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NPR Kills Antiwar Coverage and Concludes There's No Antiwar Movement

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My previous post on NPR Check showed the disproportionate and favorable coverage that a puny rally of 100-200 Tea Party rightwingers generates on NPR. So what happened when, this past March, hundreds of anti-war protesters showed up at the White House and over 100 were arrested - including Daniel Ellsberg? On NPR, the public news outlet for the Ministry of Truth, it never happened. And what about when 27 anti-SOA protesters are arrested after a march of 100-200. Want to guess where that one goes on NPR? Memory hole again. All right, so maybe hundreds just doesn't show up on the radar when you're busy bootlicking the far right; how about thousands marching against war? Are you ready?

Yep, NPR goes 0 for 3 when it comes to antiwar activism, even when it includes very large numbers, committed civil disobedience and large arrests.

FAIR has just done a great job pointing this out and suggests that you sign their petition. I have to add that NPR takes the general media's blackout of antiwar activism to a truly perverse level - not only do they newsbag the important stories of antiwar activism - they have the gall to take their own erased-news as evidence of a dead antiwar movement and pass it off as journalism.
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Alas, April 17:

Hell Boyles Over:  (Not really.)  Click here to listen or download, beginning at 2:00 PM San Francisco time.  This Sunday (April 17th), Cindy presents one hellaciously illuminating show, featuring popularly demanded Professor Francis Boyle, who refuses to buy the common brown, squishy and stinky "party line" proffered by our ruling class, or corporatocracy.  (See his Faculty profile here.)  He wants WORLD PEACE!  The man speaks good sense.  He PREFERS logic and truth - a very serious "character defect," which can cost an adherent profoundly in terms of popular acceptability.  (Non-"official" viewpoints completely disqualify one from being a "serious" and relevant pundit.)  No; the real truth about this show is that Professor Boyle's Integrity boils over.  He and Cindy discuss the Democratic Party's immense skills at co-opting social movements that might be effective.  Both agree that today our Peace Movements are mostly front organizations for the Democratic party.  Dr. Boyle totally endorses the honesty & sincerity of people at the grassroots level in these organizations - but he does have grave doubts about the National leadership of such groups.  concurring with Cindy, he explicitly cites "Uniting for Peace and Justice" and "" as working to keep the Peace Movement inactive and ineffective.  One real gem of wisdom is their parallel observations that "Obama is a "gift to the ruling class," in that they can further their objectives quicker with him than they could with Bush, who lost so much popular support in the country.  (One could regard Obama as the black "velvet glove" on the "iron fist" of the U.S. Empire.) Anyway, please be sure to use the "Click here" link above, and check out Francis's talk with Cindy!  Plus, get your very own copy of Two-Time Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Major General Smedley Butler's woefully still not famous speech: "War is a Racket."  And then, please do go read itYes - We're still keeping our very special video for mothers:  Click on Smedley's picture (on the right) to watch Smedley's very own special message, "Now You Mothers."  (I wonder just what would Smedley think of enforcing no-fly zones in Libya?  What would he say about "protecting" Libyan civilians by killing Libyan civilians, the way NATO did?)