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Our famously free press refuses to cover nurses demanding a transaction tax on the banksters

Yves writes, with what must be irony:

I find it intriguing that the fact that nurses have stages protests against Wall Street has gotten pretty much no coverage in the mainstream media. I checked nurses + protest on Google News, and the only note take of their September 1 protest was a story in the Boston Herald [#47] and MarketWatch (but the latter merely published their press releases).

Nurses have the potential to become an effective and visible source of pressure, since they are disciplined, organized, and have a good public image and are a large group. But they need more turnout and more media interest in order to reverse the perception that nothing can be done about the banksters.

All true. Alas, I missed it; I do need to focus more on non-violence

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Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

Has had actions all across the country, here in MI (through the national, and MI affiliate), they have been very vocal and visible in protests and direct actions. One example is here (I was the MNA member, and I was quoted there, also :-) )Sadly, they've not been visible through MCM, but to the people who are "connected" in some way, e.g., nurses, Uncut, "Working Michigan", etc., they are expanding their outreach. Interesting 'tell" that the executive of major unions and the D party have, almost without exception, not given them any support. But the movement grows without them, and more and more nurses are becoming radicalized throught their direct experience with the facts of our crumbling society, and the job stressors of increased patient loads and increased morbidity.