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No Orange Jumpsuits for Banksters, but Arrests for Customers

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This one is outrageous, and going viral already. At a Citibank in Greenwich Village in Manhattan, 24 people--including a customer in a business suit--were arrested this afternoon for trying to close their accounts. Action starts @ 1:37. Note the undercover cop who suddenly grabs the woman and lifts her off her feet, handing her off to the white shirt cop.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

I mean - they actually took the women into the bank...was she inside before and they wanted her back there?

I can't with until November 5th when lots of us do the same thing that these people were doing.

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Submitted by MsExPat on

According to the report, they charged 24 people with criminal trespass, and one of the 24 additionally got slapped with resisting arrest.

What I find extra-reprehensible in this video is the role of the undercover cop. The woman was grabbed under the arms and literally hoisted into the air by a strange unidentified man in a sweatshirt with no ID. I would have kicked and bit and tried to hit him.

I don't know the legal grounds for police brutality but I'd say she's got a very strong case. Coyotecreek, you're a lawyer, what do you think?

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Submitted by Jeff W on

The Guardian account is here.

“‘YOU WERE INSIDE!’ they shout.”

And where exactly is one supposed to be, if she‘s closing her account?

I’d surmise that Citibank attorneys are poring over that video at this very moment.

[Red, Green and Blue characterizes this incident as “the stupidest public relations move in corporate history,” which doesn't seem a far stretch.]