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Obama ends the Mexico City Policy

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"President Barack Obama has signed an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that perform abortions or provide information on the option...

...Obama signed it quietly, without coverage by the media, late on Friday afternoon, a contrast to the midday signings with fanfare of executive orders on other subjects earlier in the week."

His first Friday night dump as president.
How progressive.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Friday dump or not, it was the right thing to do. Heck, if he has a lot of Friday dumps that are liberal, I'll be happy.

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Submitted by Sarah on

and rumor has it he didn't do it yesterday in the interests of breaking the 'tradition' going back to Reagan:
Reagan gave the anti-choice forces the policy on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade as a symbol
Clinton reversed it on the anniversary as a statement to the Dems
Bush II reversed Clinton's order on the anniversary as a slap in the face to sensibility and a sop to his base.
Caro had a post on this earlier, but here's the link I'm basing my comment upon:

I think he meant that bit about supporting a woman's right to choose.
Heaven knows kicking up this fight again wouldn't substantially advance progressive policies, when signing without fanfare would both get the job done and dodge the pie-throwing.
Just MHO, of course. I'll take the "work done" over the "flashy PR" any day.

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Submitted by chezmadame on

debated, and addressed in the light of day.

To me what happened late this afternoon is a bit like inviting an openly gay bishop to give the blessing at an inaugaral event and then making sure as few people as possible heard him.

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Reagan used his executive control over abortion policy abroad as a way to keep the radical right on his side. The Friday evening throwaway makes me think Obama's doing the same in reverse for 'progressives'. Throw a bone to the yapping dogs, keep them quiet for a while.

Lest I be accused of having too little hope, the next few months will tell: Will he provide any sort of leadership to get Congress to reverse our domestic gag rule? To reverse the HHS 'conscience rule' regs? (I can't find a definitive answer to whether the cr rule falls under Obama's request to admin agencies to delay implementation of regs that came up in the last few months).

I'd be thrilled to see Obama start to be a leader in restoring reproductive rights to all women, but the Fri. night throwaway isn't a great sign.

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something for next Monday!" ... maybe that'll turn out to be it.

Look, I think he's trying to do the work. That maybe his methods aren't showboat, after all, might be a good thing.

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Count me in as happy enough.