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Non-violence commitments at OccupyChicago and OccupyMarines

OccupyChicago home page:

Occupy Chicago is a nonviolent nonpartisan people’s movement. We welcome all, who, in good faith, act to reclaim our economy and democracy from corruption and corporate influence in government. We provide a forum for peaceful assembly of individuals to engage in participatory democracy and non-partisan debate that welcomes dissent.

Simple, straightforward.

OccupyMarines (and if non-violence is good enough for the Marines):

OccupyMARINES Non-Violent Demonstration Disclaimer
OccupyMARINES Support In Its Entirety The OWS 8 Guidelines For Peaceful Demonstrations And Will Not Condone Any Violation Of The 8 Guidelines Present Within Our Website. OccupyMARINES Asks All Who Are In Support Of OWS, Our Mission, Our Message; Read, Understand, And Act Accordingly By The OWS 8.

If you want to watch a Violence Advocate go into full jello-to-the-wall mode, ask them why what's good enough for the Marines and Chicago isn't good enough for them? Of course, the discourse may evolve, but that question will do for now.

NOTE See here from Affinis.

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