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" Justin Bieber Deport Petition: The White House Responds In Statement" (0) lambert
For when I write the post on #12 "Carbon Negative Economy" (0) lambert
Happy Easter Weekend (1) lambert
Wellspring Upholstery Collaborative: A new co-op in Springfield, MA (0) lambert
"Millenial" category error keeps on propagating (0) lambert
"Cliven Bundy Has No Claim to Federal Land and Grazing" (0) lambert
UK Moves to Block US Senate Report to Protect Blair, Straw and Dearlove (0) transcriber
DiFi said WHAT? (0) transcriber
Top 10 Google search tips (0) lambert
"DEA & Shorewood Cops Raid Woman's Home After She Shops at Indoor Garden Center" (0) lambert
It doesn't matter if fickle teens leave FaceBook for Instagram... (0) lambert
Fun article on neo-liberalism at the Baffler (0) lambert
They call it "debt slavery" because that's what it is (2) lambert
The Capitol Police shot Miriam Carey in the back (0) lambert
"After Checking Your Bank Account, Remember To Log Out, Close The Web Browser, And Throw Your Computer Into The Ocean" (0) lambert
You can't satirize colonialism by making jokes about orientalism (0) lambert
Looks like Liz "Five Minutes of Fame" Wahl was a neo-con plant at Russia Today (0) lambert
Arthur Silber has a medical emergency (0) lambert
USPS IG Promotes Post Office Banking (5) Cujo359
Disgruntled Worker Sets Fire, Destroys US Nuclear Submarine (2) Fran
Marge Gunderson in Camden, NJ (0) lambert
Rochdale Principles for co-ops (2) lambert
Wearing their dicks on the outside of their pants (0) lambert
"Mortality amenable to health care" (4) lambert
"Malaysia Airlines Expands Investigation To Include General Scope Of Space, Time" (0) lambert
ObamaCare Clusterfuck: ACA signups, a great site that shouldn't even exist (8) lambert
Possibly the best passage ever on American dental surgery (0) lambert
Have I mentioned lately what an asshole Obama is? (0) lambert
What Suburban Guerilla said on Ukraine (0) lambert
I guess Adolph Reed won't be going on The Nation cruise? (0) lambert
One more reason to avoid the health care system altogether, if you possibly can (0) lambert
Christianist right organization "The Family" helped write Ugandan anti-gay bill (5) lambert
Why I never post on Syria (0) lambert
Fraternities suck (0) lambert
"Harvard’s 15 Hottest Freshmen is a terrifying glimpse of our future leaders" (0) lambert
"McDonald’s worker fired after paying for food donation" (0) lambert
ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Never allow anybody to deduct anything from your bank automagically, ever (0) lambert
ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Never allow anybody to deduct anything from your bank automagically, ever (0) lambert
NY Green Ursula Rozum on single payer (0) lambert
CAP's Matt Miller helps Andrew Cuomo throw Social Security under the bus (5) lambert
"Enslave the robots and free the poor" (0) lambert
"US weighs killing American in drone strike" (1) lambert
Doge Shakepeare (2) lambert
"James Carville joins Fox News" (0) lambert
Some farmers in the Midwest reverting to non-GMO seed as a business decision (0) lambert
Big Pharma #FAIL on Alzheimer’s, Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus (0) lambert
Cash is simple, can't be hacked (and isn't traceable) (2) lambert
CrossFit takedown (0) lambert
On The Stop And Frisk Front (4) Cujo359
ObamaCare Clusterfuck: Wellpoint gets the actuarial value right for the law its Flexian Vice President, Liz Fowler, framed (0) lambert
Another vision of "the good economy" (0) lambert
They're boiling their drinking water in Toledo, OH (2) lambert
Because optimism! (0) lambert
"Post Office Offering Loans is 'Worst Idea Since the Edsel': Banks" (0) lambert
Justin Bieber and elite impunity (0) lambert
Japanese scientists not allowed to publish research that compared Fukushima to Chernobyl, and more (0) lambert
Benito Cereno (0) lambert
Here is a fascinating article about torpedoes... (0) lambert
What a shame about Justin Bieber (0) lambert
"Days later, Obama’s spy speech has people scratching their heads" (0) lambert
"Booz Allen, Snowden's old firm, looking to help US government with 'insider threats'" (0) lambert
"...Pollan also discusses cheese made from his belly button microbes..." (0) lambert
Making Firefox 26 more secure (0) lambert
"So I'm at the wailing wall, standing there like a moron, with my harpoon." (1) lambert
Our friends in Abu Dhabi (0) lambert
"Man gives change to homeless person, is handcuffed and held by police for an hour" (0) lambert
"Internet Society Urges President Obama to Effect ‘Immediate and Meaningful’ Changes to U.S. Government Surveillance Practices" (0) lambert
"Pennsylvania judge strikes down state's voter ID law" (0) lambert
"Washington State Bill Proposes Criminalizing Help to NSA, Turning Off Resources to Yakima Facility" (0) lambert
Is it ever cool to run over a body in a rescue vehicle? (0) lambert
NLRB charges Walmart with labor law violations in 14 states (1) lambert
Wisconsin Republicans propose seven day work week (0) lambert
A Peek Inside Walmart's Anti-Union Playbook (4) Cujo359
Maybe Boeing should go back to union-made metal planes (1) lambert
"Will the Tumbrels Roll in 2014?" (0) lambert
Cooper Union Successfully Looted by Board (1) Rainbow Girl
Sounds like hush money, to me (0) lambert
"The Press Pool" In Review (12) Alexa
Cryptocurrencies - mining for socially useful goals (0) affinis
A Peek At "First Look" (4) Cujo359
"I would love to teach but…" (2) lambert
"America Needs a King" (0) lambert
"Spike in mass shootings creates demand for different police approach" (0) lambert
USS Independence, Littoral Combat Ship made of aluminum, is "aggressively disintegrating." (3) lambert
Flexian Web Update: DeBlasio to be Sworn in by W. Clinton (1) Rainbow Girl
Why not leave the oil in the ground? (0) lambert
ObamaCare Clusterufck: The December 2013 Price goes up in Jan. 2014 (2) Rainbow Girl
Allowing people to persuade themselves (0) affinis
ObamaCare Clusterfuck: "The exchanges are a lobster trap" (0) lambert
The Utopias of Everyday People (2) affinis
"The Salinas Card" (0) lambert
Hilarity at the FT (0) lambert
April 6 Movement leaders imprisoned for three years (1) affinis
"Farewell to Health Care for America Now" (4) lambert
Clyburn attacked for Third Way roots (2) lambert
Corey Booker jumps on board pro-Iran war train (0) lambert
Old school blogger needs help: Kevin Hayden (0) lambert
"If you like your senator, you can keep her." (1) lambert
"Can I Buy My Own Debt for Pennies on the Dollar?" (2) lambert
Another Air Force nuke general bites the dust (0) lambert