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Obama: Drone strikes don't come under the War Powers Act

Foreign Policy has an interesting article on drones that contains this nugget:

In the Libya conflict, the administration invoked the drones to create a new legal precedent. Under the War Powers Resolution, the president must receive congressional authorization for military operations within 60 days. When the deadline approached in May, the administration announced that because NATO strikes and drones were carrying out the bulk of the missions, no serious threat of U.S. casualties existed and no congressional authorization was needed. "It's changed the way politicians talk about what should be the most important thing that a nation engages in," said Peter W. Singer, a Brookings Institution researcher. "It's changed the way we in the public deliberate war."

Whaddaya mean, "we"?

Like so much Obama does, worse than Bush.

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Submitted by tom allen on

Bush kicks you in the balls, Obama stabs you in the back. One destroys a country with fire, the other with finesse. Too bad there's not a third choice.

Except, of course, there is.

Submitted by lambert on

... I'd rather be kicked in the balls than stabbed in the back. For one thing, it's harder to react when you can see your opponent. For another, being kicked in the balls is painful, but being stabbed in the back can kill you!

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Submitted by jest on

Too bad there's not a third choice.

Except, of course, there is.