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Obamacare Clusterfuck: Our HEARTLESS government is forcing people in states without Medicaid Expansion to apply for Medicaid

I was perusing the Obamacare hardship exemption form to see what level of privacy I have to give up to file my "cancelled health plan" exemption from being required to carry junk insurance.

Under proof needed to qualify for exemptions I found this entry (on page 2):

The proof required to file for a hardship exemption because your state didn't expand Medicaid is apparently a denial of Medicaid letter.

It is beyond a travesty that the feds couldn't figure out this exception based on income and state of residency without requiring that people file an exemption. They do this all the time for disaster exemptions.

Instead they are punishing people by making them file for Medicaid, knowing they won't be eligible. Then the same people have to take their denial letter and file an exemption form with the feds. Both the states and the feds will have to endure the costs of processing the forms.

These individuals and families will have to endure the indignity of applying and being rejected from an un-expanded Medicaid and then filing federal forms presumably EVERY. SINGLE. FUCKING. YEAR. I assume this is so people will "put pressure" on their government to expand Medicaid, or so they'll vote for Democrats? -- as if people who are Medicaid eligible have much if any political sway at all.

This is disgusting, HEARTLESS government at it's finest. NEVER in my life will I vote for a Democrat again. May they all rot in hell.

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Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

"best" part -- when you go to the Obamacare website, and you give them income figures that aren't high enough to qualify for a subsidy, you are directed to apply for Medicaid, even in states that don't have the expansion. They KNOW that you'll be denied but make you go through the whole process anyway.

Submitted by lambert on

Of course they will.

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What's wrong with you? Don't you want to demonstrate compliance?

Franz Kafka would be proud.

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Submitted by blues on

You elected the wrong people because you do not have simple score voting. No "third party" will go anywhere because of the spoiler effect.

You will just have to take what the Republicrats give you because YOU VOTED THEM IN.

You voted them in. It really is that simple.


Who Uses Score Voting?

The Center for Election Science — Score Voting — Who uses Score Voting?

The Harvey Milk Democratic Club, the largest Democratic club in San Francisco, uses Score Voting for their endorsements.

The Pirate Party of North Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous of Germany’s 16 states (population: 18 million), uses Score Voting (on a -3 to +3 scale) to elect their Board of Directors. On May 13, 2012, the NRW Pirates won 7.8% of the vote in the state elections, winning 20 of the 237 seats in state parliament. (Their party list had itself been selected via multi-winner Approval Voting.) They subsequently held their first Score Voting Board of Directors election on May 29, 2012. The results of that election are here.

The Pirate Party of Lower Saxony subsequently adopted Score Voting (on a 0-5 scale) to order their party list. The first use was on August 25, 2012.

• “Overall the counting proved that we had chosen the right system. We were only slightly slower than we had expected and most people were happy with the result. They felt that with the scoring they could express their will in a very effective way.” - André, Pirate Party Member, Germany uses Score Voting to rank every NBA player from number 500 to number 1.

Mozilla, the organization that makes the popular Firefox web browser, uses Score Voting to select Mentors for their Mozilla Reps program.

The Fedora Project, a partnership of free software community members from around the globe, uses Score Voting to select their board members.

The Central Co-op, an independent, member-owned natural foods cooperative in Seattle, WA, uses Score Voting for their Inside Trustee Elections.

• “It’s easy to understand.” - Webster Walker, Community Outreach Administrator, Central Co-op, Seattle, WA

The San Francisco FrontRunners, a running club, uses Score Voting to select which charity to donate their proceeds to.

NAVA, the North American Vexillological Association, used Score Voting to identify the best and worst flags on the continent.

The TV shows American Idol, The Voice, and Dancing with the Stars use Score Voting to select their winners.

The Miss America Pageant uses Score Voting to select their finalists.

The cooking shows Iron Chef, Top Chef, and Cupcake Wars all use Score Voting to select their winners.

Many Olympic sports, such as gymnastics and figure skating, use Score Voting to select their winners.

Voting in Sanity

Success Stories:

Where is Score Voting being used?

• By our schools, to select the valedictorian

• In the Olympics, for judging athletic performances

• At the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), to evaluate moviegoers’ preferences

• On websites that feature reviews, such as, Yelp, and the Apple App Store

• …and it undoubtedly forms a major part of every search-engine algorithm!

Simple score voting can be completely described in one short simple sentence: Give no vote at all, or from one to ten votes to any number of candidates you wish (up to some reasonable limit, say 20 candidates), and then simply add all the votes up.

One could say that simple score eliminates 90% of the spoiler effect. To illustrate: if a voter gives 10 votes to Nader and 9 votes to Gore, it is simply obvious that, if Nader does not win, the voter has only sacrificed exactly 10% of their voting power. Not 100% as they would have had they been forced to use the usual single-selection voting method.

No fancy math is necessary to compare and contrast it to every other option for effectiveness and simplicity, including single-selection (aka "plurality," our present "system") Condorcet, Borda, IRV, Range (with its tricky "averages"), Approval (which is not adequately effectual), etc.

The simple score method I advocate is the very simplest, since it only allows from 1 to 10 votes to be given, not from 0 to 9, or 0 to 10. It also has no vote-averaging that seriously complicates the range score method. I also am the only one to point out that voters should always vote artfully (aka strategically), not artlessly or heroically (aka "honestly" or "sincerely").

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Submitted by Alexa on

Believe it or not, IIRC, the Dem Party "shill" Ron Pollack of Families USA is saying that some individuals who were thrown off their private market health insurance plans will qualify for Medicaid. This was on C-Span, and I believe he may have been on Washington Journal--he is frequently a guest.

I found that next to impossible to believe.

The only way that this sounds "conceivable" would be in IF a low income individual were to reside with someone and have absolutely NO bills for housing, utilities, etc.

But that makes little sense, since from what I've read, Medicaid eligibility is based upon "household" income--not just one individual's income.

Submitted by Dromaius on

The only way that this sounds "conceivable" would be in IF a low income individual were to reside with someone and have absolutely NO bills for housing, utilities, etc.

But that makes little sense, since from what I've read, Medicaid eligibility is based upon "household" income--not just one individual's income.

A household for the sake of determining Medicaid eligibility is a tax filing household. Thus, I can think of an easy example where this would apply....two people co-habitating but not married, but where one is the sole breadwinner. Each person is a household according to the IRS.

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Submitted by Alexa on

That one didn't cross my mind--may be the basis for Pollack's claim, and the government's insistence on this process.

(But I would still be outraged, as you are, if I were forced into this process with clearly no possibility of receiving a medical benefit.)

I had checked with HHS and IRS about our own situation, and they told me not to worry about being forced or thrown into Medicaid, since we would be considered as a "household unit"--I would be protected, so to speak.

Never even considered unmarried cohabiting couples. Sorry!

Submitted by Dromaius on

Another is an adult child living with parents -- or grandparents -- who don't claim him/her.

These are all going to be new Medicaid "beneficiaries" given that assets are now not included in Medicaid eligibility consideration.

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Submitted by Alexa on

Democrats are determined to idemnify "government" from the unpaid/uncollected bills of the "uninsured."

This is just one more way to make sure that none of the "free riders" slip through the cracks (see comment to P Lusiak--I, too, can't see how any of this cohort would likely qualify for Medicaid).

Secondly, it's another way or excuse to gather personal and financial information on American citizens--pure and simple.

We've got to get the corporatist neoliberals out of power--if it takes years!