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Newshour Acknowledged Tonight Obama Getting Anger from the Left

I was in the other room and was just catching drifts of the broadcast so I apologize for sketchiness but it got me riled.

One pundit acknowledged that there was "disappointment" on the part of the Left toward Obama... though he wouldn't go as far as to say "disillusionment." SAY IT, D*MN IT!!! DISILLUSIONMENT!!!!

Then a female voice oozing with patronization assured Jim Lehrer "No one can perform magic. Not even Barack Obama!" PULLLLLLEEEEEZE!!!! Infantilization of us left fringers always ranting about morality.

Wow. I get cyber sense and then I turn on MSM and feel farther and farther disenfranchised.

Tch, tch, poor Dems ... looking bad for 2010. As if they have nothing to do with such bad fortune.

Maybe Dodd and Dorgan get the rage that is out there re colossal amorality and sell outs!

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I don't think we need them any more.

Of course, that doesn't mean we can't selectively support some Democrats.

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Submitted by kerril on

Seriously, magic?
To use your position as the head of one of the superpowers to make the existence of your people better? that requires magic?
Maybe interest, concern, knowledge, compassion, empathy...
WTF? This idiot acts like he has no influence at all. George Bush must have been some sort of comic book superhero to get done what he wanted to do.
I have obviously underrated George Bush.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Bush got exactly what he wanted because he realized that only civilized people have to follow the rules and customs of society, and he obviously wasn't civilized.

It's like my signature- the creed of the assassins. You can reach a point where every law and principle and guideline is utterly disavowed, and you attain supreme freedom of action. This can be liberating, but also horribly destructive, not just for yourself but for all those around you. For Bush, nothing was true and everything was permitted, and he broke the world with it.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

thanks, jj! I read the Bush Tragedy. Re Bush, I see us as a country at the mercy of Bush the boy, who did deserve sympathy, but that twisted boy-man -- we needed protection from his monstrousness -- his dysfunctional and grotesque reaction formation to his parents and that family system. And his dysfunctional being as leader, did harm, and was also manipulated for harm by other willful monsters.

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Submitted by kerril on

It's also possible he thought he was doing the right thing. And did it.
Now Obama should know what the right thing is according to his lights. He's supposedly a democrat. Believes that the people's welfare matters. He's a duly elected representative of we the people. A healthy, prosperous and free people should be his priority. Bush had his priorities, Obama has his priorities based on the party he chose to run on. If it takes running with the "true" he has an obligation to do it.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I think what I find so crazymaking is the more enlightened I get on what is happening in the world and the politicization of practically everything, and corporatism unbridled ... and then to only see the truth on the tube so rarely, like with Bill Moyers.

I watch Charlie Rose, NewsHour ... and I hear such skewed bias presented as the rational.

Obama stuff... there is such cronyism happening now with the media and the party in power. And Obama as brand ... he listens hard to image-making tv, harder than to the citizens.

I hear so rarely about the Single Payer movement on tv and radio, even seemibg liberal radio, I hear so rarely about the progressives who are frustrated with Obama, tea baggers get the spotlight with protest or the big Republican whale (so says R Maddow) Dick Cheney ... but when they do mention the far left .. it is all about how too bad they are being so annoying to Obama's game plan... there is no moral perspective or paraphrasing what the issues are, except an impatient dismissal of bad bad bad ideology and equating moralists on the left with wingnuts on the right. Though maybe it is not getting worse, I am getting enlightened, considering those nice charitable mega-corporations funding NewsHour, Rose, etc. What do I expect.

When the Bush bastids were in command, we coiuld assume there was a moral underdog in place with the Dems, but that has been revealed as an illusion. Nader was so very very right back in 2000 when he said both parties were bought and owned by corporations.

Clinton played footsie with the corps as is Obama now. Amorality continues.

Obama has slowed down spiritual and social progress by being a mirage.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

I love how the left always forgets a very basic point re: the Clinton presidency. He lost Congress in large part because he tried and/or succeeded in doing the uber conservative things like raising taxes on the top marginal rate folks, institute an assault weapons ban, get health care for everyone, and allow gays in the military. After the loss of the Dem Congress, Clinton single handedly stopped the GOP from instituting some really liberal economic measures. Fucking conservative bastard!

Fucking corporate loving Clinton didn't give a shit about the people. Really, what good is 22 million jobs while *raising taxes and demolishing a GOP myth (higher taxes = economic doom)*? People--particularly minorities--finally developing a positive net worth is so damn conservative.

[Serious] I still think Nader was wrong. As much as Clinton coddled the corporations, he didn't give constant Fuck Yous to the people. He gave them deliverables: higher wages, the ability to save, some semblance of economic security, SCHIP, Family and Medical Leave, etc. Gore never ever intimated privatizing social security. In fact, the whole "fiscal responsibility" from Clinton-Gore was to make sure that no one could use SS as a wedge. Now, Obama dogwhistles SS privatization. I think those are real, not insignificant differences between then and now. And Cliinton was pretty much back stabbed by his fellow Democrats on policy, but not really in a good way.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I am in my own shock and awe with the profound f*ckovers of corporatism.

I am not informed enough re Clinton's role to give you a robust discussion, gq, sorry, maybe at some point, but did he have to play at least headwaiter, too, to the plutocracy? NAFTA? I am catching up with history. West Wing sells they have to be pragmatic but our party hero dirties but never loses his soul. Oy vey. "I had to sell my soul to fulfill my soul " That seems to be the M.O.

I watched Hillary in NY embrace the Israel-lobby support and ramp up her militarism to be senator.

With all the dirty compromising cronyism, the DENIAL and rationalizations, the boiling of frog consciences, must be happening.

Obama doesn't even try to explain his betraying flipflops. Such arrogance. Audacity, indeed. He is like the nouveau rich who have a particular contempt for the poor. That is how he sees the working class. Yet his branding belies that, and people will cling to denial and run from the knowledge of betrayal as long as possible.

Submitted by jawbone on

Here's the URL for NewsHour recent programs; transcripts aren't usually up until 24 hours after broadcast, per site. I'm too busy to go through the seemingly pertinent segments right now.

However, disappointment on the left has been pointed out recently fairly frequently, often with approval that Obama is pissing off libs and progressives. And that makes him a "serious person."

Had he supported real health CARE reform, for example, that would mean he is not worthy of being considered a "serious person" by the elites and MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media). But dissing libs and progs? Whoohoo@ He's one of them.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Jawbone, I am sorry I shot from the hip with emotion and not specifics re the broadcast. My home computer not strong enough for videos right now. Will respond from work tomorrow night on that computer, going through your convenient link and then respond. Thanks. :)

Obama's growing and successful efforts at cronyism with the elite, his commitment to not demand accountability and reward bribery, is clear from the MSM news coverage, his apologists' pool is gaining momentum, as the cronyism gets the kabuki "validation" among the political, awesomely corrupted or at best opportunistic class members. Obama may well prove the king of post-partisanship. Both parties have committed crimes of amorality and Obama will unite them and engender cronyism by selling out the constitution, the law, the citizenry. It is heartbreaking and unforgivable.

Truth to Obamarama power, raw ambition and opportunism, is ignored and disrespected. Obama is a parallel in seducing MSM as they seduce citizenry. Political class members can be guppies or pirhanna. Cronyism keeps them as guppies for now, cowardly and amoral guppies. Cronies all think they can thwart truth to power once again.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Newshour link for jawbone.

Dan Balz of Washington Post and Jessica Tuchman Mathews of Carnegie Endowment were the two people I referred to as apologists for Obama.

DAN BALZ: .... So, he has that challenge that he has to deal with. The challenges or the criticism that he's getting from the left, I think, are in part a function of a kind of a disappointment. Disillusionment is too strong a word. But he is a victim in some ways of expectations that ran way beyond what he was able to do or could be expected to do.

There are people on the left who, because of his big victory a little more than a year ago, thought that things would change and change very quickly, and that they would change in a very progressive way on policy.

Now, many of the things that he is pushing have been and continue to be near and dear to the liberals' agenda. But he is prepared to compromise to get some of those things through, the public option in the health care bill being perhaps the most symbolically significant of those.

And when he does those things, there is disappointment on the left, and so he gets criticized in that way.


JESSICA TUCHMAN MATHEWS: There was a feeling that, somehow, he could make magic. And not even Barack Obama can make magic.

There's making magic and there's selling out, imho!