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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Democrat hack Joan Walsh makes Ezra Klein look like a paragon of integrity

It wasn't easy! Yeah, I subscribe to Salon's news feed, so every once in awhile I hold my nose and click through to Joan Walsh, "progressive":

Ezra Klein trolled the right by declaring that it means “Obamacare has won,” which is pretty funny given that he helped lead the national freak-out over’s troubles back in October.

It certainly feels odd to be defending Ezra Klein. Nevertheless, Walsh seems to have forgotten, unless she's just airbrushing the history, that's launch was a debacle; the site instantly collapsed, and registered all of six people the first day; that a whole new team was brought in to fix it; and that Kathleen Sebelius took the fall for Obama's management failure.

Klein, for all his faults, was reporting. Walsh is pom-pom waving. Worse, she thinks Klein should have been doing the same thing. Nothing Walsh says should ever be trusted.

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