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Nancy Grace: Making It Fit the Frame

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You really should read this interesting piece on Nancy Grace.

Because of what happened in Georgia, Ms. Grace has said over and over, she knows firsthand how the system favors hardened criminals over victims. It is the foundation of her judicial philosophy, her motivation in life, her casus belli.

And much of it isn’t true.

Nancy Grace was engaged to a man named Keith Griffin. He was murdered in Georgia. And the man who killed him is serving a life sentence. In that, Ms. Grace’s version lines up with the official records from the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, newspaper articles from the time of the murder, and interviews with many of those involved in the case.

But those same sources contradict Ms. Grace when it comes to other salient facts of the crime and the trial—the facts that form the basis of Ms. Grace’s crusade against an impotent, criminal-coddling legal system.

The article traces Grace's interesting distortions of her own life story.

This whole thing may not even be conscious on her part but this a wonderful example of someone who is conveniently making the facts of her own life fit the narrative she so often tells about herself and her life.

However, while we all may remember things in certain ways and retell our own stories in certain self-interested ways, we all don't write books about them in which we proclaim that the stories are true. The fact that Grace has apparently written a book (although I assume she had a ghostwriter who really wrote it) with false stories in them about herself raises all sorts of questions about her journalistic judgement.

Furthermore, we also all don't go on talkshow after talkshow after talkshow retelling this story and attesting to its truthfulness even though we probably knew we were "smoothing the facts out" to fit our narrative. To do this over and over and over is nothing short of lying, it's mendacity, and it's dishonest, thus raising even more questions about Grace's journalistic judgement.

To sum up, unlike Grace, you and I also aren't members of the media who claims to be committed to telling the truth. Therefore we can continue to tell our own stories in our self-interested ways -- but Grace can't. She should be telling the truth about herself now and should've been doing so from the moment she became an official member of the media.

I suspect her story just grew and grew and got more grandiose with every telling and, as she built her television career, she felt to admit that she was stretching the truth would severely damage her credibility and perhaps harm her career.

And now, years later, the bubble has burst and the distortions have finally been revealed. The justice system worked for Nancy Grace. The perpetrator of this awful crime was immediately caught, confessed, and was sent away to prison and hasn't ever appealed his conviction.

Do I expect anything to happen to Nancy Grace? Of course not. In this amoral media culture of celebrity and gasbag punditry, Nancy Grace is a star, so she'll keep on running her mouth and retelling this story.

But you and I don't have to believe her. I mean, honestly folks, if Grace can't tell the truth about her own life, why should we trust anything she tells us?

Grace reminds me of an ex-relation-in-marriage of mine who used to spin these incredible tales about herself. She'd keep telling grandiose lie on top of grandiose lie until the whole house of cards of lies collapsed. I'd like to tell you that this ex-relation of mine learned her lesson but she hasn't. She still does it. She tells embarrassing whoppers all these years later. Like Grace, she's even had a few stories based on these whoppers published -- but, fortunately, I happen to know the truth.

I wouldn't trust a single word she says now.

The same goes for Nancy Grace.

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