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Chained CPI a feint?


Social Security checks aren't the only thing indexed to inflation, tax bracket thresholds are as well. So when the federal government switches to the C-CPI-U, households will "creep" upwards into higher brackets a bit faster than they otherwise would. This raises about $60 billion in the relevant scoring window, but the White House doesn't want to count that $60 billion in the math perhaps because they don't want to draw attention to the fact that this—yes—violates their much-repeated pledge to never raise a dime of tax revenue for the non-rich. I've been saying that was a dumb pledge for years, so I don't mind. But it is what it is.

Well, Obama's capable of betraying anybody, so he could throw "the middle class" under the bus along with elders, the poor, and working people, no question.


That said, it's hard to imagine even Obama and even the Democrats wrecking their 2014 and 2016 branding -- they and especially Warren planning to "defend the middle class" -- with a policy whose effects will be visible one, two, three, and four IRS Form 1040s before an election. Look how they phased in ObamaCare; low hangng fruit first, collect those slivers of the electorate, punt on cost, punt on the uninsured, do collect, do pass Go. Chained CPI doesn't look like it issued from that brains trust.

Maybe they'll revert to gutting Medicare after all! Since that demographic vored, in the main, for Romney, fuck 'em if they can't take a joke! Hard choices...



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Medicare. I mean, Obama has only been talking about that goal since at least 2007. Somehow I think it was part of his pitch to his early Wall Street backers.

I can easily see Obama allowing this simply to get his much desired Republican Senate, which will make it so much easier to ram through his Corporatist agenda.

Leveraged buyout of Dem Party, hollowing out of the worthwhile parts, then letting it disintegrate. Well on his way to accomplishing his Destroy D Party goal.

Baining of not only SocSec, but also the Dem Party. What more could Wall Street want?

I am sick and tired to having to spend end of year time, my solstice holidays, worrying about the ostensible Dem selling out the principles of the Dem Party.  Those that still remain....

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They're pretty openly stating via WaPo that they're seeking an additonal $1 trillion in entitlement cuts, which will probably be Medicare/cade.