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Obama Hagiography Watch: David Maraniss

Kim Il-Sung

Dear Lord:

President Obama's speech last night in Newtown, Connecticut, was instantly praised as a classic, the kind of sweeping rhetorical accomplishment a nation in need of some comfort craved. New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza, typically a level-headed observer of the Oval Office, called it possibly "the finest speech Obama has ever given," while Spike Lee hailed the remarks as "one of the greatest presidential speeches in the history of the U.S." Former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett wrote, "This is a rending, beautiful, tragic speech by President Obama and hopefully it's a turning point."

But none went so far as David Maraniss, author of this year's biography Barack Obama: The Story, who declared, "People will long remember* what Barack Obama said in Newtown ... his Gettysburg address ... " And Maraniss meant it.

Obama's speech: Greatest Speech Ever Given By A United States President? Or Greatest Speech Ever Given By A Sentient Being In The Entire Galaxy, Ever? I think I know the answer, and so do you, if you know what's good for you.

NOTE * "... the world will little note nor long remember ...." Get it? Nudge nudge.