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Obama Appreciation Day

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Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity" provides "progressives" with an opportunity to fancy themselves more reality-based than their tribal opposites.

It would be churlish on this day when "Obama inauguration gear made it back out of the closet" to expect Democrats to take note of the president's remarkable record of delivering on the red-state agenda.

To accentuate the positive, perhaps Republicans can take the day to count their blessings.

They have a president who's fighting the courts in order to continue DADT, who opposes gay marriage because "god's in the mix," and who expanded the faith-based initiatives program. A president who's ordered two (count 'em, two) surges in Afghanistan and countless incursions into other Middle East countries. A president who traded down the goal of closing Guantánamo to relocating it... and hasn't even done that. A president who "legalized" assassination of American citizens. A president who coddles corporations. A president who simultaneously made the Heritage Foundation's 1993 healthcare plan and the formerly temporary Hyde Amendment the law of the land. A president who created a commission to raid entitlements and staffed it full of conservatives.

Today, then, is a day when both major parties can celebrate. Democrats can savor their cultural superiority, and Republicans can celebrate their policy wins. There's something for everyone in Obama's America!

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when there's so much to look forward to? Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker:

In the next few months, President Obama, who has publicly pledged that his Administration will protect openness and privacy on the Internet, will have to make choices that will have enormous consequences for the future of an ever-growing maze of new communication techniques: Will America’s networks be entrusted to civilians or to the military? Will cyber security be treated as a kind of war?

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... though the press is capturing more and more shots of him without one. But still the pal of Oprah. Razzle dazzle continues. And why is Rachel swilling all that kool-aid!!!????