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OY VEY, Mid-terms 2010, Non-Teachable Moment for Leadership (Sorry Voters)


[a post-pbs-Newshour rant]

So, what did deaf political leaders think they heard from the angry population in first wave of responses? (Sadly, non-teachable moment.)

Obama speaks of compromise one more time. Does he even think he was too liberal? The Blue Dogs got decimated, buddy.

Obama refuses to talk about any non-Middle Class Americans once again. His omission of any other constituent group is like nails on a chalkboard. He has done this consistently beginning with his campaign. Why is he never called on this? If you are not in the "middle" class you don't deserve any acknowledgement let alone help from the government? (And they call him liberal from the right??? Shows how creepily narcissistic they are!)

He and Harry talk about "compromise" as if they just didn't do it right, need to compromise with the rabid deliberately grid-locking rat bastards across the aisle ... instead of listening and helping ALL Americans. Hello???? Do you have any capacity for empathy? Doing the damn right things finally!!!!

Reagan and Clinton Obama mentions as his role models for compromise in this situation. God forbid he emulate FDR and his new deal. So, time to veer once again farther right? 29 million ex-2008-Obama voters stayed home. He betrayed on his promises. Does Obama even remember his promises?

John Boehner said that Obama got rid of the best health care system in the world. Hello? He actually said that. Obama didn't seriously change a crap system, that was the real prob.

Repubs are eager to serve their corporate sugar daddies who have come back to them cuz now its their turn in the kabuki political game. And the GOP claim they are looking forward to working with racist tea partiers. All that astroturfed hate and anger useful for corporate profit agendas, like SB 1070. Win/Win for them, lose/lose for country. Hateful scapegoating and, say, detention profits for the amoral fat cats. A marriage made in hell.

And of course the Austerians are insisting it is all a statement about how the stimulus was a mistake and shouldn't have happened. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BIGGER!!!!!! That will not be a consideration of the rabid rat bastards on the right. Even though half from exit polls declared stimulus should have been more. Half said it shouldn't have been done. Disinformation was powerful with the latter.

And cowardly Dems ... well, we know what they will not do.

Many players have changed in the same old game. Wall St. is happy. Goody, grid-lock! We have the best administration and Congress that MONEY CAN BUY!

Wars continue. No mention of the wars on any talking heads program wrap-ups. Of course not. Do the citizens not care or was it not asked on exit polls?

The Merry-Go-Round of Corporate Oppression goes on. Voting pendulum swings from bad to worse to worse to worse to worse. Just keeps on swinging. Things keep on worsening. Its orbit does not come near real people. Change is not an option for us with either of these money/war parties. Change for the better never an option, that is.

Time for outrage. Time to fight the irrelevance of the citizenry to the millionaire rat bastards in power. Time to spend the next two years on a third party.

Meanwhile the BIPARTISAN Obama cat food commission is gonna go into overdrive Dec. 1 unweaving social safety nets. What is left of them.

Time to recover a nation's soul and it will have to begin from those of us on the bottom, clearly.

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