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Obama presser: The Big O, still lying on health care

Via transcript at Online WSJ:

[OBAMA] With respect to health care, what I said during the debate is the same thing I’m saying now and it’s the same thing I will say three or four years from now. Bending the cost curve on health care is hard to do. We’ve got hundreds of thousands of providers and doctors and systems and insurers. And what we did was we took every idea out there about how to reduce or at least slow the costs of health care over time.

You lie. The Obama administration censored and ridiculed the "little single payer advocates," and took single payer off the table from the beginning of the HCR process. And single payer would saved at least $350 billion a year (although, granted, would have given great offense to the administration's owners in the health insurance industry).

[OBAMA] But I said at the time, it wasn’t going to happen tomorrow, it wasn’t going to happen next year. It took us decades to get into a position where our health care costs were going up 6, 7, 10 percent a year. And so our goal is to slowly bring down those costs.

You lie. Here's the chart.


As we can see, Canadian health costs flattened immediately upon the adoption of single payer, and continued to increase more slowly thereafter. Obama's not stupid or ignorant, so he's lying.

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Submitted by Xavier Onassis on

I think they don't fear being hung at dawn as the traitors to the people and the country they are anymore. I think we should threaten to take them out to the middle of a big, high bridge, pull their pants down around their ankles, and have a long line of schoolchildren and their mothers pass by, whipping their naked keesters with snappy sticks for lying. It'd be the hit youtube vid of the century.

Having said that, i think WE are fools to keep innocently expecting them not to lie. It's just what wealthpower giants DO. Which is why i keep going to the root, trying to murder the idea to allow wealthpower giants on Earth.