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The New York Times Hates Women

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Echidne has long kept her eye on the New York Times, showing time and time again that it peddles misogyny. Not that there's anything new about the Times hating women. To kick the new year off right, Echidne has started a series designed to show exactly how much the New York Times does, indeed, hate women. Her first installment, called appropriately enough The New York Times Hates Women, Part I., takes on today's NYT's article about military wives taking striptease lessons:

That's what is angering me about the article: Its blind acceptance of the idea that military wives owe the country the provision of professional sexual services, its ignorance of the real reasons why military marriages are in trouble (hint: war and killing and long absences). The writer doesn't put any of this into perspective, never doubts the point of this strip-tease therapy, never asks what these women really need. It's all guy-centered and women are the things guys fuck. If they don't feel like fucking, it's the women's fault and they must try harder.

As Violet notes, this could easily be a thousand part series. There is that much misogyny to work with at the Grey Lady.

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