an equality thing. There are black boys in the U.S that are being prosecuted and facing life in prison for fighting a white boy. This situation should have thought you non-believers a lesion, why can’t you just let these men live the way they see fit. Let them deal with the consequences. Unless they are saying FUCK A.K.A’s they are not being disrespectful.

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...I would start with one or two members of the current Maladministration. It could be Star Trek cool to see lesions spontaneously appear on Bush's face during, say, a national address to inform us that the bombs are flying at Iran, or during a Cheney armchair chat with Brett Hume. Oh the fun I could have.


"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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I have to add my .08 cents in as an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. AKA has never and will never consider a man for membership into our organization. Period.

I mean, what can I say? We are the first BGLO for women so of course we are often imitated. It's bad enough that we have other sororities in our shadows imitating our every move (respect your MOTHER: DST, ZPhiB and SGRho).

These poor fellas are lost. They don't know how to be REAL men so they decided that they want to be women. Not just ANY women but the BEST kind of women. I say unto you: You can neva, neva, neva, eva, EVA EVA EVA get on my level.

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Check out Omicron Psi Omega and Beta Phi Omega before you throw on some pink and green and call yourself an AKA.

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The splended 16 of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA founded this WOMENS sorority for WOMEN... Now, if you are not actually intiated (pledged) into the sorority by a lovely lady of AKA you are known as PAPER... "PAPER SKATERS" get no respect from any greek organization... NONE!!! You didn't earn the letters! Now if you want to be respected pledge a FRAT! OR create your own SORTERNITY if you like.. This is definetly disrespectful to the, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Come on... holding up the mirror TOWARDS the TRUE AKA (your pic)!!! Put up a pinky... I don't suggest that... You can look in the mirror as much as you want, but you will never see my reflection! I love you though...

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A few ground rules for submitting a comment on this thread:

1. Fully inhabit an alternate reality.
2. Have a working knowledge of and a consuming passion for the minutiae of the Greek system.
3. Speak a language incomprehensible to non-initiates.
4. Notify THB whenever you comment - it appears to be his one true joy in life.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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Thanks for the clarification of this vitally important topic.

MIAKA 2008!

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

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say/type the rest of my nym cause it makes baby jeebus cry. i am very proud to say no less than Merkin Patriot himself named me thus, in deference to his delicate sensibilities and that of his lord. i'm sure you two have a lot in common. In addition to "chicago dirtyword," i'll also except "chicago naughtypuss" and "Offred's bitch."

thb, i think you for sheparding this thread. may the angels of the line dance in heaven watch over you for your efforts.

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The self-hatred displayed for entire world to see by my people on this thread, greek, non-greek, gay and straight, is both obvious and saddening.

Somewhere, white folks are reading this post and are literally rolling on the floor laughing their a$$e$ off.

Thanks everyone, for ruining 15 minutes of my day.

Now excuse me while I go fast and pray....

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baby jeebus needs you to whip yourself as well as fast, please don't let him down.

i must now return to my self hating activities which include eating bacon, dancing to music made by germans, and speaking publically to paul supporters.

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Everything has to be perfect for my special day!

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. -- Mahatma Gandhi

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All I can say is wow. As a member of ALPHA PHI ALPHA Fraternity Inc., I find it appalling that these men would do such a thing to my sisters of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Sorority Inc. I have no problem with men being gay. If that's you, what ever fine. BUT! You will never see some dudes trying to be an Alpha without PLEDGING and the same goes for AKA if it were women. The mere fact of having the same shield, same colors, same line formation, same acts while pledging is flat WRONG. If you were trying to imitate Alpha (doing the same pledging) some serious issues would occur. Man to man, face to face type of issues and I got a feeling things would be rectified pretty quickly. Same would go for any other fraternal organization rest assured. We are all brothers and sisters in this black greek society. We joined are respective organizations for usually serious personal reasons; least I did. To mock in ANY form is wrong, man or woman. This is above and beyond wrong.

My father is an Alpha. I grew up around TOO MANY positive and well to do Alpha MEN. Shaped me as a man and I was blessed to have them around me as a young black male. God father is a Que. Good golf friend is a Que. Father in law is a Kappa and my cousin (shout out to Daryll) is a Sigma. Another cousin in ATL is a Kappa. Wife, mother, mother in law and sister in law are all strong Delta women. God mother is an AKA. Grandmother was a Zeta. I say all this because it is history. I mean serious history and not just in my family but many across the country. No one tries to be something they just can not be. Should we just let this go? Should we let black history go? We need to stand up people as African Americans and have a more positive voice. Start your own sorority or fraternity. Do not mock history nor my sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha (flattery or not) this is not good. It's ugly. No such mockery, misrepresentation or disrespect of this kind can be tolerated. One hundred years of AKA. God bless all my sisters in all Black Sororities.

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I am dumbfounded and could not believe it when I came across this nonesense...Where are the brothers of Alpha and how and why are they or ANY FRAT allowing this to go on. Everytime these fools show up they should be getting their asses stomped...and based on the brothers I knew in school, it baffles me that it has gone this far... to actually allow these fools to parade around any campus with the AKA's sheild and colors. Though I was approched, I never pledged anything but still held/hold the upmost respect for the tradition, and for the life of me I can not believe the bro's I came across while in school would ever allow our SISTERS to be so DISRESPECTED. Are the current group of MEN pledging around the country SO WEAK as to stand back and let these punks steal and degrade the sheild and colors of AKA and do NOTHING???

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It appears that what a MIAKA was years ago, is very different from what it is today. In the 1980's I was a MIAKA and we were nothing like what these comments seem to indicate it has become today. At that time MIAKA stood for Men Interested in Alpha Kappa Alpha. We were interested in helping them, certainly NOT interested in being them. Most of us had either a close friend, or relative that was an AKA. We were NOT gay, NOT feminine, and didn't think we were a frat.
We? were a male auxiliary that helped the AKA's. During the 1980's nearly every fraternity and sorority had auxiliaries of the opposite sex (not all existed on every campus,but most did). In most cities Fraternities had female auxiliaries (Kappa Diamonds, Que Pearls\Essence, Sigma Doves, and Alpha Angels), while the sororities had male auxiliaries (MIAKAs, Zeta Knights and Delta Gents\Delta Mids). Many of the people that were in an auxiliary, eventually joined a Frat or Sorority.
Occasionally MIAKAs wore pink, but more commonly we wore green.
This whole new MIAKA Fraternity stuff is totally foreign to me. I just hope that if someone hears the word MIAKA that they will realize, that it may mean very different things to different people, depending on time frame and perhaps location.