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Ok, so now we're clear. The USA is NOT a country of laws.

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The word from the Labor Department is:

the Labor Department issued guidance in July saying it was “inappropriate” to issue the WARN Act notices due to sequestration...The Obama administration issued guidance Friday that said defense firms’ costs would be covered if they have to layoff workers due to canceled contracts under the across-the-board cuts set to take effect Jan. 2.

To restate that, under current law the defense budget will automatically be cut (sequestration) on Jan. 2. This would require affected companies to issue layoff notices to affected employees, per the WARN act (30, 60 or 90 day notice depending on the state). But the Obama administration has told defense companies to deliberately break the law. And not only that, but if the workers sue the companies for not complying with the law, our tax dollars will be spent on the legal costs to 'defend' the companies for breaking the law.

TL;DR Obama is instructing corporations to break the law, and paying them to do it.

Why would the Labor Department do this? Who benefits? A Democrat's comment: "There is no reason to needlessly alarm hundreds of thousands of workers when there is no way to know what will happen with sequestration." Well, this is why the WARN act was passed. There's no way to know what will change with the business climate in a few weeks, but if you're currently planning to mass layoffs you should notify the workers. If things improve, great; if they don't, workers have some idea what's coming and can prepare for it. This is true in spades for the case where the layoffs will be caused by a frikkin' act of Congress! Whatever the business climate in a few weeks, sequestration will happen unless Congress acts. I for one would not bet on Congress doing anything no matter the topic. It's fairly clear that this particular Democrat is not really fretting about alarming workers. He's not worrying about what's good for the workers at all. The only person who benefits from this Labor department statement is - sure enough, the Obama administration. Mass layoff notices now, ahead of the election, would not impress voters.

Once again, I'm trying to imagine the yowling from the Democratic side if this 'advisory' were put out by a Republican administration. But of course, because it's Obama, crickets for worker protections.

The rule of law? When we have a branch of government advising corporations not only to break the law but offering to cover their legal costs? And doing this for political gain? Our government is so completely broken, there's just no salvation in sight. How do you prevent the executive branch from blatantly ignoring the law? I guess under our system of government, you can't.

But hey, remember that Obama is supposedly the lesser of 2 evils no matter what he does. One really does have to wonder what it would take for Democrats to step back and say, hmm, this is too far. I honestly don't think there is a line in the sand anywhere for Democrats. Just wear a blue label and it doesn't matter what you do or say.

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