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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Enrollments at 27% of projection


During December, enrollment through the federal marketplace has increased significantly from a meager start during the first two months — but it still lags behind the Obama administration’s expectations. As of Sunday, the total enrollment through the federal marketplace was roughly 890,000, according to government figures that have not been made public. That compares with about 137,000 who had signed up by the end of November, and about 227,000 more who had signed up by then through the 14 state-run marketplaces.

In contrast, a Sept. 5 HHS memo, obtained this fall by the Associated Press, projected that the enrollment nationally would hit 3.3 million by the end of December.

890,000 / 3,300,000 = 0.2696969696969697.

Fucking disaster. Has anyone been fired for this? Of course not. Because Obama!

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Submitted by Dromaius on

And we have no idea for certain if that number would have been significantly higher without the glitches.

I know that when the govt enacted the high risk bridge pool, they received only a third of the projected applicants (and still had to close down the program early because of "higher than anticipated costs"). Unfortunately the only links I have at this stage for the anticipated versus actual enrollments are via Republican sites (wonder why!). This is another link. Don't know who these people are, but the data is consistent with what I'd been reading since 2010.

I suspect (speculate) that they wouldn't have done much better with the general Obamacare enrollment. Ending homelessness by forcing everyone to buy a house in an expensive neighborhood was never going to be a successful plan.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Does it include plans that people on HC.GOV put in their shopping carts but haven't actually selected?

Or the number of "enrolled" that were sent to Medicaid by HC.Gov?

And does it include Obama, who "symbolically" bought a $400/month (!!!) Bronze (!!!!!!) plan just for him, and just for kicks?

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Submitted by quixote on

Obama, who "symbolically" bought a $400/month (!!!) Bronze (!!!!!!) plan

Really? Way to add insult to injury, Big0!

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Yes, see Lambert's post on how ObamaCare is not good enough for Obama to put him and his family into it. They go with Army Health Insurance, which I believe is called Tricare and has a reputation for being a Bentley-Cadillac-Lamborghini health plan.

(The most rabidly knee-jerk right winger I know worked his whole career for gov and has Tricare in retirement (which means he is spared the expensive swiss cheese of Medicare plus all the Private Medicare Add Ons he'd have to pay for) but he thinks pensions, health care benefits, and single payer, and even ObamaCare (Romney Care) are "simply unsustainable" and generally "bad things.")

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Submitted by Alexa on

at age 65. (Unless certain military members are exempt due to their service era, and that's not the impression that I have. Please let me know, if you find something different on this.)

IOW, TriCare For Life (TFL) is a "secondary" insurance AFTER Medicare Part B pays.

So military members must pay Medicare premiums and meet deductibles and co-pays for Medicare Part B in order to receive TFL benefits once they reach the age of 65.

If Dems do decide to "means test" Medicare further (beyond the current 5% of the population), due to the generous military retirements, especially of military officers, if they have other private pensions.

This is true to a much lesser degree regarding government pensions--we suffer from penalties called WEP, or Windfall Elimination Provision--so federal civilian employees are usually scr*wed quite handsomely in regards to their Social Security benefits.

And this "bunch"--retired military members--may very well find themselves paying MUCH higher Medicare premiums, than the overall civilian population from what I have gleaned of their retirement programs.

Of course, this "means testing" expansion is in the President's 2014 Budget.

My money says "it will pass" before he leaves office.

Here's a blurb about TFL and Medicare:

TFL Cost to Beneficiaries

There are no enrollment fees for TFL. Beneficiaries, other than active duty family members, are required to purchase Medicare Part B and MUST pay the appropriate Medicare Part B monthly premiums. Beneficiaries may check with the Social Security Administration online at, call toll-free at (800) 772-1213 or visit Medicare online at for more information about enrolling in Medicare Part B and monthly premiums that apply.

For services payable by both Medicare and TFL, Medicare pays first, any other health insurance pays second, and the remaining beneficiary liability may be paid by TFL.

For services received from a civilian provider, the provider first files claims with Medicare. Medicare pays its portion and electronically forwards the claim to TFL for processing. TFL sends its payment for the remaining beneficiary liability directly to the provider, and beneficiaries receive a Medicare summary notice (from Medicare) and a TFL explanation of benefits (EOB) that indicates the amount paid to the provider.

The claims processing linkage between Medicare and TFL is now available for the under age 65 dual-eligible population. All TFL claims for dual-eligible beneficiaries under age 65, as well as age 65 and over, will go to a new, centralized claims processor. The new contractor, Wisconsin Physicians Service (WPS), has agreements with each Medicare carrier allowing Medicare to submit claims directly to WPS TFL or, before transition, to the regional TFL claims processor. (The regional phase-in dates for the WPS TFL contract are listed below.) The beneficiary's Social Security Number must be in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) for the electronic claims process to work.

For services payable by TFL, but not Medicare, such as overseas care, TFL pays the same as for TRICARE Standard beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are responsible for the TRICARE Standard fiscal year deductible and cost shares.

For services payable by Medicare, but not TFL, such as chiropractic services, Medicare pays as usual, however, TFL makes no payment. Beneficiaries are responsible for Medicare coinsurance and deductibles.

For services not payable by Medicare or TRICARE, beneficiaries are responsible for the entire bill.

So, sounds to me like it functions more as a "Medigap" policy, once a military retiree reaches age 65. (Which obviously is not a bad benefit, by any means.)

But the Bowles-Simpson Fiscal Commission has recommended that military retirement benefits be overhauled quite drastically by a "Commission" designed to cut benefits, I believe.

As far as I can tell, the assault on ALL Americans will continue unabated, led by the Democratic Party (since it was a Democratic Administration that appointed the Fiscal Commission), and obviously enthusiastically helped along by the Republican Party.

I wish that I thought that the assault could be stopped--but frankly, I don't hold out any hope for that possibility, anymore.

Submitted by hipparchia on

no tricare, but...

Since the American Revolution, the official physician to the president, as director of the White House Medical Unit created in 1945, has provided what the White House calls "worldwide emergency action response and comprehensive medical care to the president, the vice president and their families."

Operating from an on-site clinic, the White House Medical Unit also attends to the medical needs of the White House staff and visitors. The official physician to the president, oversees a staff of from 3 to 5 military physicians, nurses, medical assistants and medics. The official physician and some members of his or her staff remain available to the president at all times, in the White House or during presidential trips.


Former Presidents and their spouses, widows, and minor children are entitled to treatment in military hospitals. Health care costs are billed to the individual at a rate established by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Former Presidents and their dependents may also enroll in private health plans at their own expense.

Submitted by lambert on

Rereading, I'm comparing apples and oranges. It's still a disaster, but 27% is wrong. And no time to fix it now. Tomorrow!