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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Obama claims 6 million sign-ups, but as usual the numbers are soft


The Congressional Budget Office originally estimated that 7 million people would sign up for the exchanges by the end of the enrollment period. After computer problems botched the Oct. 1 rollout, the CBO revised that estimate down to 6 million. Federal officials have said they do not yet know how many people who have enrolled have paid their first month’s premium. Insurance industry officials have reported that about 70 to 80 percent of enrollees have paid.

So, the lowballed 6 million figure is really 6,000,000 * 80% = 4,800,000. But KHN misses the key point!

The key metric -- the whole, or at least the ostensible, point of ObamaCare -- is new signups; covering people who previously had no coverage. So, how many of the sign-ups did ObamaCare cannibalize from elsewhere? If the administration knows, it's not telling us. Still true!

So, and as usual, the administration plays fast and loose with the numbers, and our famously free press lets him get away with it.

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