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ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Why professional Obama apologists like Digby and Krugman get the impact of ObamaCare wrong

Failure to empathize. Riverdaughter:

[Digby is] cautiously optimistic about how things are going to go. Both [Digby and Krugman] seem to think [or are told to say*] that the increase in premiums are only going to affect a small subset of people and everybody knew this from the start, had they been paying attention. They seem to think the people most irked are going to be relatively well off younger people, like entrepreneurs who work for themselves.

But that’s not really true. I’m not surprised that neither Digby or Krugman are seeing who are going to get slammed by Obamacare most severely because it has become almost a habit not to talk about them. I’m referring to the millions of long term unemployed, many of whom are over 50, who are now forced to cobble together some kind of living as self-employed. That affects just about everyone I know who was laid off since 2008. To these people, the premiums are not just a nuisance. They are extremely burdensome. And if Lambert has been reading the tea leaves correctly, lumping these people into the Medicaid pot puts whatever estate they have left at risk. So, to recap, Obamacare is putting an extra burden on these people who are now forced to a.) work for themselves, b.) pay all of the payroll tax by themselves and c.) pay for their own retirements. ...

Throwing the over 55′s into Medicaid and taking their property to pay for it is very reminiscent of the workhouse and relief rules the Irish had to contend with [in the potato famine]. If you had a quarter acre of land, you were not too poor to support yourself. In order to get any kind of relief at all, you had to give that up. Then you were eligible for the workhouse where you might get some food in exchange for losing every other possession you had. In the Medicaid opt-out states, you won’t even get relief. You’ll just get access to the emergency room and bill collectors. Back in the 1840s, most people looked upon this as wretched and bad but the ones who were not suffering put up with it. Opting out of Medicaid is like the landlords pulling down the roofs of starving tenants. It happened and people were both homeless and starving but no one stopped the billhooks.

In the meantime, the left’s willful ignorance and denial of just how bad Obamacare is going to be is doing them no credit. It is BAD policy. All of the potential problems that the left wants to minimize or deny could have been avoided had the policy been carefully crafted by a president who cared about average Americans and by a Congress who wasn’t rushed to make some really bad concessions.

Well, let's be fair. Obama was and is owned by the FIRE sector. And Congress was not, I don't think, really rushed. I mean, how long did it take Wellpoint's Liz Fowler to redraft RomneyCare for Max Baucus.

But as far as people like Digby and Krugman being utterly unable to see those whom the political class has written off as fully human, I couldn't agree more.

NOTE * Again, again, again: The ObamaCare rollout is not about policy. It's Campaign 2014, and Campaign 2016.

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I sort of lean to the 'thinking' that these folks (as in the case of most so-called 'liberal pundits and columnists') are just engaging in the usual 'misdirection' of the Democratic Party base.

I don't believe that the Dem Party could have accomplished moving SO FAR TO THE RIGHT, unless there had been a VERY concentrated effort on the part of the Dem Party propaganda machine.

It is very alive and well. The Dems machine may be a bit more understated, but as far as I can tell, they hold more 'sway' over their subjects than the right-wing media.

Take Schultz. I've checked him out. He's a phony. Recruited by Senator Debbie Stabenow, Bryon Dorgan, Tom Daschle, Kent Conrad, and a bunch of other DLC and Bluedog lawmakers. (Actually, early on, during the debut of his radio show, he admitted to this.)

He was actually introduced on C-Span's Washington Journal. If that doesn't 'smell of political connections, what does, LOL!'

On the left, no progressive personalities in the major and mainstream media ever break rank with the Democratic Party Establishment (that I can remember, anyway).

As MM pointed out in an earlier post--anyone really on the 'left,' has been taken off the air, put on in the early morning hours, or marginalized by a 'smear' campaign, which happened to one prominent radio talk host several years ago.

And, in regards to the ACA, almost all progressive blogs (with the 'salutary' exception of Corrente), as well as all the radio, TV and print 'talking heads' have done nothing but glorify the ACA.

Bottom line is, I think Krugman and Digby are well aware of the many shortcomings of the ACA.

Including the couple of categories that Riverdaughter mentions. And they probably have little or no empathy--I agree.

But I don't think that 'they are 'missing' anything.'

They just hope that you and I aren't catching on, LOL!

And will continue to work diligently (along with Greg Sargent) to help keep all of us 'in the dark.'

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magic mushrooms because that what it will take me to believe it will work but then you come back to earth with the some problem

And will continue to work diligently (along with Greg Sargent) to help keep all of us 'in the dark

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ayuhasca ... but not just for running away from ObamaCare for a while; also for the return and the duration -- to help not care a whit (and perhaps to ignore it altogether) :)