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ObamaCare Clusterfuck

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12/26/13 "... if something terrible happens to my husband or me we can see the best doctors ..."
08/13/13 "Teen Denied Transplant Over 'Noncompliance'"
11/01/13 1) Don't get sick. 2) And if you do get sick, 3)
10/25/13 ACA Czar Zients is a Genius -- QSSI Contracted to Fix HC.GOV #FAIL
10/17/13 ACA vs Medicare for All - Margaret Flowers and Bruce Dixon (BAR)
10/21/13 Again with the "Folks" terminology (Obama's ACA Speech)
11/15/13 Annals of career "progressive" idiocy
10/02/13 Another (Small) Lightbulb Moment About ObamaScam
09/26/13 Another non-functioning function of ObamaCare Exchange
05/28/13 Baseline: Geezers in the Health Insurance Exchanges
12/25/13 Christmas Day open thread
10/24/13 CMS's Julie Bataille on State of ObamaCare Clusterfuck
10/22/13 Consumer Reports carries Obama's water on responsibility for Exchange/Marketplace IT #FAIL
10/05/13 Does Obamacare Website Time Out if you take too long to compare plans?
10/02/13 DRASTICALLY thin provider networks on Obamacare Exchange plans
10/12/13 Empire Blue Cross Website NYS
10/10/13 HealthCare.Gov (non) Answers re Use of Credit Scores (Screen Shots)
10/24/13 HealthCare.Gov New "Estimate" Feature - Inaccurate Pricing Information
10/01/13 opens at midnight on the day of the government shutdown and lambert finds a bug
10/18/13 Heritage Foundation Blasts Heritage Foundation's Health Care Program
12/16/13 I thought I'd never understand ObamaCare until I read these eleven words from a Washington Post columnist
11/15/13 In which lambert apologizes for being prematurely correct
12/30/13 NY Docs Sue UnitedHealth for Dropping Docs from Med AdvNetworks
10/22/13 O'Care Levity - John Stewart and John Oliver on Video
11/16/13 ObamaBot NYS Assemblyman Richard Gottfried: Clueless
10/23/13 ObamaCaid - Connecticut
10/23/13 ObamaCaid - New York State Stats
09/12/13 ObamaCare "Help" Hotline (Another Chat Script)
05/27/14 ObamaCare Clustefuck: Be sure to record any conversations you have with your insurance company
07/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterf**k: Skinny Plans in the News (FDL)
12/15/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: HHS wants insurers to cover out of network docs as in-network...for a little while
10/29/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: In which our WA insurance commissioner seemingly admits InsureCo extortion
10/31/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Maybe the reality of the junk Obamacare insurance will finally make the headlines.
10/29/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Narrow Networks mean SUB-PAR Insurance
12/28/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Our HEARTLESS government is forcing people in states without Medicaid Expansion to apply for Medicaid
10/24/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Texas Doctors, Hospitals Don't Know If They're In Or Out Of Obamacare Plans
12/30/13 Obamacare Clusterfuck: Tips for People Who Have Had to Drop Medical (Not Health) Insurance Because of "Obamaffordability"
11/25/13 Obamacare ClusterFuck: Vermont Confirms Security Breach To Health Care Exchange Website
05/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Accountable Care Organizations" to throw "non-compliant" patients under the bus
11/07/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: "Answered: Why Two Obama Loyalists Lost Their Health Policies"
10/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Essential benefits" to be determined randomly by state
09/27/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Every Day Low Price" Exchange PR boards the #FAIL boat after just one day
09/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Every Day Low Price" Exchange PR continues #FAIL when people start looking at value
12/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Incrementalism predicted for 2014"
02/01/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Labor union officials say Obama betrayed them in health-care rollout"
07/05/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Manual workarounds" now in project scope for CT exchange, as Obama's PR move on the 3-page form caused delay
04/30/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Medical homelessness" in California
10/30/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Obama blames 'bad apple' insurers for canceled coverage"
07/03/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "ObamaCare Clusterfuck" propagates...
04/26/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Patient engagement" and the privatization of public heath
10/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "People In Stock Photos Now Visibly Panicking"
02/08/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Per beneficiary" limits a loophole insurance companies can drive a truck through?
05/10/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Progressives" floating "all payer" as another way to head off single payer?
12/03/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Remove" button allows you to start your application over
11/05/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "Something's got to give"
10/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "The first website that has ever put me on hold"
12/06/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 10% of ObamaCare Federal enrollments could contain coverage-preventing errors
10/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 110,000 signed up as state exchanges out do the Feds
09/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 12 days left until enrollment, and the Federal Exchanges can't calculate prices correctly
10/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 38% may have "large" subsidy clawbacks when they file their 1040s
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 50% of Florida's known ObamaCare sign-ups are former Obama campaign operatives
10/25/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: 834s emerge as crucial backend issue; Federal Exchange in default shutdown until the issue is resolved
12/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A good product sells itself. And then there's ObamaCare....
06/29/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A good wrap-up of the state of play for the rollout
11/06/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A hat tip to our old friend Nancy DiParle, Obama's personal choice to lead ObamaCare's implementation
07/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A level-headed presentation from April
04/23/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A rat leaves the sinking ship
08/28/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: A worked example of how clawback works when the second spouse gets a job
04/18/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About the 8 million
02/08/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About those Medicaid numbers....
03/06/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: About those penalties...
03/13/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ACA signups, a great site that shouldn't even exist
12/13/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Access CT fucks up 2,400 plans, won't say why
10/04/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration announces Federal Exchanges down for "maintenance" over the weekend
11/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration butchered paper applications, too. So much for Plan B.
11/05/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration claim that demand and volume overloaded the Federal Exchange is a Big Lie
11/11/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration games the already pathetically low enrollment figures
08/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration news blackout on six "payment reform" experiments
11/14/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration PR tactics and the first release of enrollment numbers
04/12/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Administration requests $440 million for IRS enforcement
09/12/13 ObamaCare clusterfuck: AFL-CIO's Trumka: Talk softly and carry a soft stick
06/29/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: After 55, Medicaid is a loan you pay back from your estate
01/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: After firing CGI Federal, administration hands Accenture a no-bid contract to fix the website backend, which isn't working yet
10/12/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: AmericaBlog's experience on the DC and Federal Exchanges
10/25/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Annals of Career "Progressive" Idiocy
08/07/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: As Obama cuts budget for navigators, there will be a total of 32 working days to hire and train them
06/05/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Ask a simple question, get a complicated answer
06/20/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: At least the lawyers are getting jobs!
10/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Avik Roy evolves a ridiculous, paranoid theory that shows he doesn't understand Democrats
10/21/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Aw, come on. Fainting at an Obama campaign event is so 2008
08/14/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Be sure to record EVERYTHING when you talk to your insurance company rep AND your ACA marketplace rep
01/23/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Because Medicaid is so privatized, Medicaid expansion enriches heath insurances companies too
05/15/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Big data is watching you (with the new systems ObamaCare paid for)
04/25/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Blacks, poor thrown under the bus, says "progressive" study
02/22/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CA legislator busted for corrupt dealing with hospital
05/09/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: California exchange spending and contractors exempted from open records law
12/17/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Campaign 2014 begins as Obama invites insurance-selling "Moms" to Oval Office
10/19/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Can it be possible that ObamaCare treats volunteers as employees for purposes of determining employer subsidies?
04/16/13 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Catch 22 for the working poor who cannot afford employer insurance but get no subsidy
02/04/14 ObamaCare Clusterfuck: CBO says ObamaCare will mean the loss of 2 million full time jobs by 2021