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Oil: So how'd the BP executives get off the Deepwater Horizon?


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126 riggers were on the Deepwater Horizon when it blew; 11 died. 7 BP executives were also on the rig; all lived. WaPo interviewed riggers on Friday; AP interviewed riggers today. Neither AP nor WaPo explains how the executives escaped the rig; nor does NOLA's Times-Picayune.

Yet surely it's important to know why all the executives lived, even though eleven workers died? If only so the same procedures that the executives followed can be generalized to make the odds better for everyone?

Meanwhile, the AP has this killer detail. After being rescued, here's the first thing crane operator Micah Sandell had to do on shore:

Sandell and the others just wanted to go ashore and call loved ones. But there was one more thing to do next.

As he debarked, he noticed some Coast Guard and company officers sitting at a table, a row of portable toilets behind them. Before they left the docks, the workers would have to be drug tested.

Tired and angry, Sandell stood in line and filled out forms. When his turn came, he took the plastic cup, stepped inside one of the outhouses, and closed the door behind him.

Yep, he had to piss in a cup for a drug test before he could even call his family.

Think the BP executives had to piss in any cups?

NOTE Just as with Katrina, the NOLA Times-Picayune is doing a super job. It's almost like they've got real journalists working there, or something.

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I emailed the managing news editors at TP about this, drawing attention to your piece, Lambert. bcc to you, if I did it correctly.

addys from here:

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... not only did they have to pee in a cup, after over 40 hours 'transitioning' back to land from the experience of this ungodly disaster, before they were even permitted to contact their families, with visions of their burning colleagues fresh in their heads, Deepshit Horizon workers were met by corporate attorneys and required to SIGN A WAIVER.