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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: How health care co-ops got Shock Doctrine-ed out of the picture

Interesting article from Non-Profit Quarterly:

Several provisions of the fiscal-cliff bill removed critical funding and underpinnings of the ACA, perhaps none more significant than what it did to the nonprofit cooperatives. The fiscal-cliff bill eliminated funding that might have gone to new nonprofit health-insurance cooperatives. Therefore, the nonprofit health-insurance cooperative that is furthest along in its plans, in Montana, doesn’t lose money that it had already received from the federal government, but the cliff legislation eliminates its access to funding to expand into Wyoming and Idaho, where no local nonprofit cooperatives are in the works. Overall, the cliff bill doesn’t stop the efforts of the 24 nonprofit cooperatives that have already been approved for the nearly $2 billion in start-up loans from the Department of Health and Human Services, but it sinks plans for nonprofit cooperatives in another 26 states. Note in fact that already the money for the cooperatives had been slashed from $6 billion down to $3.4 billion. The cliff bill eliminates all new start-up loans, even for efforts that were in the planning and proposal stages, such as the Montana co-op’s plans for Wyoming and Idaho.

Oh well.

Of course, the so-called "fiscal cliff" was an entirely manufactured crisis, a spectacular Shock Doctrine kayfabe by both legacy parties. And isn't funny what gets traded away, and what doesn't? Somehow, for some reason, the health insurance companies never have their "critical funding and underpinnings" removed.

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