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#OWS live from Zuccotti Park

[Can't stay up all night, unfortunately. I'll list my sources up top in case somebody in a more westerly time zone wants to keep updating in comments. Rumor has it the police will move in at 4:00AM EST. --lambert]

1. Riverdaughter live blog

All the following seem to be doing all-nighters:

2. NY Daily News

3. The Guardian's Adam Gabbet.

4. Erik Badia.

5. Justin EIlliott

6. Andrew Katz.

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12:28AM Touching:

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What a friggin time for Firefox's dread spinning beachball to re-assert itself. If I'm not careful I'm going to lose a tooth, grinding it. UNless I break a small bone in my hand pounding it on the desk first.

12L29AM Two from RD. AFL-CIO:

There is a rumor that the AFL-CIO is coming at midnight to show solidarity with OWS. I just checked my email and this rumor is confirmed. There was an email sent out at about 8:00pm tonight asking people to go to Zuccotti Park tonight and tomorrow morning by 7:00am.

Nothing from on site on this yet. Tactics:

The occupiers expect thousands of people in the morning when the police use the excuse of cleaning the park to move them out. Here’s the concept: flood the area [#175] with so many people that the police can’t arrest them all. At that point, they’ll have to use other tactics or let the protest be what it’s going to be- non-violently, of course.

Interesting. They're attacking the scaling issue head on. And this is the first time that I've personally seen NV tactic 175 ('Overloading of facilities') proposed. I think, however, that this uses Manhattan's canyons to advantages. How many busses can the police get through the streets at rush hour? Seems like not as many as they would need. If this doesn't work out well for the police, I'm going to have to ask whether Bloomberg was spooked by higher authorities who want Zucotti Park "cleaned up" before October 15.

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12:48AM Rain stopped. If the park wasn't clean before, it's clean now.

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12:55AM A handy map of surveillance cameras that can be pointed at #OccupyBoston in Dewey Square. The Stasi did pretty well with only paper. Can't find the equivalent for Manhattan. Readers? It would sure be nice if, just as in Tahrir Square, Al Jazeera had set up a camera in a high place. Whole world, watching, and so forth.

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1:07AM Al Jazeera #FAIL

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1:14AM National Lawyers Guild letter:

Attorneys from the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild — who are representing an Occupy Wall Street sanitation working group — have written a letter to Brookfield saying the company's request to get police to help implement its cleanup plan threatens "fundamental constitutional rights."

"There is no basis in the law for your request for police intervention, nor have you cited any," the attorneys wrote in a letter Thursday to Brookfield CEO Richard B. Clark. "Such police action without a prior court order would be unconstitutional and unlawful."

The attorneys said the sanitation working group has "committed itself to carrying out a thorough and complete cleaning" and to negotiate with the park's owner in good faith.

Yep. And then, very happily, there's rain. I'm picturing lots of nice pictures at dawn showing showing shiny streets. Clean, already clean!

1:17AM Notice the new phrase with the implicit counter-narrative:

As the hour neared for evacuation, Zuccotti Park had been cleared of about half of the protest's supplies. The self-organized sanitation team had hired a private garbage truck to pick up discarded curbside garbage, and belongings were accumulating at a storage area at one corner of the park.

That's huge. Counter-narrative to such as this.

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1:27AM Feels very, very different from Tahrir Square or Madison. The spirit and the self-organization is very similar, and the joy, but we're at the heart of the empire now. The ground is very different. I don't recall the TS occupiers ever hiring a garbage truck, for example. Our scale is different; the Egyptian GDP was what, $70 billion? Our elite is larger and more complex; "the generals" vs. the Pentagon, to take just one example. And yet... Things are very simple, too. 1% vs. 99% is simple. When the power curve is steep enough, matters clarify.

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1:32AM Russell Simmons offers to pay for the cleanup to avoid violence. I guess, after Michael Moore, I think celebrities making a (or the) spectacle of themselves are more trouble than they're worth.

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1:41AM "Dirty hippies." You can get paid to write that shit, ya know. Good money. Easy hours.

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1:43AM The rain returns. Tweeter on the ground:


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2:21AM Wingers suck (in a different way, granted, from "progressives"):

So much for the Brookfield letter, which alleges [shorter] "dirty hippies" doing just those things.

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2:28AM Can't stay up all night, but just realized why this vigil seems so different from the vigils at Tahrir Square. Tahrir Square was surrounded, literally under siege. I always had the feeling of being inside the circle, peering out into the dark, and waiting for something to come at me: Baltigaya with firebombs, a mob, Mub sending in the tanks. And yet placing myself, in imagination, in Zuccotti Park, I feel none of that; people peacefully cleaning, tweeting, training in linking arms and how to be arrested. I don't have the sense of being surrounded at all; indeed, I have no visualization of the surrounding area whatever, save that there's a MacDonalds, a Starbucks, and food carts. If there's a subway stop (like TS) or a museum (like the Museum of Antiquities) I don't see them in my mind's eye. And yet Zuccotti Park is surrounded by forces that are far, far more powerful than the forces that surrounded Tahrir Square. Just less visible. It's a curious feeling.

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Cujo359's picture
Submitted by Cujo359 on

There's a map from 2005 on page 6 of that NYCLU report the Slate article mentions. It's not a geo-registered google map, of course, and it's at a pretty low resolution.

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Submitted by ChePasa on

Current rumor as of this minute (3:34a PST) is that there will be no arrests or evictions tonight. Too many people.

The crowd is using the People's Mic to extraordinary effect. Can't understand a thing they are saying -- except "Mic Check!" -- but it is incredibly inspirational to hear their voices raised high in unity, courage, and purpose.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I did a midnight run to Zuccotti Park last night once I heard from one of my bros in Calif. that Bloomberg was threatening to clean up a/k/a disrupt the occupation at 7am Friday morning and the protesters were going to push back with their own conditions. Wanted to support them.

I found out I was willing to get arrested for the cause! More good news, I wasn't. No arrests. The kids (most of them were kids on the overnight) did an AWESOME job even in the torrential rain of clearing and cleaning up the space. Sleeping in the park is now forbidden but they will deal with it as amazingly serenely as they did last night with the latest challenge. i am a total fan of these mostly young people, though not entirely and new and older recruits were arriving during the night and morning.

I will blog I hope about the amazing experience once I get some sleep and then also read up on the other accounts!!!

Submitted by lambert on

We await the report eagerly. Especially on process issues.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

the reasons may be many, but I suspect the increasing publicity, along with the concomitant increase in support and numbers on the ground at Zuccotti made his position untenable. I've been insanely busy, working FT and also as a member of the medical team for #OccupyDetroit, whose march and occupation begins today!! (I can't be there this pm, but will show in the am after my 12 hour shift) I wish I could post on this, but RL action takes precedence at this point, hopefully will have something soon...
I would like to strongly rec this interview with Tom Morello, yes, "another celebrity", but he's been a solid lefty for years (and note the Wobbly hat :-)):
Also, AlJazeera wasn't a fail, lambert (I suspect lack of sleep and stress caused this), the spelling of "Zuccotti" was wrong in your search-I only knew this because I've been hooking up with their coverage occasionally.