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Nation Waiting For Protesters To Clearly Articulate Demands Before Ignoring Them- The Onion

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One trend that has disturbed me over the last few years is the steady destruction of the journalistic infrastructure of our country.

The WaPo used to be my great source of news information; now it is a useless conservative tabloid.

Jon Stewart's show used to be considered comedy; now it is one of, if not the, most trusted sources of news in the US.

I'm now starting to see this dynamic with the Onion.

For example, this prophetic classic from 10 years ago:

At it's initial publication, it was probably funny. To read it now is eerily depressing.

Which brings us to the latest piece of faux satire, in relation to the Occupy protests, specifically the reaction to it. It's undoubtedly the most accurate analysis of the pundit talk I've ever read, ironically.

Nation Waiting For Protesters To Clearly Articulate Demands Before Ignoring Them
OCTOBER 12, 2011 | ISSUE 47•43

NEW YORK—As the Occupy Wall Street protest expands and grows into a nationwide movement, Americans are eagerly awaiting a list of demands from the group so they can then systematically disregard them and continue going about their business, polls showed this week.

"The protesters need to unify around a shared agenda with precise policy goals so I can begin paying no attention to them whatsoever," said Tulsa, OK poll respondent Kaye Petrachonis, echoing the thoughts of millions across the country.

"If they don’t have a clear power structure organized around specific demands first, then I'll never be able to completely tune them out due to a political conflict of interest or an inability to comprehend complex, detailed economic concepts. These people really need to get their act together."

Once Occupy Wall Street has a concrete set of objectives in place, the majority of Americans said they would go back to waiting for the sluggish economy to recover while blindly accepting things the way they are.

I hope they are wrong, but they never are.

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