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Naturally, there's no quid pro quo involved


(Thanks to Ryan Singel at Wired for the excellent charts and analysis.)

I mean, a quid pro quo would imply that Rockefeller (D-Widdler) was completely in the tank for Bush, and was willing to sell out the Constitution and the rule of law by granting retroactive immunity to the telcos, and all for a piddling $25,000.

A quid pro quo would also imply that the Democrat Party had learned nothing from the disgusting fiasco of the K-Street project except how to shove the Republicans aside and suck on the corporate teat themselves.

And we all know none of that's true, so move along, people, move along! There's no story here.

NOTE Kudos to Senator Dodd for his principled stand for the Constitution and against the telcos. reward good behavior.

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Hey! I thought the Rockefellers were rich!

I can buy Jay for just 25 grand?

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And the thing is, the corporations that use 'em already have their disease.

This is the only excuse I have for why I vote DINOcrat over Rethuglican.

The DINOcrats steal a few thousand here, a few thousand there, and act really guilty. The Rethuglicans steal billions and kill millions without batting an eye.

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