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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Don Berwick, Obama's former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid, puts single payer "on the table" as MA candidate for governor

Well, he should know:

Don Berwick, Obama's former acting chief of Medicare and Medicaid, staked out ground for himself in his support of repealing the 2011 casino law, and his support of single-payer health care -- which he has said he would reserve as an option if the current health-care system does not improve.

"I am the only candidate for governor that put single-payer on the table in this state," Berwick said.

For some definition of "improve" no doubt!

Nevertheless, baby steps.

So why not just support single payer wholeheartedly because it's the better public policy, Don?

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I'll leave it to others to decide whether he's lying. But, aside from his well-known views on apportioning health care services, here's a link below that expands on some of his (and others) policies, which may bear some scrutiny.

Sounding Board
Election 2012
A Systemic Approach to Containing Health Care Spending

I'd also carefully checkout Coakley's record as District Attorney. After I saw the 2010 movie "Conviction," I had an entirely different impression of her than the mainstream media presented.

Here's a link to her Wikipedia bio, and an excerpt below regarding the "Kenneth Waters" Case:

Coakley resisted freeing Kenneth Waters even after DNA proved his innocence of murder, as dramatized in the film Conviction.

This was after The Innocence Project intervened on his behalf with DNA evidence that exculpated Waters, winning his case on appeal, IIRC.