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Obamacare: New York Blue Cross Plans DON'T COVER Out of Network Docs at all


Ted Rall reported this, and I am verifying via the New York Plan brochure at this link, Page 5. The New York Blue Cross plans do not cover out of network doctors AT ALL, except for the mandated emergency coverage. This means if you need to see a doc out of network, you are 100% on the hook for the bill. You get nothing from Anthem/Empire. In addition, note that you have to get a primary care referral to see a specialist. These are pure HMO plans, whether they call them that or not.

Anthem, which runs the plans, has of course disabled the doctor search. However, they already confirmed that the networks will be thin. If anyone has a good link for that, please let me know. I've seen it, I just haven't seen it tonight.

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Mona's just got big slabs of stuff to paste into the Chat box. She must know she's not helping anyone. And she apologizes all the time...

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i was just now looking through the website for something i vaguely remember from months ago... didn't find it, but mona's answer's sure look almost word-for-word the same as what i was reading on the faq portions of

probably they're required to stick to a script(s) and provide only canned answers. given the notable lack of training insurance that the navigators are getting, i'm guessing the whole idea is to employ cheap labor and to further the general deskilling of the american workplace/workforce.

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I'll bet they have keypad or something, where you press a button and it regurges the text into the chat box. A guess.

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An awful (sad) job and also, unfortunately, a job that requires giving wrong information if that's what's in the "appropriate" block of text that has to be cut/pasted.

I'm guessing has to have a disclaimer somewhere that no claim is made that any information obtained through the site is necessarily accurate and that "customers" cannot rely on it to make any real decision!!