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MoDo covers for Times management


stilettoSure, it gives me a warm feeling to watch MoDo grind a stiletto heel deep into Kneepad's private parts (if any). I mean, who wouldn't enjoy that? And the admission? Just a buck for the print version! Well worth the investment!

But let's not succumb to premature schadenfreude and let snark divert us from MoDo's bottom line:

Before turning Judy's case into a First Amendment batlle, [Sulzeberger and Keller] should have nailed her to a chair and extracted the entire story of her escapade.

Am I the only one who's noticing a suspiciously elegant symmetry here? Scooter and Judy being heaved over the side at the same time?

Two loose cannons, one simultaneous splash!

Or could it be... Something a little less coincidental?

I've read my LeCarre—and what I'm seeing is handler (Libby) and operative (Miller) going down together; all to provide plausible deniability for company management (Bush/Cheney, Sulzberger/Keller).

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