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Occupy. Occupy Sandy: "Distribution centers and volunteer hubs are now located in Sunset Park, Astoria, Brighton Beach, DUMBO, East Village, Lower East Side, Jersey City, Red Hook, Rockaway, and Staten Island."

Hurricane Sandy

NY. Maypr-for-Life Bloomberg's generator clusterfuck: "The city left more than a dozen generators and other pieces of heavy equipment -- desperately needed by cold and hungry New Yorkers who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy -- still stranded in Central Park yesterday and this morning. Five light towers, that can expand up to 30 feet in the air, were sitting unused on the east side of Central Park near 72nd Street today, as horrified passersby demanded to know why the equipment hadn't been deployed to devastated neighborhoods. Stashed near the finish line of the canceled marathon yesterday were 20 heaters, tens of thousands of Mylar 'space' blankets, jackets, 106 crates of apples and peanuts, at least 14 pallets of bottled water and 22 five-gallon jugs of water." Photos. Bonus fun: Read the story to parse "Mike's" statement! ...Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg offers a helping hand: "You can die from being cold." No, duh! Maybe if you distributed some Mylar blankets? .. Brooklyn: "The impromptu charging station was set up by a company called BioLite [here], which enables users to 'cook dinner and charge electronics anywhere, with just a handful of kindling.' We're told that the stoves can charge a cell phone in the time that it takes to charge up your phone using a laptop. The stoves can also be used to power LED lights." ... Staten Island: "After talking with city and Office of Emergency Management officials, each of whom had a different answer to what was needed and where--and if anyone was in charge, no one knew who it was, or at least they weren't telling the Islanders and volunteers asking for answers--we headed down the road to the next relief station, where the rough consensus was that our supplies would be better put to use. En route, 'our' cop stopped to talk with several colleagues he knows--none of whom knew what was happening beyond their sight lines. "It's complicated" was the refrain we kept hearing from dispirited city officials (Cops just said "I don't know," or "maybe try over there." ... Red Hook: "A full week after Hurricane Sandy came and went, thousands of furious Housing Authority tenants in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan struggled Monday to survive in squalid conditions as NYCHA scrambled in vain to turn on power, heat and water. "Nobody comes here to help. It's the land of the lost," declared a frustrated Ralph Fret, 64, pointing at the black fetid water that remained in the basement of his building - nearly to the ceiling. "You see all that water? You see a pump anywhere? They're not doing anything.'" Who's in charge of NYCHA? Some privatizing mole? ... Breezy Point: " Breezy Point could have been mistaken for a Soweto shanty town Sunday as residents picked through the ruins of their homes and used blankets to ward off the cold." ... Rockaways: "FEMA "stacked everything in front of the building and a lot of people couldn't come down to get it." Residents of the 12-story Dayton Tower high-rise co-op on Shore Front Parkway developed a system to deal with the lack of elevators by deputizing younger residents as runners to communicate with the elderly and infirm. 'We run up and down the buildings and ask people what they want -- milk, toilet paper, water,' said Kevin Garcia, 15."Solidarity! ... Rockaways: "There are no stores open in the eastern reaches of the Rockaways. There is nowhere to buy food. There is no subway service. There are no cabs. If you lived in Edgemere and you had a car, it has almost certainly been totaled by seawater. There is no light in these towers. Elevators don't work and the windowless stairways are dark with a darkness that most New Yorkers never see, a pervading absolute blackness like something from the lower reaches of an uncharted cave." ... Food: "More than 1.1 million pounds of food will pour into areas of New York devastated by Hurricane Sandy after the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved the state's request for emergency food resources." ... FEMA: " Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday 4,800 staffers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are in the area, working to solve the mammoth housing crisis -- and that solution may include trailers and pre-fab houses similar to those deployed after Hurricane Katrina." Oh, that's a relief. ... Information blackout: "Of the total, at least 20,000 are in public housing, some of which will be out of commission for 'a very long time,' Bloomberg said without naming which NYCHA developments will be shut for repairs. Milda Arriaga, who has lived in the houses for five years, said the week-long power outage was made worse by an information blackout. "Nobody is telling us anything. If it's not safe, we wouldn't even know," the 31-year-old physical therapist said." ... Photos: Gallery. ... Photos: Iwan Baan on his already famous Manhattan SOPO photo for New York Magazine (here): "As I looked at the glowing Goldman Sachs tower and the bright buildings surrounding this financial icon--I saw who has the power and how problematic that is for this country."

NJ. Earthquake: "This [new Noreaster] comes in addition to a minor earthquake that shook northern New Jersey in the middle of the night." From the Department of Please! Make It Stop! ... Jersey City: "'Give us power!' Those were the words shouted from an upper-floor window by a resident of the Marion Gardens public-housing complex in Jersey City, where the power has been out since Hurricane Sandy made landfall last Monday" ... FEMA: "FEMA won't duplicate benefits paid by private insurance, so homeowners must settle claims before FEMA will evaluate, said FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate. And most of its recovery aid comes in the form of low-interest disaster loans, he said. 'If you have insurance, file your claim. That's the first answer,' Fugate said. 'If you don't have insurance or have uninsured losses, the next step is an SBA disaster loan." Yes, let's get the post-disaster economy roaring back to life. ... Petroleum: "Still, two NJ refineries and 10 regional petroleum terminals remain off-line, according to the Department of Energy."

NOTE: Swing states in bold italic, with (poll closing).

CO (9:00pm ET) Legalization: "According to PPP, 52 percent of voters support Amendment 64 while only 44 percent are opposed to the measure leaving the state 'set to legalize marijuana tomorrow,' PPP's Tom Jensen writes about the results of their latest survey.

FL (7:00pm ET for eastern part of state; 8pm ET for the west) Voting: "Early voting and in-person absentee ballots in FL: [T]wo different systems to verify the identify of the voter, with two different sets of possibilities of a ballot being accepted or rejected." What could go wrong?

IA (10:00pm ET) The Romney: "[ROMNEY:] 'You measure change in achievements. His record is very different from his words," Romney said, pointing to higher health care costs, higher gasoline prices and lower take home pay as vestiges of the president's White House term." All true, sadly. Still, at least a neo-liberal shill won't win. Oh, wait...

NJ. Voting: "Late today, Ernest Landante, a spokesman for Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, said the state does require e-mail voters to also send in hard copies of their ballots by regular mail immediately, and no special exemptions are being made for Sandy victims." ... Voting: "County election administrators are, according to anecdotal reports, simply not responding to all requests for ballots. In two major counties, the email address advertised on the website of the county clerk is not even accepting email. "

NH (7:00pm ET for most of state; 8pm ET for a few bigger cities). Results: "This year ten voters showed up [at the Dixville Notch midnight vote] and they split evenly -- five votes apiece -- for Obama and Romney. Dixville Notch and its 10 voters may be symbolic, but they're not a bellwether for the state. "

NY. Greens: "Donald Hassig, the Green Party candidate in the 21st Congressional District, will be voting for D incumbent Bill Owens [as LOTE] on Tuesday, according to a post on Hassig's blog filed Saturday evening -- two days after the release of a Siena poll showing Hassig pulling 4 percent in a race that's a statistical dead heat: Owens led R Matt Doheny in that survey by a point, 44-43 percent. The state Green Party repudiated Hassig after his comments at a voter forum knocking Mexican farm laborers as potentially harmful to cattle due to their poor English skills. The candidate claimed his comments were mischaracterized." ... Greens: "It may be one of the closest congressional races in the country. It would be tough to get any closer. A final poll shows R Ann Marie Buerkle and D Dan Maffei each with 44% of the vote. A third party [Green] candidate, Ursula Rozum, has eight percent support. Just three percent are undecided." ... Voting: "As of yesterday, less than 72 hours before Election Day, tens of thousands of voters were confusingly assigned new poll sites after Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to or damaged the usual spots where they cast their ballots."

NV (10:00pm ET). Ryan: "The battle for NV's six electoral votes came down to the wire Monday as R vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan made a final stop [in Reno] while campaign workers for Obama worked phones, fanned out into neighborhoods and handed out fliers." Note the editorialzing photo: Ryan with a spike in his head.

OH (7:30pm ET). Voting: "Under a little-noticed provision of Ohio law, federal election results cannot be challenged in state court." ... Swing state Keynsianism: "[T]his year polls suggest that Ohio is slightly D-leaning. That divergence -- driven by the auto rescue and the state's improved economy, local analysts said -- may prove determinative" (Nate SIlver) Why bail out the American people when you just need to bail out and industry in two swing states? It's visionary minimalism!

>The trail. Military voting:" 'Among presidential swing states, CO now allows [military] voters to email ballots if mail is unavailable, FL permits them to fax ballots, IA accepts emailed or faxed ballots from those in 'imminent danger' and NV allows email or faxes from those who attest to their voting eligibility under penalty of perjury.' David Jefferson, a computer scientist at California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory who calls email and fax transmission "by far the most dangerous forms of voting ever implemented in the U.S.," said that the Pentagon program's and Carey's advocacy 'have done grave damage to U.S. national security, and it will be very difficult to undo it.'" ... Microtargeting: "The parties have both embraced research showing that nothing beats a personal appeal from 'trusted peers'--friends, neighbours, relations or those with shared interests--either on a doorstep or by telephone. The psychology of shame has been scoured for tips about the importance of securing an 'affirmative' pledge to vote." Iin other words, the entire process has become something nobody with any sense of shame whatever should even think of participating in, much like all other forms of human interaction devised by rentiers. ... Gallup: "Romney takes 49% support over Obama's 48% in the poll of likely voters. The survey was conducted between Nov. 1 and Nov. 4 and has a 2 percent margin of error. Romney led the same poll 51 to 46 percent on Oct. 28, the final day Gallup polled ahead of the storm." ... Nooners: "We begin with the three words everyone writing about the election must say: Nobody knows anything. Everyone's guessing. I suspect both Romney and Obama have a sense of what's coming, and it's part of why Romney looks so peaceful and Obama so roiled. " (haw). ... Nate Silver: "When the hurricane made landfall in New Jersey on Oct. 29, Mr. Obama's chances of winning re-election were 73 percent in the FiveThirtyEight forecast. Since then, his chances have risen to 86 percent, close to his highs on the year." (Nate Silver).

* Slogan of the day:'Field Training Will Make Our Blue Heart Follow The Obama Forever!

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