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Obama swag is big business

That's too bad.

I'm still trying to sell the last of the plates I bought in 2008.

NOTE And, oh yeah, the Obama campaign is still calling people who buy campaign swag "small contributors." Jiggering the numbers as usual. Assholes.

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Submitted by jest on

I wish they sold Obama toilet paper. That way I could wipe my ass with him everyday.

I think I could see myself buying something like that, but even that's pushing it.

My condolences to your precious $20 that were innocently sacrificed in your moment of folly. The mistakes of our youth are hard to bear at times.

Submitted by lambert on

"Wanna buy an Obama commemorative plate? I'm selling 'em out out of the back of my car. Which is very convenient for me, since that's where I'm living."

[rimshot. laughter]

Try the veal!

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Submitted by jest on

Veal served on Obama plates is priceless. (i.e., Hamsher's Veal Pen reference)