If you have "no place to go," come here!

Oopsie, the blogroll!

Had it on the test site, somehow blew past it here, and only just now missed it (I just type in the URLs...).

Readers, please patronize the fine blogs listed in the sidebar under the Blogroll heading. Click right through!

Even more importantly:

You can curate blogs yourself: Just click on Blogroll in the top menu bar, fill in the blanks, and submit. But here are the criteria:

1. Please do not add blogs that everybody already knows about. There's no point putting Daily Kos on the blog roll; there's no value add. (Naked Capitalism and Atrios are the exceptions, for reciprocal and historical reasons.)

2. Please do add blogs that are small but good -- good writing is the criterion, not whether they "agree" or are on "the left."

3. If it looks like a blog hasn't published in over a month, please don't add it, no matter how good the writing is otherwise.

4. No sites that are sloppy about linky goodness or provenance. In other words, no Natural News.

5 . No CT sites. No Alex Jones, no Larry Johnson, no birthers, no truthers,

Again, good writing is the key. That doesn't contract items 4 and 5, since good writing -- at least in our corner of the world -- is not separable from being clear about sourcing.

NOTE I'd welcome blogs that are further afield from political economy: Tech blogs, gardening, knitting, DIY, etc.

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