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Occupy Ouroboros: Establishing an excellent tactical principle in Portland, OR

This is an awesome analytical piece that everyone should read. Oddly, it's gotten no coverage in our famously free press. Here's the conclusion, but do read it all to see the steps of the logic:

In summary: when the cops come to clear the park, don’t resist. As they are preparing for their military maneuver and use of force that the Occupiers cannot reasonably be expected to resist, the occupiers should be packing up their tents and baggage and loading them into wagons, bicycles, backpacks, etc.

Force the cops to clear the park inch by inch, but try to avoid arrest in so doing. Once they have cleared the park, rouse the crowd through loud amplification announcing that you intend to march (any destination will do). Get the music blaring and then march aimlessly, blocking traffic the whole way, for hours. The crowd will be energized and willing to march for a long time, being spurred on by energetic music and chants.

The police will eventually trim down their entourage because they realize that they are helpless. Eventually, work your way back to the park. Or, if the police have fenced off the park, head to another park. If the police force you out, march again and they will be forced to follow. Eventually, they will inevitably come to the conclusion that they would rather have you in a park than disrupting traffic.

The police have no response to this tactic, other than resorting to brutality. And if they do that, we win whether they clear the park or not.

Heh. March out of the park, and then make a long march around the block back to the park. Hilarious! Brilliant! The eternal return!

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Good find, thanks for sharing.

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Note that the tactics do not contradict, and in fact support, non-violence, even though they involved a deep understanding of violence.

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OT was evicted two weeks ago. We had a warning ahead of time...a call went out for supporters to come downtown and when TPD arrived with tons of cops and cordoned off the streets as if there was a riot going on the Occupiers did a pre-planned Bug Out and left. The cops had nothing to do. Then the Occupiers set up the camp on the sidewalks around the park where (doah!) it is legal to sleep...and 20 or so people have been every night since.

We will not go away. I'm going to DC in two weeks for Occupy Congress ... Come join the fun!

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Could you put this on the Calendar?

Maybe I could make it down to DC! Might be a chance for many of us to meet up and reconnect a little.