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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Facing March 31 deadline, Enroll America's Anne Filipic catapults the propaganda

If career "progressives" were worthy of my hatred, I'd hate them with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. Fortunately for us all, they aren't. This story shows so much that's wrong with the good NPR-listening -- and very well-funded -- Lord and Lady Bountifuls who carry out Obama's policies. The press coverage is pretty soft-ball, too. Even McClatchy:

WASHINGTON — After an horrendous start and months of playing catch-up against a barrage of political attacks, Affordable Care Act supporters have hit the homestretch in their six-month effort to educate and enroll millions of Americans in health insurance.

"Supporters" implies that this "effort to educate and enroll" -- that is, close insurance sales -- is a grassroots effort. It's a well-funded effort that provides a shit ton of walking around money to Democratic operatives.

“We will be pushing right up until the March 31 deadline to make sure as many Americans as possible are able to get covered,” said Anne Filipic, the president of Enroll America. ....

“We’ve always assumed, when we looked at past enrollment efforts, like Massachusetts and elsewhere, that many people would choose to wait until the deadline to make a decision about enrolling in a plan,” Filipic said. “So over the past many months we have taken the time to build the capacity that we need to meet the needs of consumers in this final critical month. That work is paying off.”

"Consumers." Not citizens. Because markets.

Enroll America has recruited more than 20,000 field volunteers, who, along with staff, have contacted more than 660,000 people about getting coverage. More than 180,000 confirmed that they were either under-insured or uninsured and interested in finding health plans, Filipic said.

I'm not an expert here, but 180,000 / 660,000 is 27%. So either the list is not very good -- odd for the famously data-driven Obama campaign apparat-- or the Enroll America drones are having a hard time closing the sale. I wonder why?

The extra effort is a must: Numerous surveys find that the uninsured are confused and uninformed about the health law, the enrollment deadline and the penalties for noncompliance with the mandate.

The latest survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit health care research group, found that half of the people who reported being uninsured in February said they didn’t know how the health law would affect their families.

Could be they're "confused and uninformed" because ObamaCare is insanely complex, riddled with exceptions, and figuring it out takes time a lot of people, especially poor people, might not have? Alternatively, could it be that they're all too well "informed," and (at least for their own personal circumstances) they know it's a crock?

Nearly two-thirds – 63 percent – knew a little or nothing at all about the insurance marketplaces and fewer than 1 in 4 – 24 percent – were aware of the sign-up deadline.

This after the administration had 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and part of 2014, which is -- let me just take a moment to do some arithmetic -- almost six years to make people aware. How many years did they have their thumb up their ass? I'm guessing all six! And all this after LBJ rolled out Medicare to all over-65s in just one year, back in the days of punch cards and three channels on the teebee.

Since many of the uninsured have never had coverage, buying insurance is a complicated endeavor.

No, buying insurance is a complicated endeavor in and of itself, period, whether people have bought it before or not. (The health insurance companies, and the process of buying their defective product shouldn't even exist, but that's another issue.)

A new analysis from the philanthropic Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that all U.S. adults had low levels of health insurance literacy, but the problem was worse among Hispanics and other minorities. Just 21 percent of Hispanic adults and 36 percent of non-Hispanic minorities understood key health insurance terms such as “premium” and “deductible,” compared with 52 percent of non-Hispanic whites.

I don't know if the RWJ Foundation controlled for Hispanics and minorities who immigrated from countries with single payer or universal government-run systems -- like Mexico's -- who didn't know about terms like "premium" and "deductible" because they didn't have to. It's like the United States is a loony bin, complaining that sane people don't know how things work!

“A good working knowledge of common health insurance terms is essential in order to effectively choose a health plan in the new insurance marketplaces,” said Katherine Hempstead, a senior program officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

"Working knowledge" which Enroll America volunteers are not equipped to provide, and the Exchanges themselves do not provide. Navigators are supposed to provide that (or private health insurance companies).

Enroll America will hold 15 national Latino enrollment summits in March, at which Spanish-speaking volunteers will help people sign up.

"Volunteers" signing up people who lack the "working knowledge" the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says is "essential"? How can that be ethical? If the Enroll America obots were going to steer people to Navigators, who are at least putative experts, I'd have less concern. But since the story doesn't say that, and Navigators are not "volunteers," I assume that's not happening. Leave it to the Obama administration to make selling insurance even more sleazy!

Just ugh. Sign 'em up now, and fix any problems later. We've got mid-terms to win! Ya know, if the Democrats had just passed single payer in 2009, they'd be cruising to victory right now; they'd totally have their boot on the Republicans' neck. Guess that wasn't a priority for them, then?

UPDATE The loathesome Ron Pollock of the equally loathesome Families USA -- There, he said. Democrats can love bomb "families" too! -- issues a stirring call to arms:

“We’re not going to be happy until we reach the overwhelming majority of people who’ve been uninsured,” Ron Pollack, the executive director of Families USA, a Washington-based consumer advocacy group allied with the White House, said in a phone interview. “There still continues to be a lack of information among a large portion of the uninsured about the new benefits that are available to them.”

"The overwhelming majority." Hold me back! Hold me back! Seriously, why the Fuck don't we just cover everybody? "Everybody in, nobody out," with a single payer system? I know, I know. For one thing, Ron Pollock would be out of a job. So there's that.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Oh noes, please tell me you don't listen to NPR, please.
I gave up on them in 1994 when they ran a F-451° like drug program where they actually posted wanted pictures and asked viewers to call in tips to catch these "bad" guys.
I called, furious, and got lame assed excuses that it wasn't their program, but that of an independent producer. I told them, they ran it so take responsibility for it.
That did it for me. That was in Portland, Oregon; my home at the time.
NPR is pablum not suited for babies, IMHO.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

Oh, I'm so relieved, really... ;)
Actually, that was also the year I got rid of my TV, haven't watched it since.

LOL: "No, I'm not a good NPR-listening liberal."
What a quaint term, liberal. I don't know what that even means anymore.
Cheers. :)

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

On Obama-care (sorry to digress in previous post), it comes up short, very short of true relief for the majority.
I live in an emerging 3rd world country that offers far superior coverage for almost all (99%) of its citizens. For about $1.10 USD/฿35THB/visit, anybody can access a doctor. That's just ฿5 more than a healthy lunch for about $.96/USD. Please note the decimal point.

Single payer is the only option and everybody knows it! So, what's the problem?
Republicans, fascisti assholes. Stepsons of the rich, boot-lickers all and ignorant.
Uneducated, stilted thinking, self concerned, and arrogant.
I'll stop here. Enough said about the problem; we need a way forward and that seems a fail...