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Onion Dip: Blatantly Anti-Catholic

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I've refrained from too much blogging about Donohue's idiotic campaign to get Amanda fired since the first couple of days, mainly because so many others have picked up on it and Edwards came out and did as close to the right thing as he could. But let's put it all in perspective, shall we? Who is the Donohue guy anyway? Well, besides being a gay-bashing, Jew-hating bigot, he's also the guy who decided that one of 2001's top ten anti-Catholic atrocities was...onion dip. No, I am not making that up.

For those who missed it, Lipton ran a print ad in the June 13, 2001 edition of The New York Press featuring a person holding a bowl of onion dip while waiting in line to take communion--the implication being that this person planned to dip the Eucharist in the onion dip.

Reasonable humor? Clever Madison Avenue marketing? Not according to Bill Donohue. In his eyes, the onion dip ad was an anti-Catholic "atrocity."

In a sternly worded press release, Donohue claimed that the ad offended "the [central Catholic] belief that the Eucharist is the body and blood of Jesus Christ," and then referred to Lipton's parent company Unilever as a "monster," adding that "For the elites at Unilever to allow their ad department at Lipton to insult Catholics like this is the height of corporate arrogance. And stupidity."

Donohue later claimed that the onion dip ad was one of the "Ten Worst Anti-Catholic Atrocities of 2001."

I'm a proud atheist. I'll never be on a campaign, TV news/opinion show, or get a job with a major paper because of it. I'm ok with that. But what I'd like to know is why anyone with a working brain would take Donohue seriously. I grok that in this day and age, Jew hating is fine, gay bashing no problem, but do the media folks at CNN and the AP and NYT (all of whom have given this man airtime/columnspace, without any opposing viewpoint I'd add) really want to be associated with a nutjob on a crusade against onion dip? That's the standard, right- if you let someone into your space and allow them to speak, you by extension endorse everything they've ever written, right?

So I guess we can expect editorials and investigative news specials about the Great Onion Atrocity any day now from the Paper of Record and America's Most Trusted Source for News.

...don't tell them the word "onion" is already a publication, OK?

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I am unable to let this essay from Asia Times go unnoticed, but neither can I remotely justify taking up front page space for such a....strange item. It is on the admittedly seldom-seen topic of Humor in Cultural Extinction:

Only one truly funny national-extinction joke currently circulates; it concerns the man from a certain country who reproaches actor William Shatner of Star Trek as follows: "On your show, you had Russians, Chinese, Africans, and many others - why did you never have a character of my nationality?" Shatner replies, "You must understand that Star Trek is set in the future." I will leave it to the reader to decide which nation best fits the joke.

He also misquotes, iirc, the opening line of the final song in Life of Brian, but it's the Ten Little Ethnicities ditty that torments me:

Ten little Japanese went out to dine.
One ordered puffer fish, and then there were nine. [2]
Nine little Germans marched out with Fritz the Great;
One followed orders, and then there were eight. [3]
Eight little Englishmen were eating cream of Devon;
One clogged his arteries, and then there were seven. [4]

It, um, continues.

I repeat, the entire piece is entirely reprehensible and nobody should read it. Although it's better, if only insofar as being shorter, than this weirdy from The Severely Misnamed Intellectual Conservative on a guy who is just now discovering that paleoconservatives are closet racists.

Well I just heard the disgusting news about the second Edwards blogger quiting. Sorry about that but that really pisses me off I didn't quit and I'm not going to.

From now on there will be one post per week about the vile scumbag Donohue.


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