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Obama's cunning plan to salvage health care reform

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NealB2 at Open Left:

Talk is...
...Obama and Reid will sit this out until after the Democrats take their shellacking in November, then try to compel a coalition of survivors and defeated House Dems to pass the Senate bill during the lame duck session. The argument from RahmObama to exiting House Democrats will be: what else have you got to lose?

You really can't help people that clueless.

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Submitted by jawbone on

His "salvage" job is just to complete the destruction.

What a guy, what a Dem, eh?

Our vey own Demolition Man, of healthcare, the Dem Party, maybe even all the remaining safety nets.

(I apologize for feeling so negative about this issue, but, hell, with CA Blue Cross announcing it's current insurance increases and saying they have the right to impose further increases at any time during the year.... Well, "OMG" just doesn't cover my horror and fear. Can the private for-profits be far behind??? I deeply fear going naked in our current healthcare world, but I can't see continuing the high costs we're being hit with just for insurance.

BUT...on the bright side, only 352 days remaining until I'm Medicare eligible!!!)

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

That was my first thought too!

And I had not read your comment!