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More Kool-Aid, Vicar?

Over at The Obama 527 Formerly Known As The Kos Community, Kid Oakland -- author of the world's best Obama fluff post, on the "casual poetry" of the Obama campaign, example of such here -- has gone off the deep end again. I excerpt the last portion of his bathetic screed, because it's too, too funny:

The Clintons have no compunction about ripping the Democratic party apart and destroying the career of Barack Obama if it means they might yet win.

Oakland's stamping his feet and threatening to hold his breath until his face turns blue because somebody dared to call bullshit on Barry. In an election campaign. The idea!

Grow up, say I.

And am I the only one who finds it odd that Oakland's peroration gives equal weight to both "the Democratic Party" and "the career of Barack Obama"?

I mean, come on, Obama's what, 42? His career isn't going to be destroyed and in any case, he'll make plenty of money from book deals and going on Oprah (if her ratings rebound from the hit she took when she endorsed him, that is.)

Grow up, Kid. Obama's career is in no danger at all.

So what's going on here?

Jobs for the boys?

Anyhow, if there's a charge that is career destroying in American politics, it's the charge of racism, which the Obama campaign has cheerfully and freely deployed against not only the Clintons, but Hillary's supporters as well. (The most vile forms of misogny have also been cheerfully and freely deployed against Clinton by the Obama campaign, and if I have anything to do with it, that will be career destroying. As indeed it ought to be.)

Grow up, kid. Look in the mirror.

NOTE Of course, to this Hillary supporter, Oakland's latest trek to the fainting couch is nothing but good news, since it means that the Obama campaign hasn't put Obama's insults to small towns behind them, or managed to clean up the latest steaming load from the Unity Pony. Good luck with that.

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Obama Would Redirect NASA Funding to Education

If elected President, Senator Barack Obama plans to delay Project Constellation for at least five years, putting the saved money into a new $18-billion-a-year education program that would, in essence, nationalize early-education for children under five years old to prepare them for the rigors of kindergarten and beyond.

Why single out the space budget to cut for this program? “NASA is no longer associated with inspiration,” Obama told a campaign rally audience in March.

I don't see why we couldn't do both. Couldn't we cut Star Wars? Does anyone know Obama's position on Star Wars?

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So Barry's career might be over? What career did Kid envision? Being President lasts a grand total of eight years. Did da Kid see a long, illustrious career in the U.S. Senate? If Barry loses the Dem nomination (something I dearly think about often) I expect to see strong challenges to him on his Senate reelection. The dirt and such will have been out there from the Prez primaries and hopefully there won't be an Axelrod to get the juicy divorce info on a challenger.

What I look forward to his is return to the Senate and maybe he'll hold a couple of hearings for his subcommittee.

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What I learned from the 'defense of Obama.'

Rural Pennsylvanians really are uneducated, overweight, bitter, racists who drink themselves silly using the money they get from welfare.

I also learned that Obama did not say that they were not "resilient, optimistic or hard-working." So there! But as he also did not say they were not aliens from the planet Xenu, it obviously means that Obama is secretly a scientologist.

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The canonization of Saint Barack continues unabated. Obama's supporters are so wrapped in believing that Obama is some exceptional once in a milleninial figure that will transcend the current political divide that they fail to notice that it is he just as much if not more than anyone is responsible for the growing divide in the Democratic Party. They resort to language such as why won't the bitch quit? It is not by accident that many polls point that at least 20% and perhaps as many as 30% of Clinton's supporters will not support Obama in a general election. The damage among women over 50, the LGBT community, and blue-collar rank & file Democrats is real but they so believe that Obama can unify that they ignore all semblance of reason. They villify the Clintons at every turn. When the Reverend Wright ranted on January 12, 2008 that "Hillary ain't be called a nigger" and "Hillary ain't ever have to work twice as hard just to get noticed," how do you think that plays with Clinton supporters especially with women?

When Obama went campaigning with Donnie McClurkin and has the Reverend James Meeks on his campaign staff and in his recent interview with the Advocate, only his second to date with the LGBT media, still refuses to distance himself from those hateful homophobes, how do you think that resonates with the gay community?

It is beyond bizarre that Obama supporters now complain about media coverage when for four solid months MSNBC has done nothing but campaign on his behalf. Keith Olbermann and his comparison of Geraldine Ferraro to David Duke, how do you think that comes off to Clinton supporters? Geraldine Ferraro whose long and illustrious career was nothing but a tireless effort on behalf of the disadvantaged reduced to the company of a KKK leader. It was uncalled for especially since her remarks were in fact accurate. Obama has benefitted from his race in this campaign. That 90% of African-Americans are voting for him should demonstrate that his race is a factor in his popularity. It is indeed odd that John Kerry cites that only Obama can bridge the current divide with the Muslim world. The reason he gives is that Obama is black. Weird how that works. His race is an advantage when it is convenient for the mantras otherwise we must shut our eyes and not notice his skin colour.

Condescending remarks by Obama and his surrogates are now part of the political lexicon. "Hillary, you're likeable enough." Lawrence O'Donnell calling John Edwards "a loser" on the Huffington Post in January simply because Edwards remained in the race and in O'Donnell's mind such was preventing Obama from winning the nomination. Two and a half months after Edwards dropped, Obama still has not won the nomination. Guy Saperstein, also on the Huffington Post, then followed with charges that Edwards would be forever damned if he failed to endorse Obama before Super Tuesday so that Obama could forever banish the Clintons from public life. Comments like "it's time to slay the bitch" have been echoed more than once. Clinton has been called a "whore," a "monster," "a serial liar," and accused of corruption and murder. Chris Matthews with a straight face noted that the only reason she was elected Senator from New York was because of the sympathy for her abject humiliation during the Lewinsky scandal. Never mind the fact that as both First Lady of Arkansas and as First Lady of the United States, she has played a major advisory role and that in her work for Children's Defense League she was largely responsible for the SCHIP. While her attempts to reform the health care system failed in 1993-94, name another politician who worked as hard and as tirelessly on behalf of a fairer more just health care system. Or the fact that her constituents in New York like her and that she has won praise from state leaders on both sides of the aisle.

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos, and Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post have waged an unrelenting war against all things Clinton. In their campaign, they have resorted to calumny and vile misrepresentations of the achievements of the Clinton Presidency. They seem to forget that when William J. Clinton left the White House he left a balanced budget, a surplus, a record creation of jobs and a period of economic growth like few others in the history of this country.

Obama and his supporters fail to grasp the obvious affront and the sheer condescending character of his remarks and he and they seem to forget that this not the first time he has made holier than thou and elitist remarks.

It is not that voters in Pennsylvania are not angry (the emotion Obama really meant) but that he painted them as clinging to their guns and their faith because of their so-called bitterness. He then went to characterize them as anti-immigrant and anti-free trade. In other words, xenophobic protectionist narrow-minded neanderthals. Then there is the venue he chose to make these remarks. It was not to them in a rally but in a closed session with Gordon Getty and his fellow billionaires in San Francisco of all places. In a city many see as the epicenter of liberal elitism and as some modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and on a day he raised $2.7 million from his backers, Obama decides to expound his true feelings when he believed that the outside world would not hear his remarks. And those of us who are his critics have long accused Obama of wanting to be all things to all people and noting that in the end will be nothing to every one.

Here are pictures from the event:

That 2800 block of Broadway in the Pacific Heights neighborhood is called billionaires row. Nope not elitist at all.

But what is more galling to me is his duplicity. In Ohio and Pennsylvania, Obama rails against NAFTA and free trade but to the Canadians and now to Gordon Getty, Obama is singing a different tune. To his billionaire friends, Obama said it was all just part of getting elected. Don't worry, I have your back just give me more cash.

He voted for the Peru and Costa Rica FTAs but rails against NAFTA and the FTA with Colombia. He so garbles his facts on Colombia that the Colombians actually had to send a diplomatic note to the State Department. Obama's gaffe? He told a Philadelphia audience that trade unionists in Colombia were being murdered at a rate of 200 a year. That's true if the year was 2001. Last year it was 26. And blaming Uribe for those 200 murders back in 2001 was a pretty silly thing to say considering Uribe became President in August 2002.

But never mind Colombia, Obama winked and nodded to his billionaire friends that free trade agreements were safe under his watch.

And the subject of guns came up. Up in Boise on February 2, 2008, Obama told his enraptured audience that there were a lot of hunters in southern Illinois and that he wasn't going to take anyone's guns away. But in gun-shy San Francisco, the junior Senator from Illinois says something quite different. While gun control is not politically feasible now in the world according to Obama (funny we got an assault weapons ban under Clinton), Obama said he would close loopholes and ban certain types of guns. Not exactly what he told the good people up in Boise and in Montana just a week ago. There it was guns, guns and more guns.

It is not that he is wrong in some of what he said in San Francisco, it is that he is telling different audiences different things. To the LGBT community, full equality. To Reverend Meeks, it is a state's rights issue. To voters in the Keystone state, free trade is bad, to his donors in the Golden state, free trade is safe.

So which Obama is it? The pseudo-populist faux progressive from the campaign trail or the elitist effete politician? Either way he will say whatever to please his audience.

Back in July 2007 this problem of Obama being out of touch first arose when he complained to farmers in Iowa about the price of arugula at Whole Foods. That is his problem he is Whole Foods through and through. But most of the country is Wal-Mart. And to be President you at least have to pretend you understand Wal-Mart shoppers. And Obama does not.

Blind men are at their blindest when they suddenly think that they can see. That defines Obama and his supporters pretty much to a tee. No criticism is fair. There are always excuses. The acronym WORM is now popular. It stands for What Obama Really Meant. Increasingly to middle America, Obama is becoming a joke but they fail to see it because in their view Obama is a demi-god. They write such implorations like "Oh please America, don't be so fucking stupid" or "Obama only speaks the truth" or "Obama will lead us to the Promised Land if only we let him." What is he, Moses? Do they realize these comments border on insanity and zealotry? And they wonder why some think them a cult of personality?

In Obama's view, our problems can all be solved if we simply sit down and talk to each to other civilly. He sets a fine example by disparaging the culture of rural and small town America. But apparently that's not obvious. And yet he seems to think that I as a gay man have to negotiate my rights with the likes of James Dobson, Donnie McClurkin, the Reverend Meeks. That as a typical white person, I have much to share with the Reverend Wright who thinks HIV is a govt plot, that FDR allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor, that Truman didn't bat an eyelash when he dropped two Atomic bombs on Japan and who knows what else.

In the land of Obama, Obama is always right and Clinton is always wrong. There is now clinical psychological term for this. It is called Clinton Deranged Syndrome or CDS. Maybe the Clinton Health Plan will cover it because the Obama one will certainly not. It leaves out at least 15 million people and costs more to boot per new insured. Now that's bright. $4,200 per new uninsured under Obama and no universal coverage and $2,300 per new uninsured under Clinton's universal plan. Paul Krugman noted this and guess what suddenly after 10 years of being adored he is suddenly a personna non grata. Elizabeth Edwards notes that she too prefers the Clinton plan and people on Daily Kos have the temerity to ask why doesn't she just go ahead and die already. Yup that sort of loving feeling is bound to win her and us over.

They are digging their own grave. And probably ours as well. They fail to see that in they obsession you are dividing the Democratic Party. And rather than showing prudence and judgment they demonstrate nothing but hatred and ignorance. They fail realize that some people may actually be offended by Obama's remarks. Some Americans actually are. Consider that as a possibility.

Clinton is not perfect. But Obama ain't god either.

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I think you very eloquently covered just about everything a lot of have been thinking and saying. Thanks.

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So far Obama destroyed the progressive movement by returning it, after a hiatus of more than 50 years, to the cult of personality Stalin style.

So far Obama almost guaranteed with his hoodlumss the destruction of the Democratic party as we know it and, in particular, Obama guaranteed with his poisonous, arrogant and divisive campaign that McCain will be the next president.

I hope that after that, Obama's political career will be over.

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That is exactly the point. Thank you. We had a chance and he derailed us to the politics of personality.

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Hillary connects with the crowd in Crown Point, Indiana on Saturday night.

A jigger of Crown Royal, chased down with a frosty mug, says a lot more about being real in Greater Appalachia than throwing gutterballs while wearing a white shirt and a tie.


Good one, Senator.

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But phew! A boiler maker. Haven't had one of those in years! Yea Hillary!

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Obama ain't god

In my randomly selective opinion, everybody is god/the ineffable/cosmic muffin (as if my fellow Correntians haven't heard this from me about forty dozen times).

If Obama was/is a western, patriarchal kind of deity, that would only make things worse--he'd needlessly endanger social security and leave thousands to die from lack of healthcare. And ladies, you can kiss goodbye your (presumably) sacred sovereignty over your own body. Oh, wait, that is the direction he'd take us. Never mind. America needs a feel-good!


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That's keeping it real.

"It's like, duh. Just when you thought there wasn't a dime's worth of difference between the two parties, the Republicans go and prove you're wrong." - Molly Ivins (RIP)

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Corrente should be renamed "Progressive Blog 2.0"...

Remember when all the lefty blogs proudly put "reality-based" in their subtitle after Suskind's article. I think all of us (Corrente, The Confluence, Suburban Guerilla, Anglachel, etc...) should all put ""Progressive Blogosphere 2.0" (PB 2.0 for short)in our subtitles.

Because, truly, at this point, we are in a completely different universe!

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Obama's supporters and the 24/7 mainstream Obama propaganda machine, I'm so sick of this guy and his soap opera campaign that I'm really thinking about moving to Canada if by some miracle he gets elected. I couldn't stand to see his face and listen to his voice for 4-8 years. I've been at that point with Bush for a long time, but to have to put up with a democrat I despise the next 8 years is more masochism than I can take.