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Nancy Pelosi sells us out

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Nancy Pelosi Predicts 'Democrats Will Stick With The President' On Fiscal Cliff Deal

"Well, there is a lot of understandable resistance to the chained CPI idea," Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "I think people are upset with that provision, but they want to see the overall agreement. I think everyone wants to see the final package and then weigh in."

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Submitted by athena1 on

Really, the entire democratic party has been incrementally, pragmatically selling us out for decades. I wonder how Alan Grayson will respond and vote.

Submitted by jawbone on

Pelosi says she "could live with the" chained CPI.

So could everyone if they had her wealth.


BTW, it seems we're on to Step 3 of <a">6 Steps for Dems to Sell Out Their Base..

As in, lib/prog Dem states X will pass only over Dem's dead body, but the the ol' switcheroo comes and said Dem now says, with great sorrow, that Dems must support Dear Leader bcz R's are nasty and unyielding, yada, yada.  Worked for public option, right?



Submitted by Hugh on

I tried to find a figure for Pelosi's wealth.  Like many of the rich, it is as hard to pin down as a white feather in a blizzard.  Opensecrets estimated in 2010 there her minimum net wealth was just $6 million but the maximum for it was $196 million.  Of the various politicians I looked at, none had such a wide discrepancy in the estimates.  Googling produced various other figures: $25 million, $35 million, $58 million.  I think the $6 million is bogus.  The likelihood is her fortune is in the tens of millions and she will have a generous pension from her time in the House after she retires.  Put simply, she is part of the 1%.  She belongs to the classes of the rich and the elites.  Social Security doesn't mean a damn thing to her.  If she had only Social Security's average payment of $13,000/yr to live on, like half of seniors do, she would be manning the barricades and throwing paving stones.  But she's set.  She's got hers and fuck the rest of us. 

This is completely unsurprising.  The Democrats and the Republicans are both corporatist parties serving the interests of the looters rich and powerful.  It is never a question of if they are going to betray us, but how and how much.  You have to remember that this is at least Obama's third effort to go after Social Security.  Even if we are lucky enough to escape cuts in this round, Obama has 4 years.  He will try again, and Democrats like Pelosi will be there to help him as they always are. 

In this regard, we need to stop paying attention to the individuals: Pelosi said this (boo!) and Durbin said that (Yay!)  and look at it in class terms.  As a class, our rich and elites are out to get us, and loot us until there is nothing left.  We would not even be having this debate now if it was any other way. 

Submitted by YesMaybe on

Here's what Joe Bageant had to say on the topic:

They make enough dough to at least fake it until they make it. Fifty-one of the 100 members of the US Senate are at the very least millionaires -- probably more than that, since multi-million million dollar residences and estates are exempt from the official tally. For instance in the House, Nancy Pelosi's net worth is either $13 million, or $92 million, depending upon who is counting. Why they bother to shave such large numbers is a mystery. Thirteen million, ninety two million, the difference is not gonna change our opinion of Nancy. Our opinion being that the broad is loaded. More than loaded. The comparatively poor members of Congress, like Barney Frank, are near millionaires. His publicly declared net worth is $976,000. For the life of me, I cannot see how they get by.

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Submitted by Cujo359 on

That vagueness has a lot to do with the standard forms they fill out for declaring their worth. They mostly break things down to an order of magnitude, as in "do you own $100,000 of this stock, or $1,000,000?" I looked into some Senator's wealth declaration once upon a time, and seeing that clarified things for me.