If you have "no place to go," come here!

Now I can die happy

Because my work here is done. Technorati thinks we're on the A-list. [Sings: "We're on the A list!" (tune at left)]

A-List Blogger

Fuck ! Bookers, cable weasels, you may contact our agent by leaving a note with bartender "Geoff" at the wet bar in the Fellows Lounge. The password is "specimen jar."

And before I forget:

Hey, George! You out there?

Why is my check late every month?

NOTE Via the extremely supportive Avedon, linking to an old Lance Manion post, a rethink of the old "Why are there no women bloggers?" permathread, which has turned into the question... Well, I'm not sure what it has turned into.

I guess I'd pose a new question:

Why are there so few women, men, black, white, young, old, poor, gay, straight, poor and less poor bloggers* working together? Like at Corrente?

* Plus Chauncy, of course.

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chicago dyke's picture
Submitted by chicago dyke on

actually, i'm just being naughty. this really is an accomplishment, lb. in the blogosphere, at least. kudos to you and all of the correntian collective. our readers deserve the credit. thank you!

Sarah's picture
Submitted by Sarah on

properly on a regular basis; having said that, though, I do believe Corrente has some of not just the best writers but the most interesting stories to come out of the vast left weblog universe.