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Murder by spreadsheet


One the left, per capita spending. On the right, lifespan. For us, the left side of the chart shows how much money the murderers in the health insurance industry make by successfully denying us care. On the right, the chart shows how these murderers have shortened our lives.

I hadn't seen Sicko until recently, when a friend lent me the DVD. "Murderers" isn't a rhetorical exaggeration. Watch the movie: It's the plain and simple truth. Too bad that the murderers were able to buy off both parties, the press, and the "progressive" access bloggers with all the money they stole. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

NOTE Via Baseline Scenario.

UPDATE Hey, whaddaya know. All the thick lines slant up. Look at the legend, and that shows you that more doctors visits lead, on the average, to longer lives. Guess that makes those clowns doing the Dartmouth Study murderers too. Quelle surprise.

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countries like Great Britain and Spain, with their socialized medical systems.

I'm also very surprised to see how often the Japanese go to the doctor. I was under the impression that their lower spending stemmed mostly from a healthier lifestyle than was typically found in the West, which cut down on the need for doctor's visits.

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the Japanese have proportionately the most elderly population of any country. I suspect number of doctors' visits there reflects that rather than an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Reporter goes to the UK, japan, Germany, Taiwan, Canada, France and dissects each country's health care system. Taiwan had our system and decided to change. It only took a few years to change. We can do it. Yes we can.

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The horror stories are about people who *have* our glorious "uniquely American" care. I say worth noting, because one could read the chart and think the key thing wrong with America's "solution" is the lack of universality, whereas it's the reliance on parasitic murderers... if you're fortunate enough to be able to afford them.

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The horror stories are about people who *have* our glorious "uniquely American" insurance.