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ObamaCare Clusterfuck

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06/15/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Narrow formularies used to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions
05/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Kayfabe continues, as Republicans fall in line with Democrats against single payer
05/28/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: If you want to control a Flexian infestation, don't leave food out in the open
05/27/14 ObamaCare Clustefuck: Be sure to record any conversations you have with your insurance company
05/23/14 Single Payer Groups Agree - Secret Trade Deals Are Stealth War On Real Affordable Health Care, Attempt to Void Democracy
05/17/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Medicare doesn't need a "CEO" because it's a simple, rugged, and effective single payer system, not an insanely complex Rube Goldberg device
05/08/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Sylvia Burwell, Obama's HHS nominee, pleases Republicans by ruling out single payer
05/02/14 Remembering the "Clinton - GOP Alliance" on NAFTA in the light of the "Obama - GOP alliance" to make public health care FTA-illegal
04/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Medical homelessness" in California
04/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: You won't be able to buy insurance year-round any more
04/30/14 Neoliberals' ideological agenda of forcing Americans into their impossible healthcare situation will cause massive, permanent damage to poorer Americans health and chances of future productivity, as well as accelerate health problems of aging
04/29/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: People can't find coverage that include their doctors or their drugs on the Exchange. Could that account for their unhappiness?
04/21/14 ObamaCare clusterfuck: Engineers, then and now
04/19/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: If you've got leukemia and good coverage, wait, and your policy will hit the lowest common denominator
04/18/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About the 8 million
04/17/14 ObamaCare: ObamaCare's mental health coverage
04/11/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrat hack Joan Walsh makes Ezra Klein look like a paragon of integrity
04/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama throws Sebelius under the bus, brings in a Rubinite
04/10/14 The bad actors in Washington can't even be original. Will the same-old 1994 good cop/bad cop scheme succeed again in 2014?
04/09/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Paul Krugman's TINA hackery on single payer becomes floridly delusional
04/04/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: NEJM: ObamaCare delays "appear to exceed the traditional scope of the President's enforcement discretion"
03/28/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Will there be double-digit price increases in 2015, or will there be even crappier plans?
03/28/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama claims 6 million sign-ups, but as usual the numbers are soft
03/26/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Jon Walker discovers that rentiers charge rent
03/26/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: I'm not the only one saying ObamaCare is like a maze for lab rats
03/25/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama relaxes the deadline for the individual mandate
03/25/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Is the individual mandate a dead letter law?
03/20/14 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Some premiums to double in 2014
03/20/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrats organize civil disobedience for Medicaid expansion (but not, of course, for single payer)
03/20/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: States seek wiggle room on March 31 deadline
03/20/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Eight-time loser Robert Shrum recommends that Democrats run on ObamaCare
03/14/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Unite Here: ObamaCare increases income inequality. So what's the plan?
03/14/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Enrollment numbers still circling the bowl: 7, 6, 5 ....
03/13/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ACA signups, a great site that shouldn't even exist
03/12/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama on "Between Two Ferns": He peddles the lie that ObamaCare is as cheap as a cellphone, and nobody checks the facts
03/12/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare enrollment rate drops in February
03/11/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare numbers continue soft, especially sign-ups of the newly insured
03/11/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: The only part that works is the part that isn't really ObamaCare: Medicaid expansion
03/11/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Indonesia, population 270 million, rolls out single payer system, 48% get free care
03/06/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About those penalties...
03/05/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Spinning the Medicaid numbers
03/05/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: SEIU launches another "Look! Over there! Anything Other Than Single Payer!" effort in California
03/05/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: “Keep your plan” fix to be prolonged until after the midterms
03/04/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Facing March 31 deadline, Enroll America's Anne Filipic catapults the propaganda
03/01/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: HillaryCare, the pre-quel
02/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CA legislator busted for corrupt dealing with hospital
02/17/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Never allow anybody to deduct anything from your bank automagically, ever
02/17/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Never allow anybody to deduct anything from your bank automagically, ever
02/15/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Michael Hiltzik, Consumer Reports on Medicaid clawback: "Trust us, and don't worry about a thing."
02/11/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama to delay employer mandate for another year
02/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Is there something about Democrats that caused five separate ObamaCare website debacles?
02/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Supplemental private insurance emerges to cover the high out-of-pocket costs of ObamaCare's insurance
02/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare not so affordable for families at three and four times the poverty line
02/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrat's claim that ObamaCare signed up 10 million rates 4 Pinocchios
02/10/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Louisiana insurerers refuse to accept payments from HIV/AIDS patients under Ryan White program
02/09/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: NH's Shea-Porter throws Obama under the bus on rollout
02/08/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Per beneficiary" limits a loophole insurance companies can drive a truck through?
02/08/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About those Medicaid numbers....
02/06/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Small problems from ObamaCare's lack of universality (small, if they're not your problems)
02/04/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CBO says ObamaCare will mean the loss of 2 million full time jobs by 2021
02/01/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in health-care rollout"
02/01/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare as Total Information Awareness
01/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Wellpoint gets the actuarial value right for the law its Flexian Vice President, Liz Fowler, framed
01/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Narrow networks and the Overton Window in NH
01/27/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Families with kids on Medicaid have trouble getting covered
01/24/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: White House adviser on health care, steps down to spend more time with his family
01/23/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Because Medicaid is so privatized, Medicaid expansion enriches heath insurances companies too
01/23/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Target throws part-timers onto the Exchanges, with $500 make-good payment
01/23/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Preventive testing isn't preventive care, and hospitals game testing payment too
01/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: After firing CGI Federal, administration hands Accenture a no-bid contract to fix the website backend, which isn't working yet
01/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Insurance companies wrote ObamaCare to try to freeze out co-ops (without complete success)
01/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Single payer advocacy in the great state of Maine
01/21/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: The only people buying insurance on the Exchanges are people who already have it
01/21/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama fucked up the Spanish-speaking site. It's late, and bad
01/20/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Randomly varying access to care, depending on whether you live in New Hampshire, or its neighbor, Vermont
01/18/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Don Berwick, Obama's former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid, puts single payer "on the table" as MA candidate for governor
01/11/14 Paul Krugman is wrong about Medicaid
01/05/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Spanish speakers left behind in California
12/30/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: The view from the supermarket
12/30/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: When small businesses throw employees onto the Exchanges, most are worse off
12/30/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Tips for People Who Have Had to Drop Medical (Not Health) Insurance Because of "Obamaffordability"
12/30/13 NY Docs Sue UnitedHealth for Dropping Docs from Med AdvNetworks
12/29/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Wellpoint cashes in from the law its Flexian VP, Liz Fowler, wrote
12/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Narrow networks and high deductibles aren't bugs. They're features
12/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Warning from Colorado: "[I]t is the responsibility of the patient (not the doctor) to check on the network status of their provider"
12/28/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Our HEARTLESS government is forcing people in states without Medicaid Expansion to apply for Medicaid
12/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Press coverage slowly coming to understand ObamaCare's high deductibles and co-pays
12/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Incrementalism predicted for 2014"
12/27/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: How ObamaCare's Medicare financial incentives make you you worse off if you're not already well off
12/26/13 "... if something terrible happens to my husband or me we can see the best doctors ..."
12/25/13 Christmas Day open thread
12/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ObamaCare not good enough for Obama to put his family on it
12/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Enrollments at 27% of projection
12/23/13 ObamaClusterfuck: Report from the field on Navigators in Missouri
12/21/13 Obamacare implementation as teachable moment
12/20/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Covered California's narrow networks threaten to inflict first casualty
12/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Microsoft exec to oversee Obamacare website
12/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Campaign 2014 begins as Obama invites insurance-selling "Moms" to Oval Office
12/16/13 I thought I'd never understand ObamaCare until I read these eleven words from a Washington Post columnist
12/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: I don't think this is the headline WaPo meant to write...