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Obama has Plans for the TPP during the Lame Duck—Here's what you Need to Know

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President Obama is mobilizing a last-ditch effort to overcome opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and get it passed before leaving office. He is planning to present it to Congress just after the election so it can get a “no amendments allowed” yes or no vote, in accordance with the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) (“fast-track”) Act, during the lame duck.

In a lame duck session, members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate are least accountable to their constituents. So this is the most difficult time for opponents of the TPP to block its passage, and the easiest time for the President and the pro-TPP lobbyists to sell the deal to Senators and members of Congress.

How might opponents of the TPP defeat a final effort by Obama to pass it? Read the rest.

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I give less than zero fucks, I give negative fucks.

You actually fucking think that President Trump is going to "stop" this? Shit no. Not unless there's a buck in it for him. The Republican congress wants this and they are going to get it.

The time to stop this was all goddamn summer long, when the privileged, white, Berniebros were wetting themselves about fucking Hillary Clinton's fucking emails. Fuck that. White alt-left had the chance to come together to finally move the Overton Window just a little goddamn bit to the left, or at least wedge it in place, but the FUCKED IT.

This issue is a white person's issue. It is a privilege issue. Working black and hispanic and immigrant communities have dealt with NAFTA and globilization a shit ton more than all y'all put together. We (and I'm saying "we" now) would have worked on this before, but job one now is trying to figure out how not to get fucked by Trump and the alt-right terror squads that are sure as fuck on their way.

So, zero fucks given for "solidarity" on your TPP.

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Well, he certainly stopped it for the lame duck. But also, I don't think he'll be getting back to it next year either because Jeff Sessions and Bannon are both dead set against it. He's going to put together his own trade deals based purely on crony capitalism. As bad as they may be, they will be better than any deal with ISDS provisions in it.

Other than that I disagree with your post on Bernie Bros and other Clintonite crap, Clinton lost because she ran a a lousy campaign which exhibited too little concern and expressed policies to help the have-nots. That is all! That is the larger truth! She could have won in the face of all the shenanigans if she had put aside her neoliberal BS and promised 1) expanded Medicare for All; 2) a Federal Job Guarantee; and 3) expanded SS doubling payments over a period of three years. And don't you dare mention "how we gonna pay for it." Because you've read enough of my stuff to know that I know exactly how to pay for it and that she would too if she were not living in one big bubble. In case you need a reminder!

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Submitted by metamars on

I'm cautiously optimistic that the election of Trump has effectively killed the TPP. See The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, Schumer tells labor leaders @

See also "That Was Fast: Trump's Victory has Destroyed the TPP" @ , partly because the narrator/analyst brilliantly had predicted the election results, and with a mind-blowing amount of confidence, to boot. His takes, in other videos, on what to expect of a Trump Presidency accord with my own.

While the news may be good wrt TPP, I did see a horror story about Jamie Dimon being considered for Secretary of Treasury.