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Of course all containers can be inspected

We keep hearing this unexamined Republican talking point that all shipping containers can't be inspected for, say, loose nukes. From WaPo's stenography department today:

- Requiring scanning of all U.S.-bound cargo containers before loading in foreign ports. The administration said the requirement, which might eventually apply to more than 700 ports worldwide, is not feasible. The administration is also reluctant to pass on to commercial carriers the significant costs involved. Last year, the Senate rejected such a measure after senators aired similar reservations.

Of course it's feasible. (And what's happened to America under Republican rule that we're saying there are technical problems we can't solve?) And the cost?

$7.00 (seven U.S. dollar) per container, as shown by a pilot study in Hong Kong, the world's largest container port.

Of course, port cities tend to be blue, and in blue states. They're also full of gay people, and people who aren't white, and even--gasp--some atheists. So it's entirely natural that the Republicans would play to their Christianist base by refusing to protect us from loose nukes and dirty bombs. After all, Christianist leader Jerry Falwell says we caused 9/11, and we wouldn't want that to happen again, would be?

So, to get some protection, we had to vote in the Democrats.

And to help us get the protection we deserve as citizens, it would be really, really helpful if our famously free press didn't let Republican talking points go unexamined, did some work, and reported some real information, like the Hong Kong study. That's all we really ask.

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