If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Not only do they have to shit in a bucket, they have to bring it down the stairs themselves."

Nice metaphor with general application! However, it's referring to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Coney Island, far from the very few Manhattan penthouses Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg gives two shits about.

I'd like, however, to lay down a marker:

From the Barcalounger:

There are well-known institutional pathologies and organizational behaviors that the humanitarian crisis model is subject to. Almost necessarily, the causes of whichever crisis are never addressed. I'm not sure that either model is the way for Occupy to head, although I should caveat that Occupy has been very, very smart and creative about institutional issues so far. That said, massive PR win and, like, actually helped people.

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Interesting! I was just noticing how little coverage Staten Island and NJ are getting now that Sandy isn't news anymore. Just like no one mentions Haiti or the fact that people are still living in tents, 2.5 years later. But Coney Island??? I didn't even realize it was hit.

Those poor people, to just abandon them that way -- unbelievable. Or not. Now it's just standard operating procedure. Before long, the pundits will be blaming the victims for living on an island, the way they blamed people in New Orleans for living below sea level. Anything to avoid talking about why this happened.

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organized teams are starting on top floors of the NYCHA (NYC Housing Authority) highrises, knocking on every door, getting supplies needed, checking health of people in the apartments (One audio had a check on a guy whose wife was trying to care for him; the decision of hospital...or hospice for him.), noting conditions.

But, where are the generators? The electric systems checks? The people to fix the boilers for heat?

Mayor Mike was not prepared for the massive number of people affected, much as he tried to sound as if he got the possible size of the hit on the city. There were no plans evident for systematic care and repair. And the numbers are huge as to those affected.